Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State : Upperclass Quick Hits

Cooper Trinkle
PBR Indiana

The Preseason All-State: Upperclass event kicked off our Preseason All-State weekend with over 130 of the top juniors in Indiana showcasing their talents at Pro X Athlete on the campus of Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana. We had some seriously impressive performances due to the depth of Indiana’s 2024 class, including eleven 90 + fastballs, four 100 + exit velocities, and eight sub - 6.7 60 yard dashes. Today, I break down some of my favorite players from Saturday’s edition of our Preseason All-State weekend. 

Check out the full statistical breakdown HERE


 Noah Coy, SS, Center Grove HS, University of Cincinnati

Coy had a huge performance, cementing himself as one of the premier infielders in Indiana’s class of 2024. Coy has added strength to a muscular and athletic, 5-foot-10, 170 pound frame - which paid dividends throughout the event. Coy showed quick hands in an upward swing plane with a peak EV of 94.3 mph - averaging 90.7 mph throughout one of the day’s most consistent rounds. One of the top runners of the event at a 6.65 60, Coy’s feet are his most impressive attribute, showcasing lightning quick feet in the INF with soft glove actions and impressive arm strength (89 INF Velo). 


Isaac VanderWoude, INF, Illiana Christian HS, University of Virginia

A 6-foot, 180 pound left-handed hitter that took some of my favorite swings of the day. The Virginia recruit gets the front foot down early but is able to maintain rhythm and fluidity in the barrel. VanderWoude turns a tight barrel and is able to create bat speed in a very short window with an efficient lower half. 



Brayden Hibler, SS, Westfield HS, Uncommitted

Hibler can flat pick it - taking the most impressive defensive round of the day. The 6-foot-2, 165 pounder moves around the infield with fluidity and an impressive ability to maintain tempo through the baseball. His feet work downhill with soft glove actions and he has the ability to quick release from multiple arm slots with arm strength (87 INF Velo). Offensively, Hibler uses a hybrid leg-kick/hover type stride to maintain balance and has quick hands with some developing pop. 


RJ Cromartie, 3B, Penn HS, Notre Dame recruit

Cromartie is a 6-foot, 175 pounder with advanced body control. A legitimate switch-hitter, Cromartie showcased a bit more pop from the right side, but I love the balance and control that his left-handed swing offers. Defensively, Cromartie has fluid feet that work in rhythm with soft hands and arm strength (87 INF Velo). 



Chase Bays, INF, Mishawaka Marian HS, Uncommitted

Bays offers tons of offensive prowess from the right-side of the batter's box. A strong, 5-foot-11, 195 pounder with advanced bat speed (83 mph per Blast) - Bays has a controlled toe-tap with a well-timed bat tip that allows him to get on time consistently. Bays has power potential with a Max Ev of 98.4 mph. Likely a 3B or offensive-oriented 2B at the next level, Bays’ best tool is his bat but also offers solid arm strength across the diamond at 88 mph. 


Joshua Girvan, INF, Zionsville HS, Uncommitted

Girvan continues to sky-rocket up the 2024 rankings proving to be one of the best uncommitted infielders in the class. An advanced athlete, Girvan ran a 6.64 60 with the second-best 10 yard split at the event at 1.62. The 6-foot, 180 pounder has quick hands with tons of bat speed and posted an exit velocity of 100.1 mph at an event in December, while topping out at 97.2 mph this past weekend. Defensively, Girvan fits more of a 2B mold at the next level with quick, rhythmic feet and sure hands. 


Landen Smith, SS, Greenwood HS, Uncommitted

An intriguing prospect standing at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds and filled with quick-twitch. Smith has an upward swing plane with a tight turn of the barrel that offers intriguing power potential to the pull side as the frame fills out. A 6.91 runner, Smith has athletic actions in the infield with a chance to stick on the left side at the next level due to advanced arm strength (89 INF Velo). 




Hogan Denny, C/INF, Mooresville HS, Indiana University

Denny was the best hitter at the event and flat out put on a show in his BP round. Denny swings with aggressive intent, possesses advanced bat speed, and has a rare combination of barrel accuracy and strength. The Indiana recruit posted a Max EV of 102.8 mph while hitting 8 of 10 balls over the 100 mph mark. Denny showcased legitimate catch and throw abilities with event-best pop times of 1.83-1.92.


AJ Beggs, C/OF, Center Grove HS, Uncommitted

One of the top uncommitted bats in Indiana’s 2024 class - Beggs had a very solid all around performance at the Preseason All-State. An athletic and strong athlete standing at 6-foot, 200 pounds, Beggs posted a 6.72 60 yard dash time. Beggs had one of the more consistent rounds of BP on the day (97.2 Max EV | 92.3 Avg EV) showcasing an accurate and quick barrel. He also posted an event-best velocity of 82 mph from the crouch. 


