Prep Baseball Report

SoCal ProCase Spotlight: C Charlie Fick

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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 FULLERTON, CA. - Charlie Fick looked comfortable at the catching position throughout his showing at the 2020 SoCal ProCase. Fick came into the ProCase with impressive career varsity offensive numbers in 93 at-bats, particularly 16 extra-base hits out of 27 total hits collected. Fick’s TrackMan metrics showed that he likes to hit the ball in the air so it comes as no surprise to see that more than half his hits are for multiple bases.  With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Fick set out to show that his extra base-hit ability and comfortable feel for the catching position are worth taking notice for future professional consideration. 

The CSU - Fullerton commit ranks 50th overall in the state, 7th overall at the catching position and is the highest ranked catcher in San Diego County for the 2021 class. Rancho Bernardo has a long line of professional baseball success, most notably 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels. Alex Jackson, the former 6th overall pick in the 2014 MLB Draft out of Rancho Bernardo, made the 2020 opening day roster and started at the catching position for the Atlanta Braves. 

As with any player, the ProCase was an amazing opportunity for the 2021 class to showcase their skills on the main stage. Charlie Fick showed why he is the number one ranked catcher in San Diego County for the 2021 class and further strengthened his case for future pro consideration. 



Body: 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Infielders build from the catching position. Displayed quick actions from the catching position; footwork, lateral movement. Plenty of room for strength development. 

Hit: Right-handed hitter. Hitting set up; stands up-right shoulder width apart, hands low and back in-line with his right bicep, loads with a leg lift stride, hands work low to high to launch the ball in the air. Started his batting practice session with his front toe in-line with the back of home plate before moving up in the box with his toe in-line with the middle part of the plate. Bat speed averaged 68.1 mph and rotational acceleration average of 9.3g, according to Blast Motion. Bat speed metric shows that he is able to propel his bat at contact at the higher end average for the collegiate level and the lower end average for the professional level. While his ability to reach peak bat speed is below-average for a high school player. This could likely be due to his low hand set-up and slow load to the point of contact.

Power: Trackman data shows that his average exit speed is 73.40 mph, with exit speed contact to inside pitches at a higher average than outside pitches, particularly up-and-in on the strike zone at an average of 86.56 mph. Personal best exit speed of 86.54 mph with a launch angle of 16.13°. Fick averaged a 31.31° launch angle, good for sixth highest out of twenty-five hitters. Current swing approach produces a high rate of balls in the air, projecting that if he can increase his exit speed he should be able increase overall power across the board. 

Field: Showed well behind the plate, high-comfort level and mature feel for the position. Received well thanks to a low-to-high framing approach. Moved well laterally in the blocking portion, staying low to the ground and displayed good footwork. Pitchers reported positive remarks in regards to his in-game pitch calling and feel for framing pitches. 

Arm: Catcher arm velocity reading of 71 mph, 9th out of 10. Showed a quick release and good throwing mechanics. Keeps his hand close to his body and glove helping enable his quick release. Throws were on target and consistently on the bag. Posted a pop time average of 2.01-2.09. His ability to position himself well and release the ball quickly helps hide his below-average arm. Will have to improve arm strength at the next level. 

Run: 7.28 60 yard dash. Third fastest amongst the ProCase catchers. 

Summary: Fick showed natural feel with some athleticism behind the plate, which has served Fullerton catchers well in the past. His quick release ability and consistent throws on the bag will help move him up the depth chart quickly. The launch angle metric is a good down the line power projection if he can increase his bat speed. Fick will greatly benefit from overall strength training. Division 1 catcher that has the potential to turn into a 2023 draft pick.