Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2016 Top Exit Velocities

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap some of the best statistics we have on record at our eventssince our launch in April of 2014. We have covered the top 60 times in the 2017 and 2018 classes, and the 2016 Class. We have covered top OF Velos for the 2017 and 2018 classes and the 2016 Class, top INF Velos for the 2017 and 2018 classes and top INF Velos for the 2016 class. Top catchers pop-times for the 2016 class and 2017-2018 classes.  Here are the top exit velocities for the 2016 class.

Brandon Maes, C/3B, Pueblo South 
Exit Velocity: 93
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 210-pound right-handed hitting catcher.  He had a fluid exchange that produces pop times between 2.06 and 2.13 and throws that were mostly close to the bag.  Good movement behind the plate with a quiet body and soft hands when receiving pitches.  Maes has a 73 MPH positional velocity and ran a 4.68 home to first.  At the plate, he showed excellent power from a swing that stayed on plane and in the hitting zone.  Quick hands and lower leg drive produced a showcase best 93 MPH exit velocity.

Austin Alarid, LHP/1B, Rocky Mountain 
Exit Velocity: 92
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 200 pound left-handed hitting 1B/ LHP.  In the field, he uses short arm action to reach a top velocity of 80 MPH. Decent feet and hands allow him to get into his throwing position quickly and he delivers an accurate ball. Moves well for size.  At the plate, uses a balanced set up with slight inward knee turn for load and timing.  Short hands to the ball with good extension out front at contact.  92 MPH exit velocity off the tee which was top time at the tryout.  High one handed finish. Really attacks the ball.  On the mound, compact in line delivery with over the top arm action.  Fastball increased to 84-85 since we saw him in March, and touched 86 twice.  Good command of the outside part of the plate with a 70-73 CB and 72-73 CH.  Ran a 8.06 60 time.

Bailey Hansen, RHP/OF, Air Academy 
Exit Velocity: 92
Commitment: Pacific
Scouting Report:  6-foot-5, 205-pound right-handed pitcher, was the top pitcher at this year’s USG.  He impressed with an 88 MPH fastball and good command of the zone.  Throwing from a motion with good balance and drive to the plate, his tall body allows him to deliver a pitcher that gets on you in a hurry.  He has an over the top motion and good arm speed on all pitches.  His curve was 67-69 with 11/5 break and most of the time it started in the middle of the plate and worked off the outside corner.  He added a 76 MPH change that had good down movement.  In last event exit velocity was 92 mph. 

Quin Cotton, OF, Regis Jesuit 
Exit Velocity: 91
Commitment: Grand Canyon University
Scouting Report: 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Bats and throws right. Impressive looking athlete. At the plate has no wasted movement from a balanced athletic stance. Load is smooth and stride is short. Bat speed and lower half are explosive. Has line drive gap to gap power that produced the 2nd fastest exit velocity at the tryout at 91 mph. Shows power potential. In the outfield displays confidence with good actions. Throws from a high 3/4 arm slot at 84 mph with good carry. Ran a 6.80 60 time. Was the most athletic looking player at the tryout.

Sean Kelsen, OF/LHP, Douglas County  
Exit Velocity: 91
Commitment: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 175-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder/LHP, was 80 MPH from the outfield using a long arm action and high ¾ slot.  Good feet and smooth exchange allows ball to get our quickly.  Plays through the baseball well.  Ran a 4.37.  At the plate starts balanced with a smooth load.  Uses a small load for timing.  Gets good use of the lower half and stays balanced throughout.  Level path to the baseball and gets to extension.  Fluid rhythm throughout the swing.  Registered an exit velocity of 91 MPH, top 3 for the event.  On the mound the LHP was consistent 77-79 FB and maxed out at 81 MPH.  Rounds our his pitches with a 57-62 MPH CH and 66-67 CB.     

Billy Moreland, SS/RHP, Heritage
Exit Velocity: 91
Commitment: University of Northern Colorado
Scouting Report: 6-foot-0, 175-pound right hand hitting two way player, who had one of the top arm velocities at the USG of 85 MPH from short.  He has quick feet and hands and gets rid of the ball quickly.  He moves well on balls up the middle and has good skills on the two ball.  On the mound we saw three pitches from Moreland, his fastball was 81-84 with good run, his curve was 67-70 with sharp break in on the right hand hitter and he showed a 71-73 MPH change that worked away from the right hand hitter.  At the plate he is balanced with a slight leg kick for timing.  He has a long swing path through the zone that creates a ball with good flight.  He has an exit velocity of 91 MPH off the tee and lived in the left-center gap.  He ran a 7.32 60.



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