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Junior State Games: North Region Analysis

CJ Butts
North Florida Scouting Director

The first annual Junior State Games took place October 17-18 at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, FL. The event featured some of the top 2022's in the state representing their region. Day one featured a showcase and two live games. Day two featured four games.

After all the games, the West Region came out victorious as the inaugural Junior State Games Champion.

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This week we will start breaking down each player from the Junior State Games. We will break down each player, region by region. Today, we start with the North Region. Check out our Player Analysis, featuring complete scouting reports on every player from the North Region.

North Region Analysis

Levi Anderson SS / OF / Wakulla, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/OF - Uncommitted, Athleticism pops as he looks comfortable in different positions. Upside with the bat boasting a smooth lefty swing.
Body: 5-foot-8, 134-pounds. Lean body, wiry arms and legs.
Defense: Works feet through the ball well. Momentum moving towards the bag and gets rid of it quickly.
Arm: RH. INF - 76 mph. OF - 84 mph. Gets on top. Backspins throws for true flight to the target.
Hit: LHH. Athletic stance, weight shifted back with the hands cocked behind the ears. Short, compact swing. Level path with the barrel in the zone a long time.
Power: 90 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.08 runner in the 60.  

Joseph Bramblett SS / 2B / Leon, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/2B - Uncommitted, Long athletic build bodes well for the potential to add size and strength in the future to add to his solid mechanics.
Body: 6-foot, 160-pounds. Long, lean frame. Potential for growth and added strength.
Defense: Chops feet to gain momentum. Fields in the center of his body with a two hand gather.
Arm: RH. INF - 80 mph. Mechanically sound. Short action from the infield with plenty of strength.
Hit: RHH. Tall, even stance. Hands straight back with a bat wiggle. Down to, up through path. Barrel control as he keeps it inside the hands and above the baseball consistently.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.54 runner in the 60.  

Cason Eubanks SS / 2B / Northside Methodist , AL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/2B - Uncommitted, Very toolsy, slightly undersized but packs in a ton of athleticism in the body.
Body: 5-foot-8, 165-pounds. Strong, lean and athletic frame.
Defense: Fields off left foot, two hand gather with clean footwork and quick release.
Arm: RH. INF - 84 mph. Strong, accurate arm with carry through the target.
Hit: RHH. Slightly bent, weight even with loose hands. Efficient, bat path. Fast level compact swing with slight lift after contact.
Power: 95 mph exit velocity.
Run: 6.87 runner in the 60. Quick burst, smooth strides at full speed. 

Josiah Glodfelter RHP / 3B / Tate, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: RHP/3B - Uncommitted, Top notch competitor. High upside on the mound with confidence in his repertoire.
Body: 6-foot, 170-pounds. Big frame with a chance to add to it. Carries the weight well.
Defense: Fields balls out front with two hand gather. Needs to create a little more movement in the lower half as he relies on the arm strength across the infield.
Arm: RH. INF - 84 mph. Nice and easy from the infield, backspins throws with accuracy to the bag.
Hit: RHH. Tall stance. Feet close together with loose hands above the shoulder.
Power: 89 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.84 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Controlled, methodical windup gets momentum toward the plate.
Arm Action: RH. Clean and easy. Slightly short in the back with optimal extension out front.
FB: T86, 81-86 mph. Hard 4-seamers. Rides it up in the zone and hits the corners well.
CB: 71-74 mph. Tight break with enough depth to suggest he can make it a little sharper over time.

Tyson Greene SS / RHP / Suwanee, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/RHP - Uncommitted, Uber athleticism. Has some quick twitch ability which should only boost his upside at the plate and in the field.
Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Thick, strong frame with present athleticism.
Defense: Fields out front, off left foot. Fields to the throw with concise footwork. Solid defender.
Arm: RH. INF - 91 mph. OF - 92 mph. Above average arm strength. Clean action that is quick throughout.
Hit: RHH. Slightly bent in the knees, weight back and hands in front of shoulder.  Gets barrel behind the ball consistently. Up the middle approach with a smooth path.
Power: 89 mph exit velocity. Can really create whip in the barrel. Has a chance to start driving balls to the gaps.
Run: 7.04 runner in the 60. Runs hard and gets good jumps. Could lengthen strides. 

Jude Howell RHP / St. Johns Country Day , FL / 2022

Positional Profile: RHP - Uncommitted`
Body: 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Thick, filled out frame. High waisted, carries the weight well.

