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This nationally recognized tournament began in 1977.  Over the years players like Randy Johnson, Troy Aikman, and Johnny Damon have played in the Sunbelt.  Teams from Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Canada now participate.  This will be one of the most competitive 10 games you have played as a high school baseball player.  Aside from baseball, players get to live with host families for one week which will be a tremendous experience.  Scouts from around the country representing all levels of colleges and professional teams will be present to evaluate the talent heavy tournament. 

High School coaches will nominate players to tryout for the Junior Sunbelt Team, and players can request an invite on the website. PBR Colorado will hosted the tryout at ThunderRidge High School on 4/21/2019. The Colorado Junior Sunbelt Coaching Staff, and select MLB scouts were in charge of picking and naming the team.


Caleb Albaugh SS / 2B / Legend, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Bats and throws right. Prototypical 5-tool player. Sub 7.00 runner. Arm plays at mid 80's from SS. Upper 80's exit velocity. Balanced, quiet stance at the plate with quick hands to the ball through the zone. Good range to both sides at SS. Athletic SS who also plays football. Came on very strong at the end of the year to hit .310 on the season with 8 stolen bases. 





Owen Best C / 1B / Regis Jesuit , CO / 2020

A 6-foot-205-pound left hand hitting catcher who ran a 7.80 60.  Has some juice hitting from the left side with a square athletic stance and a pronounced leg kick. Lands on line and hands back before firing the lower half with some explosion. Has some hand strength and whip getting the barrel through the zone with uphill tilt and stayed on the ball through extension. Exit velocity was 87 mph off live pitching. Good actions behind the plate with a small jab step getting in line to a quick exchange. Arm action is quick with arm speed throwing from a high three-quarter arm slot at 71 mph. Throws showed carry with pop times ranging from 1.90-2.12.




Jared Hanks C / Grand Junction, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Bats and throws right. Son of head baseball coach of Colorado Mesa Chris Hanks. One of the top ranked catchers in the state of Colorado, Hanks controls the game on defense, and can swing it on offense. Hanks hit .368 this spring with 8 doubles, 2 home runs, and 20 RBI's. 





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Dylan Hupfer 2B / OF / Rocky Mountain, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Bats and throws right. At the plate has a tall, narrow opened stance. Load is down and back, slight leg kick, and bat path is quick and short to the ball with a bottom hand finish with good extension through the ball. Exit velo was 88 mph off a tee. Arm plays 78 from the OF and SS. Ran a 7.10 laser timed 60. Hit .400 for the Lobos this spring with 6 doubles and 12 RBI. 




Kyle Kahn RHP / ThunderRidge High School, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 145 pounds. Projectable frame. The right-hander has a fastball that can touch 85-86 mph, but has more command in the lower 80's range. Smooth easy motion inline towards the plate. Curve as 11/5 shape thrown at 72-74 mph, and change thrown at same arm speed as fastball at 72-73 mph. One the season he threw 25 innings giving up 20 hits while striking out 17 batters. ERA was 2.24 and hitters only hit .206 off Kahn on the season. 




Aaron Loucks 2B / SS / Rocky Mountain, CO / 2020

A 5-foot-8, 135-pound right hand hitting MIF who ran a 7.06 laser timed 60. Stands square at the plate with a slow load back and big stride coming forward with timing. Long swing through the zone with extension out front. Line drive tendencies and control to all fields. 81 mph exit velocity off the pitch. Active feet and gains ground on the ball with solid glove presentation. Soft hands to a clean centered exchange. Arm action is short and quick and throws from a low three quarter arm slot at 78 mph across the infield. 

Garrett Lippold OF / RHP / Grandview, CO / 2020

A 5-foot-11, 155-pound right hand hitting OF/RHP who ran a 6.68 laser timed 60. Hits from the right side with an athletic square stance. Small leg lift with a stride forward landing on line, hands load back with rhythm, and bat path was flat and stayed through extension. Hips fire with some aggression and swing appeared to be a solid line drive swing with some pull side tendencies. Exit velocity was 80 mph off the pitch. Feet were active and aggressive on approach playing behind the ball with nice glove presentation to catch. Clean exchange to a longer arm action, but showed some arm speed getting it through throwing from the outfield at 76 mph.





Evan Magill RHP / Mountain Vista, CO / 2021


A 6-foot-1, 200-pound projectable right hand pitcher who has a repeatable delivery and mechanics, smooth transition to the balance point with good hand separation. Finishes balanced and downhill. Strong lower half with good drive to the plate. Throws from a ¾ arm slot, Fastball topped out at 88 MPH with some sink and arm side run on the 2 Seam. The Curve 72-73 MPH is an above average pitch and has feel for a Change 72-74 MPH with some sink.



Vander Hodges SS / OF / Thunderridge, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. Bats and throws right. Athletic and versatile MIF/RHP who can also play outfield. On the mound has athletic delivery. Fastball lives in the lower 80's, and also has a strong arm from the outfield and infield. Has some bat speed registering an 86 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.15 60 time. On the season in limited action on the mound posted a 1.11 ERA in 6 innings pitched. 




