Top Prospect Games Q&A with: Justin Boyd

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

The Colorado Top Prospect games are just a little over a week away and we would like to spotlight some of the participants at this years event.  Over the course of the next four weeks Prep Baseball Report Colorado will run Q&A's with many of the participants giving you a chance to get to know them better.  Continuing our look is Justin Boyd, 2019, 5-foot-9, 140-pound, SS/C from Legend High School.

PBR:  Describe yourself as a baseball player to those who have never seen you play:

Boyd: I play the game hard and respect the game of baseball.  I'm a student of the game and I love to play it.  

PBR:  What would be your dream school to play baseball at?  If you have already committed to play at the next level, why did you choose that particular school?

Boyd: DUKE- for the academic's and what a great experience it would be. 

PBR:  What are your best assets on and off the field at this point in your high school career?

Boyd: Work ethic and desire to be the best on and off the field at whatever I do.  Being the best student I can be, best player that has come out of Colorado, making the best decision's and believing in my faith. 

PBR:  What is the best baseball advice you have received and try to follow to this point in your career?

Boyd: "You need to be strong mentally at all aspects" and don't let failure get in the way.  "Don't worry about your stats and good things will happen".  " Always be a great teammate". 

PBR:  What are your superstitions or routines that go on during a season?

Boyd: I try not to have too many, just doing my routine: Stretching, mentally preparing and visualize.

PBR:  What are your goals for: 

This Season:  This season to help my team win and get bigger, faster and stronger.   

Two Years: To become a great team leader, win state championship. Face the best players in the country all the time. 

Four Years: Win another state championship.  Sign a letter of intent for college and possibly get drafted if it all works out. 

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