Delivery: Compact windup. Tall and fall delivery.
Arm Action: RH. Long, down and over the top. Fast out front.
FB: T81, 75-80 mph. Some late life and can miss barrels.
CB: 67-71 mph. Short shape with sweeping action.

Bryce Kemper RHP / Bartram Trail, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: RHP - Jacksonville
Body: 5-foot-11, 180-pounds. Athletic, strong frame. Thick lower half.

Delivery: Quick tempo and rhythmic. Gets weight on the back leg.
Arm Action: RH. Short, fast arm with extension out front. 3/4 slot.
FB: T88, 83-87 mph. Jumps out of hand. Solid spin as it rides through the zone.
CB: 70-73 mph. Tight out the hand with late life. Shows depth at times.
CH: 80-81 mph. Heavy when down. Comes out of the same slot as fastball.

Simon Kohn 1B / OF / TNXL Academy, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: 1B/OF - Uncommitted, Advanced body with high upside at the plate and with the arm.
Body: 6-foot-1, 200-pounds. Large, advanced frame for age. Carries the weight well and moves with plenty of mobility.
Defense: Chops feet behind the ball. Fields with eyes behind. Gathers with momentum coming forward.
Arm: LH. INF - 82 mph. OF - 84 mph. Gets the body behind the throw. Over the top and releases off the fingertips. Plenty of arm strength from the OF.
Hit: LHH. Tall upper body, athletic base. Bat rested on shoulder. Likes to use the pull side. Down to the ball, creates backspin on liners and hard fly balls.
Power: 94 mph exit velocity. Has the swing that could develop into a power bat.
Run: 7.04 runner in the 60.  

Eli Maddox C / 1B / Paxon, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: C/1B - Uncommitted, Very strong catcher who can really swing it. Will turn into a solid backstop with some polish.
Body: 6-foot-3, 215-pounds. Large, thick frame with strength throughout.
Defense: 1.89-1.94 pop times. Moves fairly well behind the plate. Could get to dirt balls a little cleaner with his blocks but receives well.
Arm: RH. C - 76 mph. Short arm action. Can rush out of the crouch at times but is accurate to the bag.
Hit: RHH. Wide base with movement in the barrel. Slightly bent at the waist. Quick, strong swing with barrel control to and through the ball. Short to it and extends after contact nicely.
Power: 98 mph exit velocity. Hit balls as hard as anyone. When he squares it up it jumps off his bat. Lots of potential with the bat.
Run: 7.62 runner in the 60.  

Parker McDonald SS / 2B / Lawton Chiles, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/2B - Uncommitted, Quick, twitch athlete with solid actions in the MIF. Swing is strong and quick with contact ability.
Body: 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Lean, well put together, athletic build.
Defense: Smooth footwork. Works through the ball while staying low. Flips hips with quick transfer.
Arm: RH. INF - 83 mph. Short action, quick release and nice and easy out of the arm. Solid carry to the bag and plenty of strength on the throw.
Hit: RHH. Even stance. Slight lean back with hands up by his ears. Drives through the ball well. Strong swing with slight lift. Stays level to pull side.
Power: 94 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.04 runner in the 60.  

William Merrix OF / RHP / Lawton Chiles , FL / 2022

Positional Profile: OF/RHP - Uncommitted, Uber athletic with a frame that could add strength as he matures. Solid mechanics all over the field with true two-way talent.
Body: 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Very long frame. Strength and athleticism with big hands and feet.
Defense: Solid footwork in prep steps. Gets weight behind and momentum coming forward to aid strong throws.
Arm: RH. OF - 87 mph. Long, loose arm. Extends out front with backspin.
Hit: RHH. Tall setup. Slightly open with hands up and barrel flat. Stays level through the zone and finishes high. Short to contact which puts him on the barrel consistently.
Power: 95 mph exit velocity. The long limbs and quick bat could create a nice combination of leverage and torque that could really elevate his game.
Run: 6.85 runner in the 60. Long smooth strides that even out at top speed. Easy runner with a quick burst.

Delivery: Up tempo, rhythmic and consistent.
Arm Action: RH. Long, clean and loose. Low to normal effort delivery.
FB: T84, 82-84 mph. Downhill action. Some sink at times at the bottom of the zone.
CB: 71-73 mph. 12-6 break. Tumbling action and tunnels with fastball. 