Dylan McKee SS / 2B / Smoky Hill , CO / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently ranked 41 in PBR Colorado 2020 rankings. 5-foot-7, 160 pounds. McKee has above average instincts in the game of baseball, and has been a big reason Smoky Hill has had the success they have had over the last two years. Like the actions in the infield a lot. Has good feet and range to both sides with quick release and arm strength. At the plate has open stance, and controls the strike zone. Quick bat through the zone with underrated power. Prototypical leadoff or 2-hole hitter. On the season is hitting .458 with 7 doubles and a homerun. One of the top players in the 5A Centennial League. Gamer mentality. 




Ethan O'Donnell OF / OF / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2020

6-foot-1, 185-pound left hand hitting OF/2B who ran a 7.01 laser timed 60. Slow pick up and put down striding on line, hands move back and elbow slots, bat gets on plane early, and finishes with uphill tilt. Exit velocity was 85 mph off the pitch, showing strength and bat speed with power potential. Lower half finishes completely with aggression and maintains balance in the swing. Feet were active and aggressive on approach playing behind the ball with nice glove presentation to catch. Clean exchange to a longer arm action, but showed some arm speed getting it through throwing from the outfield at 85 mph.




Brogan Stevens RHP / Rocky Mountain High School, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 210 pounds. Big frame on mound with deceptive delivery. Fastball lives in lower 80's but has reached 85 mph in games scouted this spring. Has a good three pitch mix with a 69-71 mph changeup, and a 65-68 mph 11/5 shape curveball. Threw 24 innings for Rocky Mountain this spring going 3-1 with a 3.74 ERA striking out 25. 




Aidan Smith SS / 2B / Mountain Vista, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Bats and throws right. Don't let the size fool you. Smith has some juice in his bat. Smith started for the Golden Eagles this spring on their way to what was almost back to back state championships only to lose in the Final Four. Smith hit .369 with 10 doubles and one triple. Smith is a steady middle infielder and a future leadoff type hitter. 




Bryce Parsons OF / 2B / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2020

Committed to Air Force. 5-foot-11, 185 pounds. Bats and throws right. One of the important cogs that helped Regis win the 5A State Championship this spring. Plus outfielder defensively. Runs a 6.9 60, and has advanced bat speed with a 93 mph exit velo. Parsons hit .328 this spring while scoring 27 runs and hitting 2 homeruns. 




Jacob Thompsen SS / RHP / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 6-foot, 150 pounds. Have had Thompsen at past events before, but velo has really jumped since then. Throwing a firm fastball, Thompsen lived 88-89 the first inning, eventually settling in at 86-87. Arm has some wrap-back, slight pause in delivery then is quick through the zone from a high 3/4 arm slot, inline and square to the plate. Curve was thrown for strikes with 11/5 shape. Was a swing and miss pitch at 72-73 mph. In this game Thompsen threw 5.1 innings giving up 2 hits while striking out 6. Thompsen has more room to fill out and add velo for sure. Projects as a Upper D-1 pitching prospect. 



Alec Willis RHP / SS / Regis Jesuit, CO / 2021


The 6-foot-3, 190 pound already with the big frame, has more room to grow. Willis comes from a high 3/4 slot with good arm side run. Fastball touches 86, lives 82-84. Square to the plate and inline. Can come across body which creates the asr. Above average curve is 68 to 70 thrown at same arm speed as fastball. Change is 70-72 with gradual fade. Willis has a good chance this spring to be in the starting rotation for the Raiders, and projects to be one of the top pitchers in the state when it's all said and done.  




Spye Turnbeaugh RHP / 1B / Arapahoe , CO / 2020


A 6-foot-7, 200-pound right hand pitcher with presence on the mound who has a smooth polished delivery. Stands tall and falls to the plate after balance. Arm is long and loose and delivery is over the top. Arm speed stays consistent on all pitches. Fastball was 81 MPH with late run. Curve topped out at 69 MPH with sharp 11/5 action. Change sat 69-70 MPH with late sink in the zone. Tall at the plate with an uphill swing path. Lift and place stride and small hand load. Showed gap to gap power and finishes high and on his front side.





Billy Wall LHP / OF / Ralston Valley, CO / 2020


6-foot-1, 195-pound left hand hitting 1B/LHP who ran a 7.70 60. Open slightly crouched stance. Hands load back and bat is vertical at separation with a pronounced leg lift to stride landing open. Hands are quick and showed some strength through the zone. Bat path is flat with a slight recoil at finish. Lower half finishes completely with some aggression and posted an exit velo of 85 mph off the pitch. Feet work through the ball, glove presents out front, and quick clean exchange at center. Arm action is a bit longer, but showed some arm speed throwing from a three-quarter arm slot at 70 mph. Works quickly on the mound with max effort. Sink and drive motion to the plate and arm sits in a high 3/4 slot. Fastball was 79-80 mph with command away. Curve sweeps across the zone at 64-66 mph. Change was in on the righthand hitter and sat 71-73 mph.





Sergio Tarango SS / RHP / Poudre High School, CO / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Bats and throws right. 3-sport athlete, Tarango is a leader on the baseball field. At the plate has a balanced stance, toe-tap stride, and lets his hands to the work. Gap to gap line drive hitter. Good range to both sides at SS. Arm was 78 mph across the diamond. Ran a 7.10 60 time. Led high school team with a .439 average, 9 stolen bases, and 5 doubles.