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Colorado Fall Prospect Games: Pitchers Analysis

By John Cackowski
State Director

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The other day we began our positional analysis of each position from the Colorado Prospect Games starting with the outfielderscornerscatchers, and middle infielders. Today we cover the pitchers. Players are listed in alphabetical order:

Dempsey Battin, LHP/1B, Woodland Park, 2018
6-foot-3, 175 pounds. Looks like he might grow to be 6-foot-6. Really projectable. Delivery is almost too simple. Square and in-line to plate. Arm slot is high 3/4. Someone needs to tell Battin to let it fly. Careful delivery to plate flashing a 73-75 mph fastball but looks like he has a lot more. Slows down arm speed in delivery, and slows down back side leg drive. Curveball was 55-57 with 2/7 shape. If he could just be more explosive could add at least 5 more mph on fastball tomorrow, especially if some extra weight added. Intriguing prospect.

Jaden Boles, RHP, Discovery Canyon, 2018

6-foot-3, 160 pounds. Boles impressed at event. Like his projectable frame. Quick delivery to plate which is in-line then falls to first base side. Good extension out towards plate. Good leg drive, and arm works well and is on time. High 3/4 arm slot and wraps back on delivery. Fastball was 81-83. With added weight and strength easily projects to upper 80's. Curveball was 68-69 with late depth. Attacked hitters, and was in the strikezone. Solid looking pitcher with a lot of upside.

Ryan Collins, LHP, Broomfield, 2020
Lanky pitcher who comes from a 3/4 arm slot. All legs. Steps off to side to start delivery, then lands in-line to plate. Young pitcher who can be more explosive to mound that would add velocity. Lives at 70-72 mph with fastball. Potential to add a lot more. Slows arm speed down to throw strikes on all pitches. Curveball was 63-65 with 3/8 tilt. Almost like a slurve. Has projectability.

Gavin Gravitt, RHP/3B, Pine Creek, 2018
6-foot, 190 pounds. Big strong pitcher on mound. Depends on arm. Could get more out of leg drive towards plate. Has a good arm. Hides ball well. Arm slot is short back and high 3/4. Deceptive fastbal seems faster then 78-80. Arm speed is same on curveball and change. Curveball was 70-71, and change up was 72. Stops momentum in delivery which could hinder velocity. Attacks hitters at the plate. If he could reach out more to get more extension could be nasty.

Zachary Macosko, RHP/OF, Broomfield, 2019
6-foot, 170 pounds. Really good athlete. One of the best athletes at event. Really like his loose arm. Shows a ton of confidence, and has some swagger on the mound. Takes the ball and just throws. Comes at different arm angles as well. High and mid 3/4, and also will drop down. Has to be careful not to drop elbow. Fastball was 78-80, but hitters could not square up at all. Curveball was 60-63. Has a quick pace and attacks hitters. At the plate stands tall. Has a lot of pre-pitch movement. Rocks back, toe tap, then leg kick, hands start a little low, then gets everything on time. Very good athlete who is making himself have to be a better athlete to hit. You can see the strength potential. Bat speed is very good through zone. Has pull tendencies. Generated 87 mph exit velo off tee. Attacks ball in outfield and shows good range. Ran a 6.9 60. Athlete to follow.

Kian Manmano, RHP/OF, Legend, 2019

6-foot, 150 pounds. Bats and throws right. Alot of tools and a player that needs to be followed. On the mound gets very good extension to the plate with good leg drive. Square and in-line to the plate. Nice loose arm that hides ball well. Fastball was 79-81 but seems faster. Arm speed is same as fastball at 68-70 mph with 11/5 late depth. At the plate has a balanced athletic stance. Short stride, and loads back. Swing is short to the ball with good bat speed. Generated a 85 mph exit velo off a tee. Line drive power. On a triple he hit was 12.16 to 3rd. In the outfield had top arm velocity at event at 84 mph. Ran a 7 flat 60 time. Player to follow.