Christopher Moss OF / 2B / Nature Coast Tech, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: OF/2B - Uncommitted
Body: 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. Athletic, strong build.
Defense: Smooth long strides cut off distance in the OF. Sure feet and hands as he gets the body behind the ball to field.
Arm: RH. OF - 90 mph. Short to the top and loose out front. Gets behind the ball and creates carry on a line to the target.
Hit: RHH. Slight bend in the knees. Weight even and hands tight with the barrel up. Line drive approach. Compact swing with a healthy cut.
Power: 96 mph exit velocity. Creates torque in the barrel for max barrel speed. Swing has gap to gap potential.
Run: 6.69 runner in the 60. Quick burst, no false steps and gets out the gate fast. 

Jake O'Steen SS / 2B / Union County, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: SS/2B - St. John’s River State, High upside athletically. Can play multiple positions and handles the bat well.
Body: 5-foot-8, 150-pounds. Lean frame with added strength. Thick lower half with plenty of athleticism.
Defense: Fields with momentum to the target. Two handed gather with smooth footwork and transfer.
Arm: RH. INF - 77 mph. Quick release from the ear. Stays on top for true flight to target. Very accurate arm.
Hit: LHH. Wide base and anchors in the legs. Loose upper body with hands low in front of shoulder. Short, compact swing. Extends out front and through keeping the barrel on plane throughout the swing.
Power: 88 mph exit velocity.
Run: 7.39 runner in the 60.  

Hayden Perry C / 3B / Episcopal, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: C/3B - Uncommitted, A lot of upside defensively and offensively. Advanced for his age with a chance to develop power at the plate.
Body: 5-foot-11, 190-pounds. Stocky, thick build with enough athleticism. Present strength in the extremities.
Defense: 1.83-1.91 pop times. Keeps the posture behind the dish. Shows mobility in the hips and blocks efficiently. Soft hands and sure transfer.
Arm: RH. C - 77 mph. Short arm, fast out front and stays on line through the bag.
Hit: RHH. Wide stance, crouched with low center of gravity. Direct to the ball. Can get big at times but the barrel control is above average.
Power: 96 mph exit velocity. Can really generate some power with the bat. Gets the body behind the barrel and coils the midsection.
Run: 7.53 runner in the 60. 

Benjamin Smith C / Freeport, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: C - Uncommitted, Size and ability are there. Needs to add strength to aid quickness and athleticism.
Body: 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Stocky, thick frame. Strong lower half conducive to the catcher position.
Defense: 2.17-2.22 pop times. Narrow crouch, moves feet fluidly and presents a nice target.
Arm: RH. C - 70 mph. Over the top release, cuts off the arm affecting velo but gets behind the ball and puts it on target consistently.
Hit: RHH. Tall upper body, slight bend with weight on the balls of his feet. Rotational at times. When he gets the hands out front the barrel path is more direct and the extension is there.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity.
Run: 8.00 runner in the 60. 

Andrew Veniard RHP / 3B / Fletcher, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: RHP - Uncommitted
Body: 6-foot, 175-pounds.
Run: 7.40 runner in the 60. 

Delivery: Simple, tall and fall delivery. Drives downhill to extension.
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ arm slot. Short, quick arm action.
FB: T82, 79-82 mph. Hard 4-seamers. Gets behind the ball.
CB: 68-71 mph. Sweeping breaking ball with tilt.

Payton Waters 3B / RHP / Suwannee, FL / 2022

Positional Profile: 3B/RHP - Uncommitted, Two way talent. Potential in the body for added strength. Quick twitch athlete that's very toolsy.
Body: 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Long, wiry frame. Strength in the arms and legs.
Defense: Gets low and wide with eyes behind the ball. Momentum toward the bag as he replaces the feet and makes a quick throw.
Arm: RH. INF - 87 mph. Strong, accurate arm. Fast, loose action and jumps out of the hand
Hit: RHH. Athletic stance, weight slightly shifted back. Hands high. Clean, efficient path. Keeps the hands in tight and the barrel above the ball.
Power: 97 mph exit velocity. Very quick bat with a lot of leverage in the frame. Could tap into the power soon
Run: 7.16 runner in the 60. Long legs with smooth, high strides. Great form and should get it under 7 with work.

Delivery: Fluid, rhythmic delivery. Transfers weight efficiently and gets downhill.
Arm Action: RH. Short in the back. Creates torque and lay back in the arm. Whip like action out front with extension.
FB: T87, 82-86 mph. Rides through the zone jumping out of the hand.
CB: 64-68 mph. Big breaking ball. Has depth and at times hard bite at the bottom of the zone.
CH: 78-80 mph. Fading action. Good feel for pitch.


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