Prep Baseball Report

SDSU Team Camp Notebook

Jack Shannon
SoCal Area Scout

SAN DIEGO, CA. - San Diego State hosted a three-day tournament over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, featuring eight elite Southern California high school baseball teams (San Marcos, St. Augustine, Rancho Bernardo, Cathedral Catholic, Eastlake, Huntington Beach, La Costa Canyon, Orange Lutheran). The tournament was stacked with talent featuring many college commitments and future MLB draft picks. The early season high level of competition boded well for all schools involved and should give them a positive push towards the regular season. With sunny skies and no rain in the forecast twelve games were played over three days in front of numerous college recruiters and MLB scouts.

Best Team: Huntington Beach

Best Fundamentally Sound Team: Eastlake

Sleeper Team: San Marcos

Event MVP: Eddie Pelc OF/LHP (Huntington Beach, 2019)

Top Pitching Prospect: Christian Rodriguez RHP (Orange Lutheran, 2020)

Top Hitting Prospect: Garrett Frechette OF/1B (Orange Lutheran, 2019)

Highest Ceiling Prospect: Spencer Jones LHP/1B (La Costa Canyon, 2019)

Top Freshman/Sophomore Prospect: Shane Stafford LHP (Huntington Beach, 2021)


Christian Rodriguez RHP- Orange Lutheran 2020

1/21/19- 6-foot-6, 185 pounds, long and lanky, athletic build, broad shoulders and long forearms, lots of room for growth. Stands tall and confident on the mound with plus balance, releasing from a high three-quarters arm slot. Drop and drive mechanics with good hip drive and extension towards home plate. Lead leg shows swinging door action, which could hinder command and repeatability. Fantastic loose and easy arm action that will surely lead to a velocity spike. Fastball worked comfortably at 90-93 mph with good downward plan and plus spin rate showing minimal movement. Showed the breaking ball in a 71-74 mph range with sharp 11/5 break. Change-up worked in the 79-81 mph range with plus arm-side movement and fade. Extremely projectable pitcher with solid mechanics and feel for pitching. Could see his name called early in the 2020 draft.

Desmond Cabanilla RHP- Rancho Bernardo 2020

1/19/19- 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, lanky pitchers build with room for growth. Creates deception with a funky delivery, hiding the ball well. Shows plus confidence and presence on the mound. Releases from an over the top arm angle with long and loose arm action. Decent balance with some full body effort and drop and drive lower half approach towards home plate. Fastball worked in the 85-87 mph range and topped at 88 mph with some arm-side run. Changed arm slot on the breaking ball and had trouble locating consistency, breaking at an 11/5 tilt in the 68-70 mph range. Flashed a change-up in the 76-78 mph range with sink and fade. Fine tuning of off-speed pitches and continued growth and development coupled with a funky-deceptive delivery could attract division 1 coaches.

Jake Rons RHP- Cathedral Catholic 2019

1/19/19- 6-foot-2, 175 pounds, strong pitchers build with plus lower half strength. Competes on the mound and challenges hitters with a four-pitch mix through a repeatable delivery and quick fluid arm action. Displays level shoulders, good balance and tall and drive lower half mechanics. Occasionally flies open causing spin off towards the first base side, which hinders command. 4-seam fastball worked in the 88-89 mph range and the 2-seam fastball ran and sank from 84-85 mph. Displayed a tight slider with swing and miss action at 77 mph and a curveball with depth at 75-76 mph. Further development of the slider coupled with growth and development could make him a power college arm down the line.

Ryan Rhoades RHP- St. Augustine 2020

1/19/19- 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, solid pitchers build with room for growth. Releases the ball from a three-quarters arm slot with slight slinging action. Arm swing is long in the back, using glove side for target location. Level shoulders, average effort, average balance and good lower half direction. Fastball worked in the 84-86 mph range with good arm-side run, saw a lot of success locating in on right-handed hitters and got hurt while locating away. Showed a gradual sweeping curveball at 72-74 mph creating off balanced swings. Development of looser arm action could allow for a velocity increase and help make him an arm to watch down the line.

