Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Underclass ID: Quick Hits

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director


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LATHROP, CALIF. - The Northern California Underclass & Upperclass ID events took place at Islanders Field at River Islands on 10/10/20. Over 80 players attended during the day, 44 of them in the 2023/2024 classes.

Players were put through a traditional pro-style workout utilizing TrackMan in the live BP session for exit velocity metrics, as well as estimated distance and launch angle. Blast Motion was also used during BP, measuring bat speed, rotational acceleration, attack angle, and on-plane efficiency. TrackMan was also used for pitchers during their main mound 'pen session, tracking velocity, spin rate, as well as all the other more advanced data points.

We will roll out position breakdowns in the coming weeks along with various leaderboards from data provided by our data partners. Until then we’ll take at some early standouts among upperclassmen in this edition of Quick Hits, strictly looking at some data points. With players this young, the data shows the underlying tools/talent that are present as they all work to turn talent into usable ability.

(Click through to individual players profiles for full stats and video when available)

Listed alphabetically:

Bryce Cruz RHP / SS / Jesuit, CA / 2023

His raw talent on the mound is easy enough to see without advanced metrics. FB was 84-86, coming out of a quick loose arm and athletic delivery. A deeper look shows max 2300 FB spin and 17.5 avg IVB, 6.48 avg extension. Quick biting CB 70-72 (avg 2395 spin), late fading CHG 73-75 w/700 rpm reduced spin off the FB

Andrew Gamble OF / SS / Antioch, CA / 2023

Lean bodied athletic OF with graceful actions, showed tools that could allow him to develop into a multi-tooled college player. Ran 7.16, threw 85 from the OF, with 90 mph EV. Those basic data points are all strong on their own while the Blast numbers show 72 avg bat speed (max 76.20) and 12.3 max rotational acceleration

Matthew Gobel RHP / OF / Tokay, CA / 2023

Strong all-around showing for 6-foot-3 195-lb soph. Arm strength showed up w/FB T83 (max 2428 spin, avg 5.81 xtnsn), 76 OF mph mph. The 7.39 60 is good for a physical bodied player his age. 91 mph EV, small SL w/avg 2269 spin. Max 70 mph bat speed, 15.07 avg rot. accel., 74% on-plane eff, 21.6 mph peak hand speed

Justin Iglesias 1B / RHP / Bishop O'Dowd, CA / 2024

The only frosh on the list, tall/rangy body still a long way from physical maturity with tools that show up w/so much projection ahead of him. FB 77-79, SL 64-69, CHG 61-64. Strength/grip strength should increase spin rats of all his pitches. Blast shows 25 mph peak hand speed, and 68 mph avg bat speed. LHH, 7.43 60, 86 EV

Jacob Johnson 3B / Monte Vista, CA / 2023

Looks to have a chance to grow into an offensive force at the 3B position. Rangy 6-foot-0 body, ran 7.56. Threw 78 mph across diamond, more is in the tank. 89 mph EV w/72.7 fly ball %. Underlying Blast stats show good things with 22.4 peak hand speed, max 70.5 mph bat speed, avg 15.12 rot. accel. w/57% on-plane efficiency

Ned Righellis RHP / OF / St. Francis, CA / 2023

Outstanding well-proportioned 6-foot-3 195-lb build first stands out. Moves that big body well with 7.25 60. Threw 87 mph from OF while getting the FB up to 83 mph (2116 max spin, avg 17.3 IVB), 71-73 mph CB (2213 avg spin), CHG w/6.45 avg xtnsn. Blast showed 64 max bat speed, 15.3 max rot. accel., 62% on-plane eff

Carmelo Rivera OF / Valley Christian, CA / 2023

Tools and more tools on a LHH w/strong 5-foot-10 160-lb body. BP round not only showed the tools but a professional approach and disciplined process, controlling his swing while working the field. Ran 6.94, put up 93 mph EV while unleashing 83 mph OF throw. Blast showed 69.4 max bat speed, 12.5 avg rot. accel. Talented kid

Evan Sandoval RHP / 1B / Cardinal Newman, CA / 2023

Lean bodied, loose/athletic w/control of an outstanding delivery. Look, repertoire, stuff similar to young Gavin Ochoa. FB 81-84 s/2350 max spin, 4.96 release height and 5.57 xtnsn and late movement, has both 2 & 4-seam FB. Tight sharp and big 67-70 CB (2495 avg spin), hard running CHG 75-76 thrown w/strikeout ability

Derek Waldvogel OF / C / Serra, CA / 2023

Physical player at 6-foot-2 190-lbs, worked out at both OF/C, showing more brightly as corner OF (LF) prospect, though flashing C/T ability behind plate. Solid 79 mph arm strength projects to be more than adequate, w/bat talent as the carry tool. Max 90 EV, 22.96 avg hand spd, max 73.3 bat spd, 54% on-plane efficiency

Alexander Wilson OF / Monte Vista, CA / 2023

The body is attractive at 6-foot-2 175-lbs, projects well as corner OF prospect with multiple tools. The 7.24 60 projects for LF/RF, 76 mph arm suggests likely LF. In any case, its the hitting tools that stand out, 67.6 avg bat speed, avg 13 rotational acceleration, 74% on-plane efficiency, 4.26 kW power, .13 time to contact, 89 EV