SoCal ProCase Spotlight: SS Max Muncy

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director


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FULLERTON, CALIF. - Rarely, if ever, does the hype match the substance when it comes to amateur baseball players. Shortstop Max Muncy of Thousand Oaks HS is definitely the exception to that statement. The #7 ranked player in the state, Muncy has long been a player who many in baseball circles speak very highly of not just because of his obvious talents on the field, but often because of the person he is off it.  

My first interaction with Muncy was before a high school game. I was over at the visiting team dugout speaking with the opposing head coach when Muncy, along with teammate Roc Riggio, came over to chat. They waited about three minutes while I wrapped up my conversation with the coach before approaching to greet me with a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact the entire time. Told me everything I needed to know about the type of young men both are. Muncy then went on to continue to impress on the field where he hit a no doubt home run to deep center field. 

He hasn’t stopped hitting since. Take for example his home run in-game at the ProCase.


A rarity in today’s age where we see players committing before they step foot on a high school campus, Muncy waited until his junior year to commit to the University of Arkansas despite numerous offers from Power 5 schools. The wait certainly was worth it as Muncy no doubt will thrive in the SEC should he decide to forgo what many believe is a certain opportunity to start pro ball next summer.


Body: 6-foot-1, 175-pounds; defined and proportional musculature throughout the frame significant strength in the upper half. 

Hit: RH - Immediately noticeable is the bat speed and his ability to keep the barrel on plane through the zone. His on-plane efficiency of 73% is equal to the average for MLB players in the 2019 season, while his bat speed of 72.2 mph is slightly above the MLB average (70.3 mph) in the same category. Combine those two elements with his average hand speed of 26.2 mph what you have is a hitter with a fast, whippy barrel who is able to adjust late to pitches while still getting the barrel on the ball with above average power (27.3 g) consistently. Manipulates the barrel angle very well. 

Power: 102.9 mph exit velo (89.3 mph avg) in BP via Trackman using a wood bat. It’s a simple setup with quiet hands using a medium-high leg lift trigger before unloading into the ball with excellent use of the backside. Generates significant power from his lower half that clears before bringing the hands/barrel through the zone rapidly. There’s legitimate power to all fields as demonstrated by his opposite field home run in-game. Estimated distance on the home run was 395 feet. 

Field: Long regarded as one of the best shortstops in the area, Muncy did nothing to disprove that sentiment. Footwork is fluid with exceptional range to both sides. Works low-to-high with quick, clean transitions. Turns the double play easily from all sides. Possesses very quick hands. Plays under control with excellent balance and athletic actions. 

Arm: 87 mph throws across the diamond were tied for second best at the ProCase. Like his bat there’s power in the arm with throws that have carry and are accurate to the bag, generally hitting the first baseman in the chest. Showed the ability to make throws from all angles with very good accuracy when charging balls. 

Run: 6.80 laser-timed 60-yard dash on a grass surface showing athletic actions with little head movement while staying squared to the finish line.

Summary: In the simplest terms Muncy is a ball player. He’s the type of guy you want playing shortstop not only because of his baseball skills which are aplenty, but his leadership at the position also really stands out. Muncy has proven he has the ability to stay at shortstop long term where his arm strength, range, and instincts all really stand out to even the most untrained eye. The question of whether he’ll sign a pro contract or opt to play in the uber-competitive SEC are very real. In talking with him you get the impression that he’s simply not worrying about that now...another sign of his maturity. Should he decide on the college route he should step in and play right away, even in the SEC. Should he decide to go straight into pro ball he most certainly will have the opportunity to stay at shortstop until he proves he can’t handle the position, a proposition that seems far fetched at this time. He has the looks of an everyday shortstop at the next level, a look that will amplify itself as he fills out physically in the future. That’s the best case. The worst case scenario is you have an everyday 2B that can hit the ball out of the park consistently. Either way, there’s no doubt Max Muncy from Thousand Oaks HS is a name you’ll be hearing for a long time in this game. 


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