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Inside the 2021 Rankings: Standout Uncommitted Outfielders from the Preseason

Phil Wade
Indiana Executive Director

We continue to dive in to the updated 2021 rankings with a look at ten outfielders that caught our attention this Preseason. 

Auston Brewer, OF, Snider HS
Positional_Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-10, 183-pound muscular, athletic frame
Hit: RHH. Tall, athletic setup. Big load with a slight drop in the hands. Leg lift stride. Explosive bat speed. Spins with the lower half. Extension on his finish, uphill swing plane. Hard contact to his pull-side. Occasionally top spins the baseball. 
Power: 92  mph exit velocity. Projectable pull-side power
Defense: Twitchy, athletic footwork. Clean exchange, sure-handed defender, 
Arm: RH. 91 mph from the OF. Medium arm action, high ¾ slot. Shows some accuracy with plenty of carry on his throws.
Run: 6.68 top recorded 60 time.

Brewer (2.29.20)

Garrett Esposito, OF, Beech Grove HS

Positional_Profile: OF
Body: 6-foot, 170-pound lean frame
Hit: RHH. Open tall stance, wrapping load, leg lift stride. Some over rotation with lower half. Electric bat speed, pull side power. Twitchy hands.
Power: 95  mph exit velocity.  Gap-to-gap power potential 
Defense: Sure handed defender with quick footwork and a quick exchange. Plays through the baseball with athleticism. 
Arm: 83 from the OF. Short, high 3/4 arm action with average carry.
Run: 6.81-60

Esposito (2.29.20)

Cody South, OF, Westfield HS

Positional_Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-9, 170 pounds, smaller/athletic build
Hit: LHH. Balanced to slightly open setup. Big load, leg kick timing trigger. Uses his lower half well, gets off his backside; occasional over rotation. Longer swing path, slightly uphill plane. Works the middle of the field to his pull-side. Above average bat speed. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. Pull-side pop. 
Defense: Quick, rangy footwork. Sure-handed defender, works through the baseball. Athletic actions. 
Arm: 86 mph from the OF. Short, 3/4 arm action, average carry with accuracy.
Run: 7.00-60

South (3.8.20)

Garrett Causey, OF, Evansville Central HS

Positional_Profile: OF/SS
Body: 6-foot-1, 175-pound athletic frame
Hit: RHH. Open stance, smooth load, short stride stride. Quick bat speed. Gap-to-gap type power. Fluid rhythm. Simple Swing. 
Power: 89  mph exit velocity.
Defense: Sure handed defender, fluid footwork; flat feet at times. Long, clean exchange. 
Arm: RH. 85 mph from the OF. Long, loose arm action, high ¾ slot.
Run: 7.20-60

Causey (2.29.20)

Caleb Olsen, RHP/OF, Lawrence North HS
Positional_Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 6-foot-2, 205-pound solid frame
Hit: RHH. Open setup, loads back. Leg lift stride. Quick bat speed, Longer path with gap-to-gap power. Raw in the box with projectable strength. 
Power: 92  mph exit velocity.
Defense: Fluid footwork, long exchange. Average actions. 
Arm: RH. 87 from the OF. Long arm action, high ¾ slot. 
Pitching: Tall-and-fall delivery, easy effort. High ¾ arm angle, short arm  action with arm speed out front.
FB: T85. 81-84 mph.
CB: 68-72 mph. Some accuracy, 11/5 movement.
CH: 77-79 mph. Low in the zone accuracy.

Olsen (2.29.20)

Max Cookerly, OF/P, Brebeuf HS

Positional_Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 6-foot-1, 185-pound athletic frame
Hit: RHH. Wide, crouched setup. Smooth load with a slight wrap. Stride is short. Long path with a high finish, gets to extension. Ability to lift the baseball. 
Power: 85  mph exit velocity.
Defense: Fluid footwork, plays through the baseball
Arm: RH. 89 mph from the OF. High 3/4 arm action with some carry.
Run: 7.47-60
Pitching: Drop-and-drive type delivery, some effort and choppiness. High ¾ arm angle, long, loose arm action with a slight stab on the backside. 
FB: T85. 83-85 mph. Running action.
CB: 69-72 mph. 11/5 shape, slurvey action.
CH: 73-76 mph. 

Cookerly (2.29.20)

Sergio A Lira Ayala, OF, Northwood HS

Positional_Profile: OF
Hit: RHH. Athletic setup, leg lift stride. Athletic use of his lower half. Above average bat speed from a longer path; regularly gets to extension. Fluid rhythm and sequencing.
Power: 88  mph exit velocity.  Line drive hitter, occasional gap-to-gap power.  
Defense: Sure hands, quick/clean exchange, smooth footwork.
Arm: 86 mph from the OF.  Long, loose ¾ arm action with accuracy.
Run: 7.10-60 (7.05 top recorded time)

Lira Ayala (2.29.20)

Blake Huffman, OF, Columbus North HS

Positional_Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-7, 170-pound strong frame
Hit: Open, wide stance. Toe-tap timing trigger, short stride. Athletic lower half. Quick bat speed with barrel control. Short swing path. Fluid rhythm. Strong hitter, simple approach. 
Power: 88  mph exit velocity.  Line drive hitter with pop to his pull-side.
Defense: Twtichy defensive actions. Soft hands, quick feet. Exchange is quick and clean. Works through the baseball with athleticism 
Arm: 80 mph from the OF. 
Run: 6.84-60

Huffman (2.29.20)

Blake Surface, OF, Sheandoah HS

Positional_Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 6-foot-2, 200-pound projectable frame
Hit: RHH. Balanced athletic setup, wrapping load, short stride. Quick bat speed with, barrel control. Short, level swing path. Gap-to-gap power. Fluid rhythm. Consistent loud contact during his BP rounds.
Power: 85  mph exit velocity.
Defense: Heavy feet, fields the ball out front.  Clean exchange. Slower actions
Arm: 82 outfield velocity.  Long arm action, an-over-the-top slot.
Run: 7.20-60

Surface (2.29.20)

Caleb Bender, OF, Zionsville HS

Positional_Profile: OF
Body: 5-foot-10, 160-pound lean frame
Hit: RHH. Tall, athletic, open stance. Big load, creates arm bar, toe tap stride. Above average bat speed. Longer swing path. Choppy rhythm. Generates forward movement; hands start early. Consistent hard contact. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity. Gap-to-gap
Defense: 81 outfield velocity. Fluid exchange, soft hands.
Arm: 81 mph from the OF. Long arm action, high ¾ slot.
Run: 7.10-60

Bender (2.29.20)

Ethan Murphy, OF/RHP, Silver Creek HS

Positional_Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 6-foot-2, 210-pound physical frame
Hit: RHH. Balanced setup, loads back, toe-tap stride. High hand setup. Early rhythm. Above average bat speed, longer swing path. 
Power: 92  mph exit velocity.  Oppo gap type power. 
Defense: Sure-handed defender with fluid footwork. Clean exchange; works through the baseball well. 
Arm: RH. 86 mph from the OF. Long, high 3/4 arm action. 
Run: 7.18-60

Murphy (2.29.20)

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