Uncommitted 2023's - SoCal

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

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LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - With spring right around the corner the recruiting focus has shifted squarely on the shoulders of the class of 2023. We've had the opportunity to see many players since the fall season, and while every time we saw players was under circumstances that have now become somewhat normal, the play on the field was reminiscent of a much simpler time. 

With the uncertainty on the timing of the high school season in SoCal, we thought it a great time to shed some light on several uncommitted players that are most deserving of looks from colleges. 

Be sure to click into player profiles for Trackman and Blast Motion Data along with other videos. 

Jackson Kemmerer OF / 2B / Santa Margarita Catholic, CA / 2023

Body: 5-8, 160-pounds. Short athletic build with present strength in the upper body. 
HitRHH. Sets up with a wider even base. Foot is down early and turns in slightly to get some coil.  Quick compact stroke that worked on a flat path.  Accelerates bat quickly as it enters the zone and stays in the zone a long time (90% on plane efficiency). Got way out in front pulling all of his hits in BP. 
Power89 mph exit velocity. Present pullside power. Bat speed average of 69 mph and rotational acceleration average of 16gs shows decent power ceiling. 
ArmRH.INF - 74 mph. OF - 84 mph. In the OF, got around and played through the ball. Got low to the ball as well. In the INF, showed light feet and soft hands. 
Defense: Arm action from both the OF/INF was short and quick. Fluid quick release and the OF but a little slower to release in the INF. Mostly accurate throws from both positions but OF throws flashed decent carry. 
Run: 6.83 runner in the 60. 


Ian Duarte OF / RHP / Chaminade, CA / 2023

Body: 5-10, 155-pounds. Athletic build with long limbs with room for strength gains. 
Hit: RHH. Tall and upright with a slightly open stance. Hands are set right behind the ear. Uses simple forward stride as hands rock back.  Compact stroke that worked on a steeper plane. Better contact out in front. At times pulled off with front side but when it stayed closed contact was hard. Pull side approach. 
Power: 83 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power. Bat speed was there with an average of 74 mph which is above average for his level and shows a good power floor. 
ArmRH. OF - 88 mph. Plus arm was loose and whippy from the OF. Almost all his throws were both accurate and made on the fly which flashed good life/carry. Was also quick to release.
Defense: Athleticism showed as he took good angles and got around the ball. Used forward momentum to get off strong throws. Rhythmic fielder that gloved everything fluidly and in motion. 
Run6.92 runner in the 60. 

DeliveryAthletic delivery. Side steps into a high knee tuck into his back side. As he comes down he dips slightly into his backside but really just drives towards home. Gets good hip-shoulder separation. Online with shoulders and with lower half throughout and lands slightly off to the 1B side. 
Arm ActionRH. Longer arm action that showed plus arm speed. Throws out of the H 3/4 slot. Arm starts accelerating as it works back up to release. 
FB: T85, 84-85 mph. Gets decent extension on it which gives it deceptive life. 
CB71-73 mph. Throws it out of the same slot and armspeed as FB. 
SL73-76 mph. Drops the slot slightly. At times flashed good late bite. 


Cody Nitowitz OF / 2B / Cathedral Catholic, CA / 2023

Body5-9, 140-pounds. Smaller athletic frame. Lean build with squared shoulders. 
HitS. Similar set up and swings from both sides. Upright and straight up in stance using a simple but slow forward stride. Pulls bat back into a higher elbow load.  Rhythmic smooth stroke that works on a flat plane (83% on plane efficiency). Gets good extension and higher barrel finish from both sides. Worked middle of the field from the right side and had a pullside approach from the left. 
Power87 mph exit velocity. Showed more power from the left side in BP but current singles hitter. 
ArmRH. OF - 83 mph. Longer arm action but was quick to release. Throws flashed decent carry and were accurate to the bag. 
DefenseAthletic defensive actions. Attacked the ball with quick feet. Got low to the ball and played through it with good momentum which helped him get off strong throws. 
Run7.10 runner in the 60. 


Devon Eskridge OF / RHP / Arcadia , CA / 2023

Body6-3, 190-pounds. Larger athletic build with present strength in the frame
Hit: RHH. More upright with slight bend in the knees and rhythmic hands in stance. Quick leg lift trigger as hands slightly pop back.  Steep-flat compact stroke that gets out in front of balls for a pullside approach. Lower barrel finish. Gets onto his frontside a bit at finish. 
Power87 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power. 68-70 mph bat speed range is decent for his level. 
Arm: RH. OF - 83 mph. Short loose arm action that produced throws with good carry. Above average velo for level. Average quickness to release. Most throws were to the bag either on the fly or on a short hop. 
DefenseAttacked the ball with quick feet. Played through it gaining good momentum going into a strong crow hop. 
Run7.11 runner in the 60. 


Ryan Limerick OF / LHP / Notre Dame, CA / 2023

Body6-0, 175-pounds. Well proportioned athletic frame with present strength throughout.
Hit: LHH. Slightly open with a wide base and low hanging hands. Slight gather into his backside and uses a simple forward stride.  Short compact stroke that worked on a steep-flat plane (78% on plane efficiency). Good bat to ball skills and feel for the barrel. Higher hand finish. Pounded the RC gap with LDs. Pullside approach.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity. Present pullside gap power. 
Arm: LH. OF - 81 mph. Shorter arm action that comes up to a higher slot. Higher front shoulder made him release at an upward angle. Throws were high arcing but on target with decent carry. 
Defense: Athleticism was easy to see. Got around and attacked the ball. Got low to the ball and exchanges were clean. He played through the balls quick and in a smooth transition into crow hop. 
Run7.11 runner in the 60. 

