Prep Baseball Report

Great Lakes ProCase: Position Players

Kevin Christman
Indiana Scout

On Monday, February 15th PBR Indiana hosted the inaugural Great Lakes ProCase at Pro X in Westfield, IN. Below we take a look at the position players in attendance.

Click Here for the day's statistical results. 

Nick DeMarco SS/C, St. Charles North HS (IL)
Notre Dame recruit. Athletic strong framed body. Plays catcher and middle-infield position. Has soft hands at both positions. His feet showed they work well, has glide and finesse to footwork as a SS. Displays good range and holds good body position with balance. DeMarco as a catcher showed solid quick footwork with good ball transfers to throw producing 1.86-1.91 pop times as a catcher; 84 mph from the crouch. Ran a 6.90 60-yard dash. His bat speed showed very well as it was inspired from a medium spread out stance with good hand trigger to release the barrel. Hit the ball hard with loud contact. Swing appeared to have a slight launch angle and body position that did not allow much of a weight transfer to front side, this could be a challenge with higher velocity pitchers, although his athleticism should match this challenge. DeMarco's ability to play catcher as well as a true infield position with offensive potential gives him great value. Looks to be a hard nosed leader between the lines. 

Hunter Dobbins C/3B, Mt. Vernon HS (IN)
Ball State recruit. A durable athletic body ideal for a catcher. Strong powerful legs and strong throughout his shoulders with a barrel chest. Moves and shift well behind the plate as a catcher which also transfers to his 3B position. He has light feet and agility to his actions. Produced a 7.03-60 yard dash time. Dobbins showed a 1.80-1.93 pop time on throws to 2B (84 mph). Displayed good glove to hand transfer with quick release. Throws were accurate and precise. Has ability to be a hard hitting catcher/third baseman which is a valuable combo. Offensively, has an erect stance set up with a pre-load and power bat speed to ball that produces loud contact with balls driven gap to gap. He has good quick hands and squares up a high percentage of his swings. Power potential in the future. Tied for the top exit velocity of the day at 103 mph off the bat.

Ty Gill, SS, Valparaiso HS (IN)
Purdue recruit. Athlete with a strong, thin, lean, narrow, and wiry body who has a high waist and a frame that has room to fill out. Gil has a lanky body that allows his legs to work well with strong running strides and smooth actions.  Produced a 6.89 60-yard dash time. Displayed a very accurate and confident arm from the SS position. Had an easy glove to throwing hand transfer when fielding with a cross body throwing style. Made strong throws from the backhand side in the 5-6 hole. Had quick feet and was able to throw with balance and body control. Left-handed batting stance is erect that allows him to hit with good barrel control and good bat speed. Slight forward hip drift at times made him top some balls with the barrel and hit ground balls on the pull side. When his timing and body stayed behind ball, he crushed some balls deep. Very good feel for the game overall and being a LH hitting SS with some upside makes for an interesting future. 


Ben Hartl, C, Springfield HS (IL)
Heartland CC recruit. Athlete with a strong durable body that is ideal for the catching position. Although he is listed as a catcher has the ability to play 3B as well. Produced a 6.86 60-yard dash time. Hartl displayed a strong, balanced, pull-side swing with power from the right side. Showed good extension with his hands, allowing his barrel to cover the entire plate. Behind the dish, Hartl showed a quiet set up with a thumb down glove position, which allowed him to shift, frame, and block the lower pitches in the zone. Hartl’s pop times were 1.85-2.0 with throws topping out at 84. When fielding at third base he displayed a strong throwing arm and good range.


Andrew Horvath, C, Aurora HS (OH)
Akron recruit. Athletic, lean frame that has a good chance to fill out in the near future. He has calm actions and body movements. Produced a 7.19 60-yard dash time and has good agility for a catcher. Behind the plate, Horvath displayed a quiet stance with good body control. His glove to hand transfer was quick which resulted in a 1.93 pop time with accuracy. As a RH hitter, Horvath displayed a balanced stance and swing. At times his hand load would wrap which caused his front hip to fly open and for him to get to his backside toe too soon. As he develops as a hitter, he should be able to make these small adjustments. Had good extension and finished the barrel through the ball after contact.


Andrew Jimenez, 3B, St. Charles North HS (IL)
Wisconsin-Milwaukee recruit. Possesses a physical, athletic frame with good overall body strength. Wide shoulders with strong calves and thighs. Produced a 6.84 60 yard dash time. Runs well for large frame, corner type player. Has a short load with good rhythm to his swing. Displayed good bat speed. Jimenez had hard contact and squared up some solid barrels. Power is projected in near future. Showed solid arm strength throwing across the diamond as throws had solid carry to them. Projected to be a middle of lineup hitter and run producer. 


Camden Jordan, OF, Cathedral HS (IN)
Louisville recruit. Multi-sport athlete with a lean, athletic build that displays fast twitch actions. He runs with strong easy strides producing a 6.55 60-yard dash time. Throwing arm is accurate with near average arm strength from the centerfield position. His speed allows him to cover ground quickly on fly balls. Right-handed hitter with a swing that allows him to stay balanced throughout. At times, he spins the backside, which causes his barrel to lift out of the swing path, but his athletic ability will allow him to make the easy adjustment. His athleticism is well above average, which will allow him to be highly productive in the future, once he fully commits to baseball.


Jack Moroknek, OF, Brebeuf HS (IN)
Butler recruit. Tall, long levered and lean-athletic build. Has a frame that will get stronger and develop more power. Produced a 6.92 60 yard dash time. Has an erect stance and high hand position start to his swings. He separates his hands away from his body with a slight launch angle approach. His bat gets rushed to front side which locks up his front hip, keeping him from rotating through the ball quickly. Moroknek showed a strong arm with carry to his throws from OF position. His throws were accurate and consistent as he hit his target each time he threw the ball. 

Michael Mylott, OF, Auroa HS (OH)
Bradley recruit.
 Tall, well proportioned body with good athletic skills. Has a solid chance of increasing his overall body strength and power in future. Has a high leg kick approach that keeps his balance back and helps drive balls hard with power. Showed solid, hard contact in BP session. Straight away hitter, chance to be a run producer. Loses barrel slightly on load on back side, flat tilt but athleticism and quick hands allows him to use this style now. Gap to gap hitting production. Mylott displayed a good arm throwing with accuracy and good carry on throws. Confident demeanor to his presence as a outfielder with solid MLB average arm now. 

John Rogers, OF Carmel HS (IN)
Vanderbilt recruit. Athlete with a strong, powerful, muscular frame. Produced a 6.57 60-yard dash time. His speed displayed base stealing ability. Rogers is a LH hitter with a high leg kick and a heavy front foot landing. His hips drift forward slightly creating a long separation from his hands. He tends to rush the barrel but he creates very good bat speed. As he matures as a hitter, he will drive the ball for more extra base hits. 

Joe Taylor, SS, Chelsea HS (MI)
Michigan recruit. Athlete with a strong, medium, athletic, thick build structure, with low waist. Produced a 6.75 60- yard dash, with strong running strides. Although he does have good arm strength, at the SS position he had an overhead style throwing release that could be better suited for 3B in the future, as some throws were inaccurate due to this. Lower angle release will help this in the future. Taylor has an upright, narrow, pinched-in knee batting stance that generates power through the ground with good bat speed and barrel control. His long hand load up has good timing as he squared up some balls hard in the BP session. Taylor looks to be a line drive hitter with ability to spray the ball gap to gap.