JT Stiner, C, Cathedral HS, Virginia Tech

Strength in a 5-foot-11, 195 pound frame. Stiner showcased a super clean bat path during his batting practice round. The Virginia Tech turns a tight barrel that works on plane early and gets to extension with a simple lower half. A 7.04 runner, Stiner showed some catch and throw prowess with a top pop time of 1.95 and 79 mph velo from behind the crouch. 



Bryson Dorsey, C, Guerin Catholic, Uncommitted

Dorsey was one of the biggest surprises for me showcasing quality actions throughout the entirety of the event. The 5-foot-11, 165 pounder still has ample room to add size/strength which will only help produce more impactful metrics. Offensively, Dorsey has a low effort swing with a loose plane that produced line drives from gap-to-gap, Peak Ev of 93.1 mph. Dorsey is a quality receiver behind the dish with improving catch and throw abilities (1.97 pop | 79 C Velo). 



Hunter Snow, OF, Carmel HS, Baylor University

One of the top ranked outfielders in Indiana’s 2024 class - Snow showcased a pure left-handed stroke that creates easy pop thanks to a long-levered, 6-foot-2, 175 pound frame that has plenty more room to add size/strength. Snow lived through the middle of the diamond with consistency (93.9 Max EV | 88.4 Avg EV). A 6.96 runner, Snow offers above-average arm strength (88 mph OF) and could blossom into a premier left-handed hitting corner outfielder. 


Ahmaad Duff, CF, Lawrence Central HS, University of Alabama

Duff is one of the premier athletes in Indiana’s 2024 class that had one of the event’s best 60 times at 6.65. A gamer - Duff showcased consistency throughout his batting practice with a well-sequenced swing that is short, quick, and balanced. Duff turns a tight barrel with zero wasted movement in the load that creates consistency. 




Cole Decker, OF, Evansville North HS, University of Cincinnati

Decker has added strength to an athletic, 5-foot-11, 175 pound broad-shouldered frame. A 6.64 runner, Decker produced loud contact throughout his batting practice round with improving pop and a Peak EV of 98.2 mph. The left-handed hitting outfielder has an easy swing and improved bat path that gets on plane early and stays on plane for a long time. Decker was consistently on time and on the barrel throughout his round, averaging a 92.3 mph exit velocity. 


Micah Rienstra-Kiracofe, OF, North Central HS, Uncommitted

Athletic, 6-foot-1, 175 pounder full of quick-twitch. Rienstra-Kiracofe showcased an improving hit tool with a level bat path and good bat speed, producing a Peak EV of 95.1 mph. A 6.74 runner - Rienstra-Kiracofe has advanced arm strength, producing an event-best OF velocity of 94 mph. 



Two-Way Standouts

Jack Brown, RHP/OF, Fishers HS, University of Louisville

Brown was one of the biggest winners of the day with standout metrics in multiple areas of the event. First off, the muscular, 6-foot-1, 200 pounder showed off some of the most impressive athletic measurables of the day, running a 6.65 60 and posting an event-best 37.5” vertical jump. The Louisville recruit posted the best fastball velocity of the day (93.7 mph) during an electric bullpen where he sat 91-93 mph on his fastball thanks to lightning-quick arm speed. The fastball has tons of run to the armside and is paired well with his slurvey, 78-80 mph slider. Brown also showcased feel for an 80-82 mph changeup. Offensively, Brown showcased a violent swing with advanced bat speed and tons of strength in the barrel (Peak EV of 101 mph). 


Griffin Tobias, RHP/SS, Lake Central HS, Indiana University

The 6-foot, 170 pounder has added strength to his frame this offseason and it paid major dividends this weekend. Tobias had an impressive bullpen session showing improved velocity with a fastball that sat 89-91 mph. Tobias showcased a ton of feel for spin with a sweeping, 73-74 mph slider and a late breaking cutter at 79-80 mph. Tobias’ athleticism throughout his delivery allowed him to throw tons of strikes. As a shortstop, Tobias has a ton of feel for the position and showed elite arm strength when he wants to let it go (96 INF Velo) along with the ability to quick release from multiple arm slots. A 6.96 runner, Tobias showcased a well-sequenced, uphill swing that was consistently on the barrel with a Max EV of 92.5 mph.


Ryker Hughes, RHP/OF, Bedford North Lawrence HS, Uncommitted

Tons of athleticism and quick-twitch in the 6-foot-3, 185 pound frame. I am a big fan of Hughes’ upside on the mound as he sat 86-88 T 88.5 in his bullpen this weekend. Hughes spun an above-average, 76-77 mph slider, however I really liked his ability to kill spin on and command his 81-84 mph changeup. Offensively, Hughes showcased quick hands and strength in his barrel with a Peak EV of 95.7 mph. Hughes also possessed one of the best outfield arms of the event (93 mph OF Velo). 