Jacob Widener LHP- San Marcos 2019

1/20/19- 6-foot-6, 194 pounds, long and lanky, big feet and goofy feel, extremely projectable with plenty of room for growth. Starts tall with a very high leg kick, arm is short in the back, whip like arm action throughout, hides the ball well. Drop and drive style mechanics, rhythm is choppy at times. Below average lower half power causing loose body control and command of pitches at times. Displayed a fastball in the 84-86 mph range with downward plane and arm-side run. Flashed a late sweeping curveball that garnered swings and misses and showed plus next level potential. Highly projectable pitcher that will greatly benefit from maturity and development. Could become a reliable college starter down the line.

Shane Stafford LHP- Huntington Beach 2021

1/20/19- 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, large athletic frame, mature build for age, possesses room for growth. Body starts slow and under control before exploding into a fast-twitched deceiving high three-quarters release towards home plate. Arm action is quick and short in the back, hides the ball extremely well from the hitter's viewpoint, and produces high effort all-around. Shows recoil in finish and counters with plus head and body balance. Strike thrower with an effective three-pitch mix. Fastball sat at 84-85 mph with run and hard action through the zone. Curveball broke at a 1/9 plane with good spin in the 69-73 mph range but lacked wipe out action. Change-up showed fade, run and parachute action at 72-74 mph that made it a plus offering. Both off-speed pitches were thrown at a lower arm speed than the fastball. 2021 pitcher who should see lots of growth in velocity and off-speed development before graduation, which could him an arm to watch heading into college and future MLB drafts.

Ricky Tibbett RHP- Eastlake 2019

1/19/19- 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, tall and lanky, athletic build, broad shoulders, plenty of room for growth. Releases from a high three-quarters arm slot, quick arm speed, loose and easy arm action, average balance, smooth delivery, repeatable mechanics. Spins off towards the first base side occasionally hindering consistent command. Fastball sat in the 86-87 mph range from the wind-up and 83-85 mph range out of the stretch, featuring hard action and little movement. Slider grades out well, sharp power break from a 11/5 plane at a 70-74 mph range and is able to control the pitch on both sides of the plate. Flashed a good change-up with the same arm action as the fastball with arm-side run, sink and fade at a 73-75 mph range. College starter potential with a solid three-pitch mix, body shows ability for a velocity increase and further off-speed development.

Two-Way Reports:

Edward Pelc LHP/OF- Huntington Beach 2019

1/19/19-1/21/19- 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, strong athletic build, all-around athlete. Confident player, natural leader, high baseball IQ. Releases from a high three-quarters arm slot, average arm speed, loose arm action, plus balance and easy effort. Rhythm is smooth pitch-to-pitch, shoulders are level, directionally sound with consistent landing down the mound. Fastball sat in the 86-88 mph range with good downward plane and command on both corners. Breaking ball sat in the 73-76 mph range and showed plus feel for the pitch, breaking at a 2/8 plane with late movement and the same arm speed as the fastball. Flashed a change-up in the 77-79 mph range with late sink and fade. Plus runner who looks to take the extra base, covers ground in the outfield well, shows slightly above average outfield arm. Fluid approach at the plate, arms and legs are free and easy, hip drive in sync with the upper half, slight leg kick, repeatable swings. Barrel carries through the zone on a level plane allowing for an all fields approach. Showed power to left and right with extra base hits to both sides. Struggled with timing on right-handed change-ups, handled left-handed pitching well.

Josh Hahn LHP/OF- Huntington Beach 2019

1/19/19-1/21/19- 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, mature athletic build, strong lower half, room for growth. Extremely repeatable mechanics, takes full advantage of strong lower half with plus hip drive towards home plate. Releases from a high three-quarters arm slot, quick arm speed, loose arm action, arm works naturally with easy effort and great balance. Fastball sat comfortably in the 88-91 mph range with hard action through the zone featuring good spin rate and plus command. Showed a big 1/8 breaking ball with sharp sweeping action and wipe out potential in the 76-78 mph range. Change-up flashed as a plus pitch with heavy arm-side run, fade and parachute like action at a 79-81 mph range. At the plate he has a slightly open stance, good balance, relaxed hands, fluid swing through the zone, shows the ability to hit to all fields. Takes advantage of strong lower half with good hip drive, flashing potential for next level power. Average runner, natural defensive instincts at first base, handles the position well. Advanced high school player whom is dangerous both on the mound and at the plate. Physically mature high school pitcher with a solid three-pitch mix with weekend college starter potential, could contribute at the college level now both at the plate and on the mound.

