Norcal Uncommitted Games: MIF Reports

PBR CA Scouting Staff

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ISLANDERS FIELD - LATHROP, CALIF. - A total of 37 position players were in attendance, 10 of whom competed primarily as middle infielders, all uncommitted.The event was all 2022/2023 grads, with a number of ranked players in attendance. 

In addition to the traditional showcase (60 yard run, BP round, defensive workouts), the pitchers competed in live game action where their data was gathered, and each position player had four at-bats during the game they played in.

(Note: All showcase videos have been edited and added to the players' profiles)



Jackson Short, St. Ignatius Prep (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-8, 170-pounds. Compact build with athletic proportions on smaller frame.
Hit: LHH. Deep in box, very slightly open, wider feet, slight crouch, hitterish presence, smooth small lift out to medium length stride, back elbow starts parallel to ground, medium depth load. Strides in-line, works hands inside, generally flat with slight upward move through contact, has barrel control, can spray with a little pop to all fields, full two hand finish with barrel wrapping behind back.
Power: 91 max exit velocity, 72.6 max bat speed, 22.3 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 81 mph. Short quick arm action, accurate, can create carry, throws track with very slight tailing action.
Defense: Plays below the ball, soft hands with trapping mechanic at reception, moved well both left and right with fair range potential, sure handed fielder with sound fundamentals and body control.
Run: 7.57 runner in the 60.

Michael Baker, Liberty (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-10, 160-pounds. Athletically proportioned, lean strength on medium size frame, well put together.
Hit: RHH. Wider feet, even stance, medium depth in box and slightly off the plate, balanced, hands held off the body, mid-thigh high lift out to medium stride, stretches into medium load as he creates separation. Aggressive swing with barrel control and balance maintained, hands stay clear of the body and inside the ball, somewhat crash to contact as stride foot hits, uses lower body well and creates additional juice with his core, fairly flat swing with ability to drive the ball.
Power: 95 max exit velocity, 67.4 max bat speed, 23.1 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 80 mph. Lower slot at 3/4 release, showed arm angle versatility when on the move, athletic thrower, showed ability to get carry when feet were set.
Defense: Aggressive fielder, plays with sense of urgency, ball at him played with funnel technique, able to deftly play balls to left and right on move and get off quick and athletic throws.
Run: 7.12 runner in the 60.

Xavier Nelson, Rancho San Juan (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-8, 170-pounds. Average body type, somewhat stout build on medium size frame.
Hit: RHH. Deep in box, off the plate a bit, narrow feet and open, tall set-up, smooth stride after small lift, deep stretch to create elastic separation. Flat, powerful stroke, explosive swing, hitterish, violent swing with barrel control, hit tools showed in BP and backed up in game play with impact contact to all fields.
Power: 92 max exit velocity, 68.4 max bat speed, 21.9 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 78 mph. 3/4 slot, accurate, gets out fairly quick, not a big arm but effective, threw well on move.
Defense: Plays low below ball, funnels ball after reception, can make plays on the move, solid backhand, has footwork to get off scheduled throws underway, presents as a gritty defender, 2B/3B profile.
Run: 7.37 runner in the 60.

Wyatt Abramson, Casa Grande (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 6-0, 185-pounds. Lanky body, long limbs, fairly significant room for future size and strength gains on his frame.
Hit: RHH. Balanced, medium width feet, slightly off plate, very slightly open, small lift to slight reverse toe tap, short stride, quiet hands with smooth quiet load. Flat stroke, maintains body control, has good barrel control, bat speed generated easily, chance to develop consistent physicality with future strength.
Power: 85 max exit velocity, 63.8 max bat speed, 20.7 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 77 mph. Easy arm, accurate, 3/4 slot, some tailing action due to slot, understands getting ball out and on the way quickly vs loading up for biggest throws, can change arm angles.
Defense: Soft hands, fair range given the raw footspeed, can play on the move, feet set him up well for quick release, plays smoothly.
Run: 7.42 runner in the 60.

Kai Laxa, Serra (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-10, 175-pounds. Compact build on average size frame, has some present strength in lower body.
Hit: RHH. Up in the box, tall set-up, very slight crouch, fairly narrow feet slightly open, knee tuck out to medium stride, handsy rhythm in load. Slides hips into stride landing and crash at contact, intent-filled swing, full two hand finish with big shoulder rotation.
Power: 85 max exit velocity, 68.2 max bat speed, 17.8 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 77 mph. Easy flip throwing action, low slot, confident thrower, gets out quickly and underway, adjustable to arm angles.
Defense: Soft hands, is confident in his glove, strong base, sound fundamentals and has some confident actions, profiles 2B/3B.
Run: 7.79 runner in the 60.

