Prep Baseball Report

2021 Summer Standouts: North Florida

CJ Butts
North Florida Scouting Director

With the State Games coming this fall, we want to take a look at some players that stood out this summer. With the theme of #RepYourRegion, we will highlight players from each region of Florida who stood out this summer. With the Senior State Games coming first, we will start with 2021 standouts. Today, we will take a look at some of the 2021 summer standouts from the North Florida Region. Take a look.

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2021 North Florida Standouts

Dario Astudillo C / 3B / Buchholz, FL / 2021

Standout at the 17U National Championships

Tall, big bodied backstop listed at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. Receives softly with fluid hips and blocks and recovers well. Possesses an athletic frame with some quick twitch ability and has the strength to go along with it. Simple at the plate and balanced. Shifts the hands and barrel at load and lets the hands do the work equating to above average bat speed. 

Brett Blair 3B / SS / Buchholz, FL / 2021

Standout at the All-State Games

Positional Profile: 3B/SS - Stanford commit
Body: 6-foot-2, 220-pounds. Strong bodied, athletic, projectable frame.
Defense: Glove plays below baseball, soft hands, fluid gather, plays with rhythm towards target.
Arm: RH. INF - 84 mph. High 3/4 arm slot, short arm action.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, short knee lift, strong/quiet hands, barrel tilt load, long stride. Level bat path, short/compact swing, hands stay inside of baseball, extension through swing on contact, above average bat speed.
Power: 97 mph exit velocity. Projectable power to all fields.
Run: 6.51 runner in the 60. 

Bryce Brindle C / Creekside, FL / 2021

Standout at the Florida Dodgers-Prime Tryout

Thick, stocky build with a strong swing from the right side. He keeps the weight in the legs and drives from the backside with a balanced finish and level bat path. Displays a simple approach and flashes some pop in the bat. Behind the plate the accurate, the quick arm is on full display and he moves well laterally. Popped between 2.0-2.17. Hard nosed and confident behind the plate as any pitcher should love throwing to him. 

Cody Carwile LHP / Fleming Island, FL / 2021

Standout at the Florida Classic

Carwile is a long, lean 6-foot-4, 185 pounds. High waisted and uses the legs to drive down the mound well. Arm is loose with an easy, low effort delivery. Extends out front well, releasing out of the hand efficiently and pumped strikes. Fastball has some arm side run sitting mid to upper 80s, touching 88 mph this summer. The slider was the out pitch and kept it on the same plane as the FB. Sharp diving action down in the zone at 77-78 mph and threw it to both sides of the plate as well. Rounds out the arsenal with a mid 70s CH.

Carson Dorsey LHP / OF / J.R. Arnold, FL / 2021

Standout at the Rusty Hill Memorial Tournament

Dorsey was one of the most impressive players of the weekend. Dorsey is starting to grow into the long lanky frame, yet hasn’t lost any athleticism. The body control stands out as he keeps the wind up and delivery tight, staying on line through the catcher. Dorsey might have the most potential of anyone over the weekend not only due to the steadily climbing velocity from the left side but the advanced pitchability he showcased with command of the fastball 86-88 mph, curveball at 75-77 mph, and change up at 80 mph. 

Jordan Jerkins C / 3B / Liberty County , FL / 2021

Standout at the Troy Post70/NF Black Sox Showcase

Jerkins is a bulky, strong catcher, boasting wide shoulders and athletic footwork conducive to the position. He displays advanced mechanics and technique behind the plate, centering his body and receiving softly. The transfer is quick but not rushed as he stays low and balanced allowing him to deliver a strong, accurate throw to the bag. At the plate, he utilizes a subtle toe tap to keep the weight back and coils the body during separation to allow him to clear the hips and let the hands follow through efficiently. Barrels up pitches consistently and creates loud contact. 

David Hudson OF / RHP / Mosley, FL / 2021

Standout at Troy Post70/NF Black Sox Showcase

Stocky, thick frame with strength throughout, Hudson also showcases the quickness to get to most pitches in the zone. He’s short to the ball, and stays within himself at the plate, allowing the barrel to do the work as the natural strength stand out. Has a line drive approach and drove balls with authority to all fields. Also, displayed the arm in the OF topping out at 88 mph. 

Drew Leinenbach SS / RHP / Dunnellon, FL / 2021

Standout at the All-State Games

Positional Profile: SS/RHP - North Florida commit
Body: 6-foot-3, 180-pounds. Thin, high waisted, athletic frame.
Defense: OF - plays with bounce and gains ground through transfer, glove plays out front, explosive follow through. INF - quick twitch first step, quick gather, plays with fluid rhythm, soft hands.
Arm: RH. INF - 87 mph. OF - 89 mph. OF/INF -  over top arm slot, long/quick arm action, above average arm strength, quick athletic arm actions.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup, quick/high knee lift, active hands, whippy barrel tilt actions, long stride. Short/compact swing, level bat path, extension through swing, hard contact out front, natural lift, above average bat speed.
Power: 93 mph exit velocity. Gap to gap approach.
Run: 6.68 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Tall and drive and delivery, quick/athletic balance point, in line athletic finish.
Arm Action: RH. High 3/4 arm slot, short arm action. Above average arm strength.
FB: T91, 87-89 mph. Late, jumpy life,
CB: 68-73 mph. 10/4 shape, sharp.
CH: 78-81 mph. Circle change action, commands down.

Nicolaus Litke OF / 1B / Chiles, FL / 2021

Standout at the Florida Select

Possesses a thick, mature frame with strength. Has really come into his swing as he displays the body control and hand speed that will lead to powerful, balanced cuts. The ball jumps off his bat as he really stays on the barrel at contact point.

Connor Moore SS / 2B / St. John's Country Day, FL / 2021

Standout at the Florida Dodgers-Prime Tryout

One of the top athletes in attendance, Moore is lean and twitchy with strength in the frame. High waisted, long limbs. Ran a 6.72 60, bumped 91 mph across the infield, while showcasing advanced actions and soft hands that worked together with the feet. At the plate, the quick twitch ability was on display with plus bat speed and a fast coil through the zone. Attacks pitches but stays within himself and creates torque in the barrel giving him some extra pop off the bat. 

Jaden Rudd OF / LHP / Mosley, FL / 2021

Standout at the Rusty Hill Memorial Tournament

Rudd looks the part when he shows up to the field. Athletic build with strong legs and wrists perfect for a baseball player. Rudd has a mature approach at the plate looking for his pitch and works the count well. The lefty has quick hands at the plate with a smooth bat path that stays in the zone as long as possible. He maximizes extension after contact to generate lots of back spin as balls have a lot of carry off his bat. In the outfield, he takes efficient routes to the ball and tracks down fly balls with no fear. He has the speed and quickness to play center and the arm is good but there is more in the tank evidenced by his outing on the mound. 

Caden Turrell OF / OF / Port St. Joe, FL / 2021

Standout at the Rusty Hill Memorial Tournament

Turrell gets on base at a high rate and wreaks havoc on the bases. He’s lean and Uber-athletic with some stiffness at times but it rarely hinders him. Hitting from the left side, he’s very confident at the plate and battles. Can handle the left on left match up with enough success to suggest he’s comfortable and finds the barrel more times than not. Maybe the best outfielder of the weekend, Turrell has quick reaction time with a quick burst for a first step and above average ball skills defensivley. Balls rarely fall when he’s roaming center field. 


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