Class of 2016 LHP Top Fastball Velocities

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap some of the best statistics we have on record at our events since our launch in April of 2014. We have covered the top 60 times in the 2017 and 2018 classes, and the 2016 Class. We have covered top OF Velos for the 2017 and 2018 classes and the 2016 Class, top INF Velos for the2017 and 2018 classes and top INF Velos for the 2016 class. Top catchers pop-times for the 2016 class and 2017-2018 classes. Top exit velocities for the 2016 class. Top RHP fastball velocities for the 2016 class and the top RHP fastball velocities for the 2017 and 2018 classes.  Top exit velocities for the 2017 and 2018 classes.

Austin Alarid, LHP/1B Rocky Mountain 
FB Velocity: 86
Commitment: Eastern Arizona
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 200 pound left-handed hitting 1B/ LHP.  In the field, he uses short arm action to reach a top velocity of 80 MPH. Decent feet and hands allow him to get into his throwing position quickly and he delivers an accurate ball. Moves well for size.  At the plate, uses a balanced set up with slight inward knee turn for load and timing.  Short hands to the ball with good extension out front at contact.  92 MPH exit velocity off the tee which was top time at the tryout.  High one handed finish. Really attacks the ball.  On the mound, compact in line delivery with over the top arm action.  Fastball increased to 84-85 since we saw him in March, and touched 86 twice.  Good command of the outside part of the plate with a 70-73 CB and 72-73 CH.  Ran a 8.06 60 time. 

Austin Gussman, LHP/OF, Horizon  
FB Velocity: 86
Commitment: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 165-pound, left-handed hitting outfielder/LHP.  OF positional velocity of 84 MPH, high ¾ release, moves to ball with purpose, quick exchange, loose arm action. At the plate, 83 MPH exit velocity, athletic set up, smooth/simple load, line drive approach, quick bat speed, 4.0 home to first.  On the mound, gets the most out of his frame, FB maxed out at 86 with good run.  Strong command of the outside part of the zone, CB was 66-68 MPH and CH was 74-75 MPH.  Good looking two position player.

Brice Johnson, LHP, Pine Creek 
FB Velocity: 86
Commitment: Creighton
Scouting Report: 6-foot-6, 185-pound left-handed pitcher with room to grow. Every time we see Johnson we like him more. Still a little raw, but projectable LHP with a smooth motion with level shoulder, square landing and athletic finish. Was more in line, and not opening up front knee on landing as much. Gets great extension towards plate.  Arm is long and quick and delivery comes from a high ¾ arm slot.  Easy effort to the plate produced and increased fastball of 85-86 MPH fastball with slight tail and good command of the zone.  Threw a slider this time that sat 75 mph with late tilt.  Change was thrown with FB arm action with good sink down in the zone also at 75 MPH. Again another highly projectable pitcher, especially when looking at frame.

Zach Sundine, LHP/OF, Grandview 
FB Velocity: 84
Commitment: Central Arizona
Scouting Report: A 5-foot-10, 145-pound, two way player that gets the most out of his frame.  At the plate he hits from a balanced stance with very little movement to start.  He opens his front side up and uses good leg drive to produce an exit velocity of 87 MPH off the pitch.  He has a slight upward swing plane and his ball carries well to the gaps.  In the field he moves well in all directions.  He gets behind the baseball and had an 84 MPH arm velocity from right field.  On the mound he is simple and in line to the plate.  A high ¾ arm slot produced a fastball that was 80-82 MPH at the USG.  He also displayed a 64-67 MPH  curve that dove hard in on right-handed hitters.  He ran a 7.35 60.


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