NorCal Uncommitted Games: Quick Hits (Pitchers)

Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Director

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LINCOLN, CALIF. - The Northern California Uncommitted Games event was held on 10/9/22 at McBean Stadium, just north or Sacramento. Nearly 60 players participated, including 18 who can be considered PO's along with a few 2-way players. All the players at the event are presently characterized as 'uncommitted' and we are confident many of them will be commits in the future, sooner or later.

Go to each players' individual profile to dive into their stats, including TrackMan and Blast Motion. Today we highlight some pitching standouts and in the coming days we will highlight the data/metric sets gathered at the event.

Listed Alphabetically

Jackson Halverson RHP / Mcclatchy, CA / 2024

At 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, the junior right-hander looks poised to have a breakout season. Loose quick arm, fastball peaking at 85.6 mph and steadily cruising at 84 mph (84.6 avg mph), he's got a delivery that allows the velocity to play up. It's the 6'4" average extesion on the FB with an average 5'1" release height, coming from a the right side of the rubber that creates angles and planes that stand out. His CB averaged 2400 spin, coming from the same angle and similar extension, with a slightly higher release height.



Marcus Maeder RHP / Colfax, CA / 2023

Long and lanky at 6-foot-3, 170-pounds, he's physically projectable relative to his body type and his youthful face, along with the quickness and ease of his arm action. That part is all great as is a fastball that peaked at 85 mph (83.8 avg mph) with 2249 avg spin. The velo will come. It's his breaking ball (SL and CB with similar shape/speed and slight spin difference) that really shine, with SL avg spin at 2796 (72.3 avg mph) & CB avg spin 2625 (71.6 avg mph) and quick, abrupt, sharp bite with both swing/miss action and batter-buckling ability.



Franco Moran RHP / Sacred Heart Cathedral, CA / 2023

Strong athletic build on 6-foot-1, 187-pounds, he's a good bet to get up to 90 mph this spring. Strong quick arm with an athletic delivery, showed ability to hold velocity (86.6 avg mph) and get his peak (88.7 mph) when he wanted it. Averaged 2200 spin while pounding the glove side location. Has both SL and CB though they are so similar (SL 76.9 avg mph, 2157 avg spin, 8:00 tilt / CB 76.5 avg mph, 2092 avg spin, 7.45 tilt) which suggests choosing one over the other or making an adjustment to create more variance between the two would be useful. 



Jaydn Ramos RHP / Franklin, CA / 2024

A talented pitcher, one who would pitch for just about any staff in California, he may not have many (any) opportuities on the mound this spring because he is tasked with being the catcher of a staff that has 4 D1 pitchers, two of whom are regularly in the low-90s. He would be a fourth pitcher on the Franklin staff to touch potentially be 90+ this spring, if given the opportunity. Peaked 89.1 (2417 peak spin) in this outing while also frequently subtracting w/the two-seamer and reducing the spin for a different movement pattern. Oh, and his CHG is filthy, with an arm action that sells it as a FB, with late downward life in the zone.



Kieran Subramanian RHP / Valley Christian, CA / 2023

Long and lanky at 6-foot-4, 195-pounds, clearly room for future size and strength gains with body proportions to stay loose and limber. The fastball is sure to continue to tick upward from the 84.1 avg mph at the event (85.8 mph max), which will make his CB and CHG better than they presently are... and they are presently quite good. Had hitters taking the CB (75.5 avg mph, 2405 avg spin) and flailing at the CHG (72.3 avg mph) which was thrown with touch, feel, and confidence, seemingly hitting a wall and dying just before it reached the zone.