Jordan Medina, RHP/C, Highlands Ranch, 2018
6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Bats and throws right. Medina can be a No. 1 catcher, and a No. 1 pitcher for any varsity team in 2017. On the mound show a lot of potential to be a D-1 pitcher. In the past when we have seen Medina he has had a hard time throwing strikes but in this outing went 2 innings and was in the strike zone and had a very solid outing. Strong leg drive in-line towards plate. Hides ball well in back side and brings 86-87 mph fastball from high 3/4 arm slot. Curveball has tight spin sitting bewteen 68-70 mph. Good arm speed. Change sits 75-75 mph from same arm speed. Fastball projects to be 90+ senior year. At the plate has a lot of movement to be ready to hit. Has very good bat speed with a 93 mph exit velo. Timing hitter. Has plus power with pull tendencies. Behind the plate has very little movement when framing. Depends on strong arm down to 2nd at 80 mph. Pop-time lives 1.99-2.03. Improving speed with 7.29 60. A lot of tools to help at next level.

Mitchell Morales, LHP/OF, Broomfield, 2019
Morales has so much projectablity don't be surprised if by the time it's all over he is competing with Riley Cornelio with that top spot. 6-foot, 155 pounds, Morales has a lankly frame that you can see has multiple more inches to grow. Fastball was 83 mph but is on you quick. Batters couldn't do much against him. Arm is loose and easy. To see video from this weekend click here. At the plate stands tall, narrow stance, has backwards toe-tap stride, and has quick hands to the ball. Sprays the ball all over the field. Registered a 82 mph exit velocity. Could speed up actions in outfield, but has a strong arm at 82 mph. Ran a 7.30 60

Brendan O'Brien, RHP/1B, Broomfield, 2019
5-foot-7, 120 pounds. Bats and throws right. On the mound has nice easy delivery with long arm action from over the top slot. Is square and lands in-line to the plate. Fastball sits at 73-74 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape at same arm speed at 64-65 mph. Also has a deceptive change up from 64-66. At the plate has a slight crouch in stance. Short stride and short load back. Throws hands at the ball and swing is slightly uphill with good extension through the zone. Line drive power. Generated a 83 mph exit velocity off the tee. At first had good quick feet around the bag and threw 73 mph down to 2nd and 3rd. Ran a 7.69 60.

Harry Paul, LHP, Fairview, 2018
A 5-foot-8, 145-pound left handed pitcher. Gets better every time we see him, and comes with something a little different in delivery. Has some more deception now and hides ball well. Definition of crafty lefty. Strike thrower and everything he throws seems to sink or fade. He has an easy motion that is fluid to the plate.  Stands tall then crouches in balance point. Lands inline. Falls off to 3B. Arm comes from a 3/4 arm slot but looks like he changes arm angles at times now for more deception. Fastball improved 75 mph.  He also showed a 61 MPH curve and his best pitch is a 61 MPH change with good downward action.

Lucas Quezada, RHP, Denver School of the Arts, 2020
Quezada has the same leg drive and extension that has become the norm for the recent string of power arms coming out of Colorado.  He drives off his backside and gets down the mound where he almost appears to touch the catcher’s mitt from a 3/4 slot.  His fastball was recently up to 87, but sat more in the 82-84 range, and although he is still raw in some aspects (only a freshman), he shows big upside potential with a quick arm and short arm swing. The ball really seems to jump on hitters, and he is able to counter a firm fastball with a developing 64-66 curveball.  Interestingly enough, Quezada’s current high school does not have a baseball team, so college recruiters will have to wait until PBR Colorado’s Underclass Inviational or search him out on the summer circuit.

Adam Smith, RHP/OF, Pueblo West, 2020
6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Already has good size and frame for a freshman. Solid mechanics take him right to the catchers glove. Generates good torque in balance point, lands in-line with good leg drive to the plate. Fastball was 76-78 mph with a lot of room to jump. Could project to be upper 80's with frame and more strength. Was a faster curveball/slurve at 65-67 mph. Player we are excited to see again to see improvement.

Cole Winn, RHP, Silver Creek, 2018 (Notre Dame)
6-foot-2, 180 pounds. Winn is one of the top pitchers in his age class in the country. Arm is flat out electric. In two innings of work struck out all 6 batters. Fastball was 90-91 mph, but he has touched 93 before. Has a wipeout slider with late depth at 76-77 mph. Solid change at same arm speed that lives at 81-82 mph. Winn over the last year has impressed many scouts across the country, and recently impressed at Jupiter playing for the Houston Astros Scout team where he struck out 8 in 3 innings. To read about that click here. Winn is positioning himself to be a potential high draft pick after he graduates high school