SoCal Underclass Trials: Top Pitchers

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural SoCal Underclass Trials went down at Hart Park in Orange, CA on June 12th. There were over 90 players in attendance. As part of our coverage we will be rolling out top position players before releasing our Top Overall Prospects from event. 

*Click on player profile for complete individual stats at the event. 


Sebastian Guzman SS / RHP / Mater Dei, CA / 2021

Guzman worked at both shortstop and on the mound at the Underclass Trials and while he was sharp in the infield, it was on the mound where he caught our attention. At 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, Guzman has some physical traits that project well on the mound. He shows a loose arm that's short through delivery from a high ¾ arm slot with regular effort. Looks like he's throwing darts at a target. Land online to the catcher; tends to land on his heel but uses back leg and lower half well finishing in an athletic position. Best fastball was 85. His curveball showed early break and 12/6 shape which he threw in the strike zone. Guzman shows feel for a changeup as well.

Dylan Alanis RHP / 2B / Ontario Christian , CA / 2021

At 5-foot-10, 140-pounds, Alanis was an interesting arm for our team of scouts given his ability to pound the zone with three pitches from a short, loose arm action. He's compact in the back keeping his elbow close to his side with minimal movement. His fastball shows some life as it enters the hitting zone and at time flashed some cut action. His slider has a chance to be a really good pitch as it shows sharp action and late depth with 11/5 shape from the same slot and arm speed. While his velocity won't overwhelm many hitters presently, the ability to pound the zone and his physical projection make Alanis an intriguing prospect moving forward.

Trevor Schmidt LHP / 1B / Servite , CA / 2022

The left-handed Schmidt showed very well for himself at the Underclass Trials. The southpaw uses a Clayton Kershaw like delivery where he straightens his landing leg before pushing through his delivery. The mechanics are clean and repeatable and the arm really works well. His curveball shows a 1/7 shape and has a chance to be a very good pitch. Schmidt has feel for his changeup though it presently lacks the deceptiveness and has slight movement although he does a good job of keeping it down in the zone. Schmidt threw all three pitches for strikes during his session on the mound. Schmidt is very projectable both physically and on the mound as he works with very little effort and shows the ability to repeat everything involved in his delivery.

Blake Griffin RHP / 3B / Citrus Valley, CA / 2021

The rising sophomore shows traits of a power pitcher with his balanced, rhythmic, and repeatable delivery that allows him to clear his hips and drive off back leg to generate power from a high ¾ arm slot. A high waisted, long legged pitcher, Griffin worked quickly and shows easy effort when pitching. Shows the ability to locate his three pitches for strikes while working them all down in the zone. The curveball has plus pitch potential at the high school level. His changeup shows deception and good sinking action. Has present arm speed that would indicate a bump in numbers with continued physical maturation which really projects as the lower half is ahead of the top half.

Brady Ashworth RHP / OF / Foothill, CA / 2021

Ashworth could've easily made the list of top infielders after a very impressive showing during that portion of the workout, but it's highly projectable frame and long, loose, whippy arm that really stands out when he's on the mound. At 6-foot-1, 155-pounds, Ashworth is a long, lean, high waisted pitcher that is raw with one pitch - curveball, shows feel for another - changeup, and pounds the zone with a third - fastball. His body really projects for growth and can easily handle the addition of added mass and strength. Ashworth shows good arm speed from a short release with minimal effort. He carries over his infielder athleticism to the mound where he uses a short stride and lands online in an athletic position. With continued development - both physically and on the mound - it's easy to see Ashworth's numbers climb all around.