Prep Baseball Report

Norcal Uncommitted Games: Quick Hits

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director

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ISLANDERS FIELD, LATHROP, CALIF. - The Uncommitted Games was loaded with players who will not be known as 'uncommitted' for a whole lot longer. The event featured a showcase followed by two simulated games, one 10 innings  and the other was 11 innings, in which pitchers threw to four batters per inning (a couple half innings had only 3 hitters). There were some presently ranked players and a few who have now made their way into the rankings since the event.



2022 Grads

Matteo Bellisimo 1B / C / Tamalpais, CA / 2022

Competed as a primary catcher in the event and showed some tools that do translate to the position, including 77 mph arm strength. Regardless of position, it's the bat talent that is undeniable and it's both in the metrics generated and in the usability of the ability. With 103 EV and bat speed that at times registers over 80 mph, the tools are immense. Game at-bats illuminate his ability to drive the ball with power to all fields, with home run power to all fields as well. It's a violent swing with unique ability to control the barrel and an uncomplicated approach. He simply hits, all pitches, all zones, all fields.

Noah Canter C / OF / Elk Grove, CA / 2022

A uniquely talented catcher, he possesses tools that check four of the five boxes, with only hitting for average TBD, which he will show in the spring season. Strong and stout, he runs near 7.0, has a 78 mph arm, can pop consistently near and slightly below 2.0, with 98 mph EV and an intimidating presence at the plate. An impact hitter in Elk Grove's line-up as a junior, he's poised to have a huge spring. Also brings  fantastic intangibles, with a joy of playing yet also a strong leaderish presence, a field general type. Having seen him in HS game action, the tools absolutely translate to performance.

Cade Cushing RHP / 3B / De La Salle, CA / 2022

Among two-way talents who remain uncommitted, Cushing is near the top of the list. He is expected to man 3rd base for De La Salle this spring, as well as contribute heavily on the mound, which is where he was for this event. With an easy arm procuding 84-86 mph heaters and feel of a steep 11/5 type curveball, Cushing has the present stuff to succeed, and with an athletic delivery and easy arm action, his projectability for significantly more future velocity is an easy assumption to make. Had a nice two inning outing, with hitters going 1-7 (K, 1B, K, K, F7, FC, F8).

Erick Diez RHP / OF / Vanden , CA / 2022

The presence of a football player with his physical and athletic body, visible strength and powerful proportions, there are expectations when seeing him that he can hit the ball hard and throw hard. Both are true. Did not run the 60 due to having been a bit dinged up in the lower body but having seen him play, he's a good runner. The EV was 96 in an impressive BP round and on the mound, he was the hardest thrower in the event, up to 89 and sitting 87-89. He also broke out a nasty slider, with feel, at 73-74. Mechanically he can still make some positive adjustments (extension) and see the stuff keep climing.

Daniel Lopes C / SS / San Benito, CA / 2022

Having the chance to see him catch every inning of the 11-inning game he played in, there was ample opportunity to see all he can bring to the game. His ability to block, to receive, to communicate with his pitchers and guide them through struggles, and his energy all were on display. He also showed he can contribute with the bat, going 2-4 (1B, F7, K, 1B) in the game, showing some gap type power potential (91 EV in BP). Good approach in the middle of the field as well. Behind the plate he popped 2.04-2.08 in the workout, with accuracy. The 76 mph arm strength is solid, with room to gain a bit more mph.

2023 Grads

Isaiah Landry OF / 2B / Clayton Valley Charter, CA / 2023

One of the more toolsy 2023 players we've seen in in Northern CA, it's his ability to impact the game both offensively and defensively that routinely stands out, which again was the case in the event in game play. He ran a 6.75 60, showed a strong arm with 83 mph velocity and drove the ball off his bat at 93 mph in the workout. Then in game play, he used his aggressive, hunting approach to pound a single up the middle and laced a line out to CF, both on first pitch FBs. He then put pressure on the 2nd baseman, causing an E4 with his speed. The speed also factored in when he closed quickly on a sinking liner and made a diving catch in CF.

Massimo Richiuso RHP / 1B / Los Gatos, CA / 2023

Strong and well-proportioned at 5-foot-11, 195-pounds, he was an eye-opening performer on the mound in what was our first look at him. The eye balls saw a fantastic delivery, with body control and repeatability and the TrackMan numbers backed it up, with occasional extension past 6' and spin numbers to back up what appeared to the eyes to be late life. Topping at 86 mph, it sure seemed more firm than that, which came from the FB spin that topped at 2358. Also showed off a firm curveball in the 75-78 mph range, though not a real firm spinner, there is a chance to back off the velocity a little and get more spin, or evolve to a slider.

Adrian Ruiz OF / 2B / San Benito, CA / 2023

Having scouted him a few times, it was not surprising to see Ruiz excel in the game play portion. He's not the most physical player, he doesn't have the biggest tools, but he's one of the more sound all-around players we have seen, with switch-hit ability that plays on both sides, surprising strength and sneaky pop (he cleared the CF's head for a double from the left side), and OUTSTANDING defensive skills and talent. His outfield routes, jumps, and mechanics are clean. The tools are coming along too, the 60 has been improving, the arm is getting stronger (topped 77 mph, and the EV is climbing too (87 mph). Ballplayer. Keep an eye on him.

Aidan Sakai C / 3B / Hillsdale , CA / 2023

Had been over a year since we saw him and what was once hints of future strength and raw talent, is now blossoming into a physical player with impact tools. Has a lean and muscular body type, runs well given he's a catcher (7.25), with a strong 81 mph peak throw and pops 1.95-2.02. Pounded the ball in BP to the tune of 98 mph EV and then in game play went 2-4 (1B, 3B, F7, 3-1), with the triple carrying deep to the right side of the field. There is a serious approach and a professional demeanor in which he goes about his business. As an offensively talented catcher with strong defensive tools, his opportunities will come.

Derek Waldvogel OF / Serra, CA / 2023

Last saw in October of 2020, he was an intriguing player then, given what was clearly raw strength and power potential. Fast forward to this event and his potential is now usable physical talent. The arm is strong and profiles as a positive as a corner OF (projects best to LF) and the bat talent fits as a corner OF as well. The EV was up to 97 in the BP, with both very strong hand speed and bat speed numbers via Blast Motion. Game play showed his ability to use the raw hit and power tools, with three balls he hammered, two for extra base hits and another for a single. The two doubles he hit went to right field, yet another positive.


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