Isaiah Martinez LHP / 1B / Eastlake, CA / 2023

DeliverySide steps into a higher knee tuck into his back leg. As leg comes down and moves slightly forward he then drops into his back leg and really pushes off the rubber. Uses a really big stride that gives him good extension. Firms up his front leg at landing but rear leg really swings through. 
Arm ActionLH. Long and loose arm action. Arm is brought down near the leg in the bag and comes up all the way through to release at the H 3/4 slot. Whippy arm late in the action. Consistent arm speeds on all pitches but secondary pitches are out of a lower slot. 
FBT82, 79-81 mph. Extension gives it good deceptive life combined with spin rate average at around 2200 rpm. 
SL70-72 mph. Minimal VB and showed ability to consistently throw it for strikes. 
CH: 73-74 mph. Was also able to throw it for strikes and had late fading armside action. 


Richard Tejeda III C / 1B / Orange Lutheran , CA / 2023

Body: 5-11, 185-pounds. Well proportioned frame with strength throughout especially in his lower half. Projectable catcher's build.
HitRH. Stands upright and slightly open in stance. Simple forward stride but gets good internal rotation.  Smooth compact stroke that worked on a flat path. Explosive hands that are direct to the ball. Good use of the lower half. Great feel for the barrel. Catches the ball out in front for a more pullside approach. 
Power96 mph exit velocity. Pullside power is present averaging around 300ft of distance throughout his round and 350ft max. 69 mph bat speed average is also above average for his level. 
Arm: RH. C - 78 mph. Clean and short arm action that was quick to release. All throws were to the bag and flashed good carry with no tail. 
Defense2.01-2.08 pop times. Quick athletic footwork and clean glove exchanges. Also showed good receiving and pitch framing skills during bullpens, mixing up different crouches. Also showed comfortability on BIDs as he blocked several balls throughout the bullpens as well. 
Run7.77 runner in the 60. 


Jaden Onaca RHP / SS / Oaks Christian, CA / 2023

Body6-3, 180-pounds. Long athletic build with room for strength gains
HitRHH. Even base. Utilizes a toe tap trigger. Steeper bat path with a deeper point of contact which results in him having to get his hands inside the ball. Inconsistent barrel contact. 
Power89 mph exit velocity. Power is there when he gets out in front. 69mph bat speed average shows a decent power floor. 
ArmRH. INF - 76 mph. Short whippy arm action. Can change up arm angle when needed. 4/5 accurate throws in defensive workout. 
Defense: Stays low to the ground and keeps his feet moving throughout his actions. Gets his feet under him quickly to get off strong throws. 
Run: 7.33 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Tall and fall type of delivery. Uses a knee lift that is straight up and down. Uses gravity to gain momentum down the mound. Online with home and firms up front leg at landing. 
Arm ActionRH. Very whippy arm action that comes out of the 3/4 slot. Gets a little inverted in the back along with a higher elbow which is a little worrisome. Plus arm speed that accelerates late. Arm speed is consistent on all pitch types. 
FB: T83, 80-83 mph. Showed good ride averaging 23 inch VB and maxing out at 27 inch. 
SL64-70 mph. Showed good command and bite when he released out in front with good extension
CH75-77 mph. Straight change that dies downward late

Brodie Purcell 1B / RHP / Jserra, CA / 2023

Body: 6-2, 175-pounds. Larger frame with longer limbs and present athleticism.
HitRHH. Slightly open and leans into his back side. Hands are loose and hanging over the plate. Slow gather while using a leg kick.  Smooth stroke that works on a flat-uphill path. At times gets a little long but has a good feel for the barrel. Definite pull-side approach. 
Power90 mph exit velocity. Uses his lower half well and has smooth/clean mechanics. Power will come with strength gains. 
Arm: RH. INF - 82 mph. Clean and quick arm action. Quick to release and had good life on both DPs and across the diamond. 
Defense: Clean defensive actions especially on DPs. Soft hands and clean exchanges. 
Run7.32 runner in the 60. 

DeliveryClean repeatable delivery. Uses a high knee lift and as it comes down he sinks into the rubber and falls down the mound. Delays upper body well to create good separation. Violent yet firm at landing. 
Arm Action: RH. Throws out of the H 3/4 slot. Clean arm spiral. Plus arm speed for level. Arm speed and slots are the same on all pitch types. Plus extension on FB/CH. 
FB: T83, 82-83 mph. Decent spin at around 2100 rpm. Gets good extension on the FB which gives it some deceptive life. 
CB70-72 mph. Moves a little more like a slider. Showed ability to throw it for strikes.
CH76-77 mph. Had some decent downward armside run. Same armspeed as fastball. 


Spencer Shannon 1B / RHP / Mater Dei, CA / 2023

Body6-7, 235-pounds. Large athletic build with size, length, and present strength
HitRH. Wider base that is straight up and pre engaged with the back side. Gets into a slight coil and leans into his back hip. Uses a slight toe tap trigger.  Hands get into a nice launch position and bat gets into the zone on a slight uphill path. It's a strong compact stroke that stays extended through contact with a one handed finish. Actively gets out in front of balls for a pullside approach. 
Power: 99 mph exit velocity. Plus power tool (especially pullside) currently and potential for more. 370ft max distance in BP and 92 mph average exit velo. Bat speed averaged 74 mph which is way above average. 
ArmRH. INF - 78 mph. Short and whippy arm action that made strong accurate throws especially on DPs. A little slower out of the glove but was quick to release once he had it. 
Defense: Decent defensive movements for size. Showed comfortability with the glove. Averages exchange and footwork. 
Run: 7.48 runner in the 60.



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