Prep Baseball Report

SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Jonah Storey

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout

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FULLERTON, CA. - Jonah Storey is a true Prep Baseball Report - California veteran, having attended four events and making an impact at each. One of the players that is easily talked about in post-event conference calls and seems to always make an appearance on twitter. The addition of TrackMan and Blast Motion to the Prep Baseball Report arsenal have shown some positive metrics to benefit Storey’s resume. Metrics such as launch angle, exit velocity and break on his fastball show above-average ability. 

The uncommitted newly minted two-way Storey possesses baseball actions that show he belongs on the field. Perhaps lacking that plus-tool but without a glaring weakness. Baseball is an unforgiving sport and sometimes heart and baseball intelligence overcome tools and elite metrics. With 67 representatives from 22 MLB Organizations in attendance, some teams 2-3 deep, and the talent on the SoCal ProCase roster, Storey set out to show that he is worthy of a spot on a college roster and name to watch for future pro consideration. 



Body: 6-foot, 185 pounds. Standard baseball build. Average athletic baseball tools, no glaring strengths or weaknesses. Plenty of room for physical improvement at the next level. 

Hit: Right-handed hitter. The Prep Baseball Report - California veteran has shown that his hitting tool is a model of consistency. Whether it is batting practice, live at-bats, competitive simulation or live games you can count on Storey to give you a quality at-bat. Storey’s Blast Motion data provides a nice snapshot of his average consistent hit tool, where his 52 plane, 54 connection, 51 rotation (20-80 scale) scores line up well with the ProCase averages of 53 plane and 54 connection and 58 rotation scores. Complimentary right-handed bat that will slot in well 5-9 in the batting order at the collegiate level. 

Power: Storey’s got some pop, in two seperate TrackMan batting practice recordings he displayed numbers to back it up. Taking his top five line drives and averaging them out, the data shows an average exit velocity of 87.5 mph - 28.5° launch angle - 309.3 ft. Those are doubles at any level, the exit velocity is a bit low but the launch angle and distance show well. Storey’s exit velocity throughout the zone is even, a nice indication of gap-to-gap ability and his willingness to attack the outside pitch. 

Field: Defensively shows good feel in the outfield; solid first step, defensive positioning, angles, arm side catches. Room for improvement on fielding and charging balls. Low 7’s 60-yard dash along with his present arm strength slot him well at a corner outfield position and enable him to fill in at centerfield if needed. Limited action defensively on the mound; showed no problems fielding a swinging bunt and displayed solid footwork on the mound. 

Arm: Strong outfield arm with a throwing velocity of 85 mph. Arm has continued to get better at his Prep Baseball Report - California showings continue to improve with his outfield throwing velocity times have increased with each showing. Lately Storey has picked up pitching, showing at the ProCase and State Games that he can get it done on the mound. As with many position players picking up pitching late in their high school careers, he pitched with ease and filled up the zone. Showed a three-pitch mix of a fastball, curveball and changeup with some overall feel for each. Storey’s fastball induced vertical break of 15.3 and horizontal break of 10.8 enable slight ride (64th percentile) and above-average run (64th percentile) at an average speed of 81.2 mph with a spin rate average of 2038. Overall, the fastball should do well at the high school level and is worth paying attention to. Broke off some curveballs at a 7:30 tilt with basic bite and spin, helping him garner some pop outs but also resulted in hard hit balls. Seldom used changeup can only help his pitching arsenal if he works to develop the pitch. 


Run: 7.25 60 yard dash. Average runner who has value on the basepaths thanks to good instincts and  solid first step. Running knowledge will help him transfer well to the complexity of the college running game. 

Summary: Storey’s resume shows that of a solid ballplayer that can make a contribution to many college programs around the country. The Prep Baseball Report - California staff have had their eyes on him for a while and vouch for his make-up and baseball IQ. Tools to take away from Storey: ability to give you a quality at-bat, gap-to-gap double power, capable outfield arm, base running and ability to pitch. Playing on a loaded 2021 Mira Costa team should greatly benefit Storey as pro scouts and college scouts should be in attendance regularly.


SoCal Uncommitted Senior Games CA 09/13 Amerige Park
Norcal Uncommitted Senior Games CA 09/26 Islanders Field
SoCal Underclass I.D. Camp CA 10/10 Great Park
SoCal Upperclass I.D. Camp CA 10/10 Great Park
SoCal Underclass I.D. Camp II CA 10/11 Great Park
SoCal Upperclass I.D. Camp II CA 10/11 Great Park