Keoni Cavaco RHP/UTL- Eastlake 2019

1/19/19-1/21/19- 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, strong and athletic build, broad shoulders, muscular and sturdy lower half. Releases from an over-the-top arm angle, lightning quick arm speed, long and loose arm action, athletic balance and slightly uphill shoulders. Drop and drive mechanics allow for plus hip drive, forcing explosion towards home plate. Keeps hands tight and compact with body helping with consistency pitch-to-pitch. Fastball sat in the 89-92 range topping at a career best 93 mph, flashed run and sink down in the zone, flattened out in the top of the zone. Change-up sat in the 80-82 mph range with arm-side run and good command. Power arm with lots of projection due to limited time on the mound, chance to become a power college arm and see velocity gains and pitching development with increased focus on pitching. Shows a solid hitting approach, confident presence at the plate, shows patience pitch-to-pitch, looking to attack fastballs. Strong lower half, looks to pull, shows pop ability. Average runner who looked to take the extra base. Showed average defense at third base and an above average arm across the diamond. Sound two-way player that will make an immediate impact at the college level. Will be an arm to watch this spring with the recent velocity gains.

Hitting Only Reports:

Spencer Jones 1B/LHP- La Costa Canyon 2019

1/21/19- 6-foot-7, 200 pounds, long and lanky, athletic, toolsy, broad shoulders, extremely projectable with plenty of room for growth. Made his first game appearance of the 2019 season for the La Costa Canyon Mavericks hitting leadoff against Huntington Beach. Slightly open stance, light load and lift to balanced hitting stance, hands stay low and back staying on time with the lower half. Quick to the ball, keeps the barrel through the zone, slight upper half swing. Struggled in a left-on-left matchup where he only saw breaking balls. Hammered a right-handed fastball to center displaying serious pop and the ability for next level home run potential. Plus runner with long strides and good running mechanics. Highest ceiling prospect in the tournament that is a prospect both on the mound and at the plate.

Garrett Frechette OF/1B- Orange Lutheran 2019

1/19/19-1/21/19- 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, strong athletic build, toolsy, with room for growth. Left-handed hitter, displays patient approach at the plate, quick hands, fluid swing through the zone, some inside out to the swing, raw power and plus bat speed. Displayed a very mature approach at the plate with multiple hits to the opposite field on fastball and off-speed pitchers while both ahead and behind in the count. Average defensively both in the outfield and infield, good feel for both positions, should develop nicely. Runs well, solid running mechanics, potential base stealer. Advanced hitter who should see his name called early in the 2019 draft.

Kyle Carr CF/LHP- San Marcos 2020

1/19/19-1/21/19- 6-foot, 165 pounds, long and lanky, athletic and toolsy, plenty of room for growth and development. Calm approach, keeps body still and loose, hunts fastballs. Barrel comes through the zone nicely allowing for all fields hitting capabilities. Contact hitter with some raw power, possesses the tools to develop more power. Runs at an average clip and aggressively on the base paths. Roams the outfield well, slight hesitation with the first step, plus high school arm. Shows tools needed to succeed at the next level and is a name to watch this season.

Luke Mansy INF- St. Augustine 2021

1/19/19-1/21/19- 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, short athletic build, young player with lots of room for growth and development. Slightly staggered stance, keeps hands low, quick to the ball, whip like barreling action through zone, contact hitter. Overly aggressive early in the count, flashes potential to hit the opposite way and adjust on inside pitches to pull. Smooth fielder, keeps the feet moving, hands are soft, potential at second base and shortstop. Has the tools to be a very serviceable middle-infielder in the interim and could blossom with growth and hitting development.


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