Ryan Lordier, Capuchino (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-10, 150-pounds. Lean body type, has some sinewy strength, medium size frame.
Hit: RHH. Medium width feet, even stance, on the plate, starts with hands deep into early load, small stride. Generates thrust from ground up, fights against front side, good barrel control, torquey hips, flat swing, game ABs were outstanding, all field approach with hit-getting ability.
Power: 95 max exit velocity, 64.4 max bat speed, 17.5 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 77 mph. Overhand release, showed accuracy, can speed up the release and shorten up arm stroke a bit to develop more arm angle versatility.
Defense: Light feet, sets them in good position to get off in-line throw, fields out front though a bit tall on ball at him.
Run: 7.26 runner in the 60.

Julian Rhodes IV, Liberty (CA), 2022
Positional Profile: 2B/SS
Body: 6-3, 175-pounds. Long and lean, sinewy, wide shoulders, lanky proportions.
Hit: RHH. Tall set-up, shoulder width feet, slightly off plate with even stance, elbows relaxed in set-up then back elbow flares up as moves to deeper load, medium high lift out to long stride. Displayed middle of field approach, has some moving parts that can tighten up a bit but generally fluid on way to ball, good barrel awareness, abbreviated two hand finish as he works to pepper the ball gap to gap, competitive game ABs with similar approach to BP.
Power: 91 max exit velocity, 65.7 max bat speed, 20.9 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 77 mph. Loose fluid flick type throwing stroke, lower slot, has multiple arm angles he can get to and creativity to get throws off, given the ease of the throwing motion his mph suggests he has a lot more in the future.
Defense: Confident, smooth feet, played easily on the move, sets up to get throws off quickly, soft hands, gains significant ground with long strides, good body control.
Run: 7.25 runner in the 60.

Jaden Mingus, San Benito (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-11, 168-pounds. High waist, lean muscular strength in lower body, athletic build on medium size frame.
Hit: RHH. Wide feet, crouched, slightly closed, deep in box and off the plate, hitterish presence, barrel pre-set with knob to catcher, quiet hands, small load, very small stride after heel lift. Works middle away, sees ball well, fairly compact stroke, gets quite a bit from his legs, hands are strong through contact, flat swing with slight sweep into the zone.
Power: 87 max exit velocity, 65.3 max bat speed, 21.9 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 76 mph. Short flick type arm action from 3/4 release, gets underway quickly, generally accurate, versatile thrower.
Defense: Confident fielder, gains significant ground with each stride, plays with clean angles, soft hands, covers cleanly at reception, displays fluid actions.
Run: 7.29 runner in the 60.

Jack Peterson, Rocklin (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 2B/OF
Body: 5-8, 175-pounds. Compact build with present strength, wider shoulders, chance to be physical frame.
Hit: RHH. Medium width feet, bent knees, feet just about even, balanced set-up, medium depth in box, waist high lift into reverse load out to longer stride, quiet hand load while creating separation. Keeps hands clear of body, works inside, aggressive move to the baseball, barrels has whippy life, has bat control, two hand high finish with balance and body control, shows gap pop with ability to spray.
Power: 92 max exit velocity, 64.3 max bat speed, 20.3 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 75 mph. Overhand release, compact backside arm action, playable arm strength at multiple SS positions, confident thrower.
Defense: Though not tall he gained considerable ground in strides, soft hands with confidence in the glove, has some life in his feet while creating good throwing angles, 2B/3B profile.
Run: 7.31 runner in the 60.

Rio Alvarez, St. Ignatius Prep (CA), 2023
Positional Profile: 2B/OF
Body: 5-9, 135-pounds. Lean lithe body type, average size frame, high waist.
Hit: RHH. Wider feet, up in the box and a bit off the plate, balanced set-up, hands start high, small lift out to smaller stride, quiet small load. Maintains balance, clean stroke, compact finish, strong top hand integrity, good on the high pitch, quiet head, short and compact to contact.
Power: 78 max exit velocity, 58.8 max bat speed, 20.5 max hand speed.
Arm: RH. SS - 73 mph. High-3/4 release, can change arm angles when moving to left, compact arm action, accurate thrower while getting it underway fairly quickly, raw arm strength can improve but already has sound mechanics.
Defense: Soft hands, smooth to ball, made easy adjustments to bad hops, good angles, appeared to be a confident fielder with fluid actions.
Run: 7.46 runner in the 60.


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