Prep Baseball Report

SoCal ProCase Spotlight: C/RHP Josh Randall

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director


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FULLERTON, CALIF. - Being from a small school can present challenges for players from a visibility standpoint. For Josh Randall of Capistrano Valley Christian HS that has not been the case. After a standout performance at the PBR Future Games last summer, Randall continued to impress college coaches before ultimately committing to the University of Arizona. 

Randall, currently ranked #12 in the Class of 2021, has developed into a legitimate two-way prospect as a hard throwing right hander and power hitting catcher. He did both - pitch and catch - at the SoCal ProCase in front of a large crowd of scouts, many of whom were seeing him for the first time. Randall did not disappoint needing only 14 pitches to dispatch five hitters and showing his prodigious power during BP and in-game. 


Body: 6-foot-3, 225-pounds. Physical, strong, durable and athletic build. Body has really firmed up during the spring lockdown. 

Delivery: Smooth delivery; easy, high knee lift, before sinking into the hips and exploding down the mound. Slightly open landing with closed strike plant foot, maintains excellent body control throughout, releases from a H 3/4 slot while finishing in an athletic position. 

FB: Worked 91-92 mph with a peak of 92.2 mph / 2499 rpm avg spin rate (2560 rpm max) / 19” avg IVB (21.8” max) / 9.5” avg horizontal movement (HM) (14.3” max) - The spin rate puts him in the top 10% for MLB pitchers based on 2019 averages collected by Trackman. The IVB is a clear example of how effective Randall is up in the zone as his average of 19” would put him in the top 10% of MLB pitchers as well. His IVB is complimented by his average extension of 6’4” which ranks near the top for high school pitchers. The HM shows a lively, running fastball that he’s able to manipulate to various quadrants in the zone. 

SL: 81-82 mph - 2694 rpm average / Horizontal Movement -9.6” / Induced Vertical Movement 2.2” - The spin rate puts Randall in the Top 10% of high school pitchers and is slightly above average for collegiate pitchers. The movement and depth of the pitch are also on the higher end for HS pitchers and about average for collegiate pitchers. He has the ability to spin it and flashes sharp biting action at times and has the look more of a curveball than slider presently. The continued development of this pitch will go a long way in solidifying Randall as a starter at the next level. 

CB: 78.8 mph - 2345 rpm spin rates / Induced Vertical Movement -8.5” / Horizontal Movement -15.2” - The spin rate on the curveball puts Randall in the Top 20% of high school pitchers and is a tick above average for collegiate arms. The IVB puts Randall in the top 15% of MLB pitchers while his HM ranks in the top 5% for high school arms. He only threw one curveball in his outing but it was in for a strike. 

Pitching Summary: Randall has the raw stuff that scouts can dream on, particularly with his build. There’s no wasted motion in the delivery and he’s very meticulous in his plan to attack hitters. Tends to drop his slot a bit on the slider which doesn’t seem to affect his ability to throw strikes with it. The continued development of his secondary offerings will dictate where he lands on a pitching staff. Should the quality and command of the slider and curveball improve, Randall profiles well as a weekend starter in college and potentially a back of the rotation starter in pro ball. 


Hit: RH - Blast Motion on plane efficiency of 80% is above the ideal range of 70% or higher. The rotational acceleration number of 15.5g is slightly below the MLB average of 17g but well above average for HS hitters and slightly above average for collegiate hitters. That number is an indicator of how quickly a hitter can accelerate the bat into the swing plane allowing more time for the hitter to commit. Randall shows a direct, attacking path to the ball that results in loud contact. 

Power: 104.0 mph max exit velocity with an average of 88.4 mph with a wood bat. The max bat speed of 74.3 mph is above the average of collegiate hitters. Bat speed correlates to power potential and when paired with his 23.9 mph peak hand speed what you have is a power hitter who can catch up to pitches in all quadrants and get barrel on those pitches. 

Field: This is where Randall really stands out. Sets up quietly and sunken in his crouch. Despite his size there’s quickness to his game behind the plate where he shows excellent lateral movement and the ability to block/recover quickly. Gets out of his crouch quickly and efficiently on bunts. Also plays first base where his athleticism plays way up. 

Arm: 83 mph - pops 1.95-2.01. A quick release and powerful arm makeup for any perceived deficiencies in getting the ball to second base. Throws show some tailing and sinking action which were accurate to the bag. Misses are to the first base side and rarely misses high.

Run: 7.54 laser-time 60 yard dash on a grass surface. 

Summary: Randall is a physical specimen whose body has gone from a little soft around the edges to one that is firmed up during the spring cancellation. He’s committed himself to his body and the results are a more durable, more consistent hitter/catcher with desirable power from that position. When you factor in Randall’s cerebral approach to setting hitters up, what you have is a catcher who has the looks of a future coach. The overall profile hints at a player who should step into the Pac-12 and contribute very early in his career. It also hints at a player pro scouts are going to watch very intently next spring as they decide which position best suits their needs as an organization. 


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