Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games Q&A with: Toby Scoles

By Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director 

The Colorado Top Prospect games are 2 days away and we would like to spotlight some of the participants at this years event.  Over the course of the next few days Prep Baseball Report Colorado will run Q&A's with many of the participants giving you a chance to get to know them better.  Continuing our look is Toby Scoles, 2017, 5-foot-11, 165-pound, LHP/OF from Pine Creek High School.  Scoles is currently rehabbing from surgery.

PBR:  Describe yourself as a baseball player to those who have never seen you play: 

Scoles: I am the type of athlete who refuses to be out-worked or out-hustled. I pride myself on being a coachable player who would run through brick walls if you asked me to. I go full speed in everything I do from practice to games. 

PBR:  What would be your dream school to play baseball at?  If you have already committed to play at the next level, why did you choose that particular school? 

Scoles: I have not committed to play at the next level however my dream school is Wichita State University. They are school with a history of success and greatness, and they have not only a great education but some of the best baseball facilities and staff around. 

PBR:  What are your best assets on and off the field at this point in your high school career? 

Scoles: I believe that my best assets are my ability to be hardworking, dedicated, and tenacious. On the field, these assets push me to work harder, play better, and never give up. Off the field, I attribute these to my school work which has allowed me to maintain a 4.21 GPA while playing Baseball and Football. 

PBR:  What is the best baseball advice you have received and try to follow to this point in your career?

Scoles: There are three things you can control when you step in between the white lines. You can control your attitude, effort, and style of play. You can control how you react, how much you commit, and how you treat the game. 

PBR:  Tell us about your injury and your rehab to this point: 

Scoles: I had a SLAP Tear of the Labrum in my non-throwing shoulder that occurred during the CHSAA State Playoffs. I tore my Labrum against Regis Jesuit in my third at-bat. I went on and played through the pain the next day against Rock Canyon. My surgery was 8 weeks ago and I've been recovering ever since. As for rehab I've been going to physical therapy two to three times a week in order to regain range of motion and strength. I am very excited with how it is progressing and I'm ecstatic to be able to return to hitting off of a tee in 4 weeks. 

PBR:  What are your superstitions or routines that go on during a season? 

Scoles: I'm not a real superstitious guy, however; my biggest superstition is that I believe if you walk on the field during a game, you will be negatively affected. As for routines, I lay out my uniform in my room the night before a game and spend 30 minutes visualizing all aspects of the game and seeing success. 

PBR:  What are your goals for: 

This Season: I want to have .500 batting average, I want to lead the league in hits, RBIs, and OBP, and I want to lead Pine Creek to its first ever state championship.

Two Years: By the end of my high school career I want to be 1st Team All-State, I want to commit to a Division 1 school to further my education and play baseball, I want to improve upon all statistics from junior year, and I want to become a complete and well rounded leader. 

Four Years: In four years I want to be a leader in the college classroom and on the baseball field. I hope to be a draft prospect and All-American. I want to make an impact at the collegiate level as a freshman and sophomore and help my team win a national championship. 

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