Unsigned Senior Games: Top Statistical Performances

By Mike Maerz
Director of Florida Operations/Area Scout

The Unsigned Senior Games was highlighted by multiple players that had 90+ mph exit velocities off the tee and several catchers that threw 75 mph or more down to second base from behind the plate. Along with an article highlighting the top prospects from the event, we will be doing a position by position breakdown as well throughout the week.

2017 SS Jose Varela (Somerset Academy, FL) put up some strong numbers as he would lead multiple categories including an infield velocity of 89 mph and an exit velocity of 95 mph.

For the full stat sheet CLICK HERE

Here is a list of the top statistical performances from the event:

Exit Velocities (Off a Tee)
Jose Varela- 95 mph
Brandon Dudley- 94 mph
Luis Ezra- 93 mph
Riley Wash- 93 mph
Josh Rulli- 92 mph

Infield Velocities
Jose Varela- 89 mph
Luis Ezra- 85 mph
Trey Fields- 85 mph

Outfield Velocities
Yamil Chavarria- 86 mph
Luis Andujar- 85 mph
Trey Fields- 84 mph

Catcher Velocities
Riley Wash- 81 mph
Giovany Lorenzo- 80 mph
Trey Fields- 78 mph

Max FB Velocities
Joseph Mugavero- 87 mph
Braedon Spicer- 87 mph
Trey Fields- 86mph
Matt Vetter- 86mph