Class of 2021 Preview Catcher Analysis

PBR Colorado Staff

The Prep Baseball Report’s Class of 2021 Preview Event took place Sunday May 6th at Dakota Ridge High School. Prospects from the 2021 class came together in a pro-style workout to strut their stuff in front of the PBR scouting staff.

Following is a look at top performances in a number of measurable categories. Click Here for a statistical breakdown of this event.

We began our look at this event with the outfield position, today we look at the catcher position from the Class of 2021 Preview.


Class of 2021 Preview Catcher Analysis

Ethan Cobble C / 1B / Dakota Ridge, CO / 2021

5-foot-10,130-pound right hand hitting C/1B who ran a 7.59 60.  Balanced setup at the plate, lift and place leg kick.  Weight drive hard off a firm front side.  Hands create whip through the zone with good extension out front.  Exit velocity was 75 mph.  Behind the plate he shows good fundamentals and has quiet hands.  He blocks well on balls in the dirt.  Throws to second come from a high ¾ arm slot and he showed quick feet to get in throwing position.  Arm was 64 mph.  Pop-times were 2.18-2.21.






Matt Glover C / SS / Denver South, CO / 2021

6-foot-0, 165-pound right hand hitting C/SS who ran a 7.29 60.  At the plate he hits from an open stance with a big leg kick to come square.  Hits of his back side and showed pull power.  Swing path is uphill and tends to pull off at times.  Exit velocity was 84 mph. Behind the plate he had quick actions while blocking and does a nice job framing pitches.  Throws to the bag were 74 mph with accuracy.  Arm slot is high ¾ with a quick glove to hand transfer.  Pop-time was 2.10-2.15.






Chris Gunn C / 2B / Holy Family , CO / 2021

5-foot-9, 160-pound left hand hitting C/2B who ran an 8.47 60.  At the plate he is square and balanced.  Uses a double tow tap for timing and a slow load on the pitch.  Strong weight transfer on the swing and an uphill path to the ball.  Showed the ability to hit to all fields and exit velocity was 73 mph. Behind the plate he receives well and throws from a high ¾ arm slot.  Feet keep him in-line with the bag and throws were 62 mph.  Pop-times was 2.40-2.42.






Jose Magallanes C / 3B / Holly High school, CO / 2021

5-foot-11, 190-pound right hand hitting C/3B who ran a 7.46 60. Stands tall at the plate with hands held high.  Hands drop on the load and create an uphill swing path.  Ball has good carry to the gaps.  Strong weight transfer and extension out front create an 82 mph exit velocity.  Behind the plate he showed good instincts on balls in the dirt.  Body stays in-line on the delivery to second base and he throws from a high ¾ slot.  Arm was 65 mph.  Pop-time was 2.13-2.18.






Vincent Merlo C / OF / Cherry Creek, CO / 2021

5-foot-6, 142-pound left hand hitting C/OF who ran a 7.55 60.  At the plate he has a wide balanced stance.  Uses a lift and place leg kick and hands load quickly on the pitch.  Hits off a firm front side with a strong leg drive at contact.  Swing path is slightly uphill and the ball carries in the right center gap.  Exit velocity was 80 mph.  Behind the plate he is quiet and moves well on balls in the dirt.  Feet are quick on throws to second but tends to cut his release off a bit.  Arm was 68 mph with accuracy to the bag. Pop-time was 2.15-2.17.






Reese Randell C / 3B / Dakota Ridge High School, CO / 2021

5-foot-6, 131-pound right hand hitting C/3B who ran an 8.07 60. Balanced at the plate with a long stride and quick load on the pitch.  Swing path is uphill with good extension out front.  Does show the ability to go the other direction during the live round.  Exit velocity was 72 mph from the tee.  Quite setup behind the plate, showed good glove actions while framing and on balls in the dirt.  Release can be long on throws to the bag, but accuracy is there.  Arm was 67 mph and pop-time was 2.28-2.32.