Top Uncommitted 2016 LHP

By John Cackowski
State Director

This week we have looked at some of the top 2016 players, catchers, outfielders , corners, MIF and RHP who are still uncommitted. Today we look at the top uncommitted left handed pitchers.

Cameron Brown, D'Evelyn, LHP/OF, 2016
Currently ranked No. 16 in the 2016 class. 5-foot-11, 170-pound left-handed hitting outfielder/LHP was 80 MPH from the outfield with carry.  Arm is loose and throws from a high ¾ slot. When we saw him in April  had motion that is effortless and he lulls batters to sleep. Had the most dominant pitching performance we have seen this year. Threw a complete game giving up 3 hits and struck out 14 against the eventual back to back 4A state champions Green Mountain Rams. Brown lived between 83-85 MPH FB, maxing out twice at 86 MPH. This was up from 79 mph at the Preseason All-State Event on 3-1-15. Curve ball was 70-72 mph with late 1/7 break, and tight spin. Brown had as a dominating season you could have on the mound. Brown was 6-0 for the Jaguars with a 0.59 in 47 IP only giving up 23 hits.Showcased athletic actions defensively at the Junior Sunbelt Tryout with fluid feet and a clean exchange.  Plays through the baseball well.  Had the second fastest 60 time at event with a 6.77 time.  At the plate hits from an athletic open setup with wide feet. Has a load that is back and down.  Short stride with leg-kick. Balance is good.  Bat path is long and on a level swing plane. Has gap to gap power  Registered a 80 MPH exit velocity. On the season Brown ended up with  Made the Junior Sunbelt Classic Roster.

Austin Gussman, Horizon, LHP/OF, 2016
Currently ranked No. 21 in the 2016 class. 6-foot-0, 165-pound, left-handed hitting outfielder/LHP.  OF positional velocity of 84 MPH, high ¾ release, moves to ball with purpose, quick exchange, loose arm action. At the plate, 83 MPH exit velocity, athletic set up, smooth/simple load, line drive approach, quick bat speed, 4.0 home to first.  On the mound, gets the most out of his frame, FB maxed out at 86 with good run.  Strong command of the outside part of the zone, CB was 66-68 MPH and CH was 74-75 MPH. Had a very good sophomore season but struggled with command junior year. Has bounced back and is having a strong summer on the summer circuit. Good looking two position player. 

Jerome Bohannon, Cherokee Trail, LHP/OF, 2016
Currently ranked No. 24 in the 2016 class. 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Athletic strong build for size. Bohannon was not able to pitch due to pitching in game day before, but from the mound in live play we have had Bohannon at 84 mph from a high 3/4 arm slot that is short going back and quick to the plate.  In the outfield uses same arm slot and threw 80 mph from right field to 3B. Ranges well to ball. At the plate small load and slight leg kick. Swings down to the ball, extends though it level and finishes high. Has line drive power, and produced an exit velocity of 86 mph off the tee. Ran a 7 flat 60. Made the Junior Sunbelt Classic Roster. Had a strong Sunbelt tournament. Recently Bohannon had a plus arm in the Centennial Games in June from the outfield with an arm velocity of 87 mph.

Austin Alarid, Rocky Mountain, LHP/1B, 2016
Currently ranked No. 43 in the 2016 class. 6-foot-0, 200 pound left-handed hitting 1B/ LHP.  In the field, he uses short arm action to reach a top velocity of 80 MPH. Decent feet and hands allow him to get into his throwing position quickly and he delivers an accurate ball. Moves well for size.  At the plate, uses a balanced set up with slight inward knee turn for load and timing.  Short hands to the ball with good extension out front at contact.  92 MPH exit velocity off the tee which was top time at the tryout.  High one handed finish. Really attacks the ball.  On the mound, compact in line delivery with over the top arm action.  Fastball increased to 84-85 since we saw him in March, and touched 86 twice.  Good command of the outside part of the plate with a 70-73 CB and 72-73 CH.  Ran a 8.06 60 time. Made the Junior Sunbelt Team

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