Unsigned Senior Showcase Corner Infield Analysis

PBR Colorado Staff

The Prep Baseball Report Colorado Unsigned Senior Showcase took place Sunday October 28th at Metropolitan State College.  Several prospects from Colorado and Wyoming were on hand to showcase their skills for the Prep Baseball Report Colorado/Wyoming staff.

Click Here for a PDF statistical breakdown of this event.

Over the course of the next week we will break down individual performances. We began our look with the outfield position, MIF position and now we look at the Corners.

Unsigned Senior Showcase Corner Infield Analysis

Nolan Ackerman C / 3B / Chaparral, CO / 2019

6-0, 175-pound athletic player who can play multiple positions at a high level. Simple set up at the plate. Short load and stride with plate coverage to all fields. Swing path is level through the zone and showed quick hands on the inside pitch. Exit velocity was 89 mph. Defensively he is smooth and sound at 3rd base. Good hands and balance allow him to cut down the angle on balls in the hole. Arm is short and quick and plays at 76 mph across the diamond. Behind the plate he shows quick actions while blocking. Sticks pitches well and delivers from a short high ¾ slot. Arm was 71 mph behind the plate and pop-times were 2.00-2.05. Ran a 7.44 60.






Joseph Garduno 1B / RHP / Eaglecrest, CO / 2019

6-1, 255-pound right hand hitting 1B/RHP. Big power at the plate with a 91 mph exit velocity. Short stride and short path to the ball. Strong lower leg drive and uphill swing path. Good power to the gaps during the live round. In the field he shows good awareness around the first base bag. Good feet and soft hands. Arm is over the top and played at 69 mph. Ran an 8.05 60.






Joshua Hojnowski RHP / 3B / Grandview, CO / 2019

6-3, 205-pound 3B/RHP who continues to improve and impress with each showing. Stands tall at the plate with a big leg trigger and strong lower leg drive. Swing is uphill and shows good pull side power. Exit velocity was 90 mph off the tee and the ball jumped off his bat in the live round. Defensively he moves well left and right. Smooth actions and soft hands while fielding. Quick glove to hand transfer and a short over the top arm slot. Arm played at 73 mph. Stretch pitcher with a tall and fall delivery. Lands in line with the plate and shows good extension out front on the pitch. Fastball was 74-77 mph with late run. Curveball was his best secondary pitch thrown with near fastball arm speed. Curve sat 64-66 mph with 11/5 shape. He finished with a 62-64 mph change down in the zone. Ran a 7.65 60.






Tom Musgrave 1B / 2B / Brighton high school, CO / 2019

6-3, 150-pound right hand hitting 1B/RHP. Stand tall at the plate with a long stride and load on the pitch. Swing is level through the zone and actions are repeatable. During the live round he hit several balls hard to the pull side. Exit velocity was 83 mph from the tee. Defensively he moves well at first base, showed quick feet and release to the bag. Arm played at 68 mph. Tall and fall motion on the mound. Arm is short and over the top. Landing is in line with the plate with an out-front release. Fastball was 69-72 mph and straight in the zone. Curve sat 59-60 mph with late 11/5 break. Change was 61-62 with near fastball arm speed and late sink.






Brayton Vaughn / Legend, CO / 2019

6-5, 210-pound right hand hitting RHP/1B. Big presence at the plate, swing is smooth and easy but generates good power. 88 mph exit velocity from the tee. During the live round he showed good bat control and gap to gap power. Long stride and slow load with an uphill swing path. When he barrels the ball, it takes off. Defensively he can use long strides to cover ground. Showed good foot awareness around the bag. Arm was high ¾ and played at 74 mph. Stretch pitcher at this event. Slow and smooth delivery. Slight rock back at balance and then drives to the plate. Arm gets out front on the release. Arm slot is over the top and stays in-line on the delivery. Fastball was 77-79 mph with late run. Curve sat 65-67 with tight spin and late 11/5 break. Change had good arm action and was 64-66 mph away in the zone.