Prep Baseball Report

On The Board: Uncommitted 2023 Arms

Cayden Hatcher
PBR Florida Scouting Director

The 2022 Senior State Games featured plenty of talent from all over the Sunshine State. Each region featured committed and uncommitted players who will make impacts at the next level. Today, I'll take a look at 5 uncommitted pitchers who really caught my eye, and ones that coaches should be on this fall and one's to circle for the spring.

Chris Knier, RHP, Jensen Beach

6-foot, 185 lbs. Knier was the #1 on Jensen Beach’s pitching staff who finished runner up in the 4A FHSAA State Championship. In Spring of 2022 Knier threw 58 IP, 82 K’s, 19 BB’s, 0.97 ERA. Knier was a standout at our Senior State Games this fall with a Fastball that sat 87.3 - 89.2 and topped at 90.2 with an average spin rate of 2040 rpm and max spin rate of 2247 rpm. Knier registered a 89 Hop+ Pitch Score. (Hop - FB life through zone, FBs that have a flat approach angle and visually jumps through the zone, generate more swing and misses, especially when located at the top of the strike zone, MLB avg. Pitch Score is 100). Paired with the FB is a big breaking Slider at 77.1 - 78.9 with an average spin rate of 2608 rpm that peaked at 2706. Knier registered a 93 Hammer+ Pitch Score. (Hammer+ - Breaking ball that drops vertically with velocity through the strike zone). Knier is a competitor and a proven winner/strike thrower. 

FB: 87-89 T90 (2247)
SL: 77-79 (2706)

Mason Laurito, LHP, Forrest

6-foot-1, 170 lbs. Southpaw has reopened his recruitment after previously being committed to Florida State. At our Senior State game this fall Laurito showed a two pitch mix of FB/CB. Fastball sat 87.2 - 88.5 topping at 89 mph with arm side run at times from a loose H ¾ arm slot. Laurito turned in a Hop+ Pitch Score of 94, which showed effectiveness at the top of the strike zone for swing/miss. Paired with the FB is a big breaking ball at 75.4 - 78.4, T79.1 up to 2450 rpm spin rate. The big breaker had an eye opening Sweep+ Pitch Score of 113. (MLB avg. 100) Sweep+ is a breaking ball that moves horizontally with velocity through the zone. 

FB: 87-88 T89 (2126)
CB: 75-79 (2450)


Gavin Dicks, LHP/OF, Lake Wales

6-foot-3, 165 lbs. Dicks has been an under the radar guy the past 4 months at PBR events with solid performances at the Southeast Unsigned Senior Games at Lakepoint in July and our Senior State Games this fall. The two way has a lean 6-foot-3 frame with long levers that will add strength with continued physical development. On the bump Dicks has a three pitch mix of FB, CB, and CH. Towering presence on the bump, Dicks comes from an over the top slot that works downhill hiding the ball late with quick arm action. Fastball sat 81.7 - 84.3 and topped at 85.1 with a max spin rate of 2490. The breaking ball is big at times with a 1/7 shape at 68.9 - 71.2 at 2370 rpm with a Sweep+ of 107. Changeup is 75.1 - 77.1 with circle change action thrown for K’s. Interesting two way follow that can also swing it. 

FB: 82-85 (2370)
CB: 69-71 (2370)
CH: 75-77


Carson Kelly, LHP, Lincoln

5-foot-11, 165 lbs. Kelly gave hitters fits during the Senior State Games tossing three shutout innings with 6 K’s, 2 H, 0 BB. 73% first pitch K, and a 70% strike thrower on the day. Smaller left handed arm from a funky low ¾ deceptive arm slot that kept hitters guessing as you can see in the video below. Effective three pitch mix, Fastball is 81.1 - 84.1 T85.2 at 2204 rpm. Slider is 64.7 - 70.7. Changeup is 69.9 - 76.4. All three pitches were thrown for K’s that piled up 13 swings and misses. 

FB: 81-84 T85.2 (2204)
SL: 64-71 (1946)
CH: 69-76 (1911)


Jacob Riegel, RHP/SS, Dunedin

6-foot-1, 175 lbs. Athletic two way running a 6.8 with smooth actions in the middle of the infield and loose arm with arm strength across the diamond. Riegel hopped on the bump and got up to 88 mph from a low ¾ arm slot that did not look too fun to square up at the plate. The fastball featured arm side running action that got in on hitters. Fastball was 85.3 - 87.5 at 2027 rpm with a Hop+ of 109. The arm side running action on the FB held velo through the zone as you can see in the video below. Slider is 73.7 - 75.2 at 2017 rpm with a one cut plane that showed tight action helping set up the heater inside. Circle changeup is 80-81 thrown in the lower half of the strike zone. 

FB: 85-88 (2027)
SL: 73-75 (2017)
CH: 80-81



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