Prep Baseball Report

San Diego Swing: #28 Carson Williams

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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San Diego, CA - With the 28th pick in the 2021 MLB Draft the Tampa Bay Rays selected Torrey Pines SS Carson Williams. This selection comes as no surprise with the Rays organization showing great interest in the prospect throughout the 2021 season, culminating in a private postseason workout where he surely won over the right minds. The Rays are known for stockpiling shortstops with raw talent and above-average tools and Williams fits that bill. Despite being drafted as a shortstop, it would be naive to think the Rays don't see the insurance with his first round selection that he could always transition to the mound if the bat doesn't work out. Great value at the end of the first round that will add young talent to the organization and give Williams the opportunity to move quickly through the system. 

Williams made his tools known throughout the professional scouting community, with his draft stock trending upward with each swing and throw. Legitimate top round talent both at shortstop and on the mound. Despite his elite arm strength on the mound, Williams made it known that he wants to play shortstop at the next level.


2021 Statistics:

BA 495 - 11 HR - 35 RBI - 1.577 OPS - 34 SB - 9632 FP%

2-0 - 4 SAVE - 15 1/3 IP - 7 H - O R - 3 BB - 26 K - 137 OBA - 0.00 ERA - 0.65 WHIP

Scouting Grades (20-80 scale)
Hit: 50 
Power: 55 
Field: 60
Arm: 70 
Run: 50 

MLB Comp: Troy Tulowitzki

Williams finished the season batting 495, 100 points higher than the #4 pick Marcelo Mayer. Williams made a living blasting line drives to the pull side. Showing ability to cover and pull the outside pitch. Opposite-field ability was a concern but he answered that as the season progressed and pitchers adjusted, as he looked to right-center and walked more. There is some swing and miss to the swing and development needed overall but the Rays organization sees a raw hitter with plenty of time to mature him into a big league hitter. 

Williams signature home runs were heard throughout the county as towering moonshots that left those in attendance in awe. Similar to the legendary Kris Bryant light tower power at USD, Williams signature blasts landed on Del Mar Heights Road, over the Madison HS football locker room and onto San Marcos Blvd.

William's arm is one of the best prep arms to come through California in quite some time. One could make an argument that his defense is underrated as he played so well there. Able to make throws from anywhere on the field and from multiple arm angles. His defense was as consistent as can be throughout the season. Automatic at shortstop and made it look easy. At his best when on top of the ball, as his one knack defensively is his tendency to get under the ball on his throws, giving run on the ball and making it difficult to catch at first. Williams has earned a chance to play shortstop in the minor leagues despite a loaded system at shortstop.

Off the mound Williams touches 95 mph (2574 RPM) with ease, with about as minimal of lower half engagement as you will see in a power pitcher. Projecting a fastball velocity as high as 100 mph down the line with proper pitching development is not out of the question. Williams did not throw one bullpen the entire season. Went straight onto the mound when he pitched, utilizing only his 8 warmups to get ready. Flipped over breaking balls like a seasoned veteran and threw his fastball wherever he wanted. Pitching is too easy for him, something I have never seen before in a prep player.

Carson Williams vs Marcelo Mayer

Carson is ready for pro ball and the grind that comes with it. He's a natural on the field, loves to hit and work on his craft and gets better by the day. The moment has yet to be to big for him, its just another at-bat, another game. His calmness and collectiveness on the field will help him navigate long seasons and the ups and downs of the baseball season. Congratulations to Carson, the Williams Family and Torrey Pines baseball.


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