Caden McCoy, LHP, Bloomington North HS, Texas A&M

The physical, 6-foot-3, 215 pound southpaw continues to cement himself as one of the top arms in the class. McCoy sat 89-91 mph on his fastball showing elite fastball principles - showing a rare ability to ride and run the fastball simultaneously. McCoy’s slider has shown vast improvements over the past 12 months, now a sharp, late breaking 78-80 mph slider that spins at 2600+ rpms. McCoy has legitimate command for a three-pitch mix, including a quality changeup at 78-79 mph with fade to the armside. 



Ethan Lund, LHP, Hamilton Southeastern HS, Purdue University

The 6-foot-4, 205 pound southpaw had an absolute breakout performance this weekend showing a major tick up in velocity. Lund has a premier, high-waisted frame with one of the highest ceilings in the class. The Purdue recruit sat 90-92 T 92.8 mph on his fastball - but the breaking ball is the separator for Lund. Lund spun quite possibly the best breaking ball at the event, sitting 76-78 mph on a sharp, 1/7 breaking ball at 2700+ rpms. 



Cameron Sullivan, RHP, Mt. Vernon HS, University of Notre Dame

I love the confidence that Sullivan took to the mound this weekend - absolutely attacking the zone with his three-pitch arsenal. The 6-foot-1, 185 pounder uses his athleticism on the mound to move with intent and quickness. He sat 90-92 mph on his fastball that paired well with a tight and sharp, 82-85 mph slider. I also like the upside in his diving, 86-87 mph changeup, especially against LH hitters. 


Gavin Kuzniewski, RHP, Fishers HS, Ohio State University

A stocky, 5-foot-11, 180 pounder with sneaky athleticism, Kuzniewski threw one of my favorite ‘pens of the day with an impressive ability to tunnel two off-speed pitches off his fastball. With lightning quick arm speed, Kuzniewski filled the zone with a fastball that sat 90-92 mph. I really liked the shape and late break of his 79-82 mph slider, and his 79-81 mph changeup was one of the best changeups I saw during the event. 


Nick Heitman, RHP, Mt. Vernon HS, Uncommitted

A wiry, athletic 6-foot-3, 190 pounder that is one of the top uncommitted arms in the state of Indiana. Heitman possesses special whip in his right-arm when everything is synced and showed flashes of the huge upside that he possesses. Heitman sat 90-91 mph on his fastball that paired well with a devastating, 80-81 mph slider that spun at 2600+ rpms. While the fastball/slider combo is special, Heitman also showed an above average changeup at 78-80 mph. 


Max Winders, RHP, Carmel HS, Western Kentucky University

A 2024 arm that is really starting to come into his own, Winders has added considerable strength in the last 12 months, growing into a premier frame at 6-foot-5, 210 pounds. Winders sat 88-90 mph on a fastball with some ride, tunneling a short, late breaking 78-81 mph slider off the fastball. The frame and clean arm action suggests there is still more in the tank for the big right-hander. 




Adam Buczkowski, RHP, Carmel HS, Uncommitted

Buczkowski continues to trend in the right direction as he has gained considerable strength from the fall and now stands at 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds. The high-waisted righty had a very solid showing this weekend, touching 90 mph from both a high ¾ and sidearm slot. Buczkowski’s sweeping breaking ball is the separator pitch, spinning it at 2500+ rpms at 79-81 mph. Adam’s ability to spin a high-level breaking ball, as well as produce a 90 mph fastball from multiple slots, makes him one of the top uncommitted arms left in Indiana’s 2024 class.


Conner Vander Luitgaren, RHP, Center Grove HS, Uncommitted

I am a big fan of the quick-armed, 6-foot, 185 pound righty. The righty has a clean & compact arm swing and pitches from a high ¾ slot. Vander Luitgaren showed a major uptick in velocity this past weekend, sitting 87-90 mph on his fastball for strikes. I like the upside in his slurvey, 73-76 mph breaking ball that he has a ton of feel for. Vander Luitgaren showed the ability to land his breaking ball at will in a look in the fall - with a now improved fastball, I am excited to see him throw in-game this high school season. 



Max Hotze, RHP, East Central HS, Uncommitted

One of the biggest surprises for me this past weekend was the strong, 6-foot, 195 pound righty from East Central. Hotze has a shorter arm swing with some whip and pitches from a ¾ arm slot. The slot allows his 87-89 mph fastball to run to the armside, pairing well with a sinking, 81-84 mph changeup. For me, the changeup is his best offspeed pitch, but I do like the upside in a short, tight 79-81 mph slider. 


Michael Fliss, RHP, North Central HS, Uncommitted

A 6-foot-5, 210 pounder that still has plenty of room to add strength in the lower half. Fliss sat 86-88 mph on his fastball this weekend with feel for command. His best pitch is his sharp, 11/5 curveball at 71-73 mph that he spun at 2650+ rpms. Fliss flashed a hybrid cutter/slider type pitch at 80-84 mph that is intriguing. Fliss continues to improve and is an arm that could be a great addition to a 2024 recruiting class. 



Brendin Oliver, RHP, Mooresville HS, University of Cincinnati

Athletic, 6-foot-3, 190 pounder that works with long levers. Oliver pitches from a high ¾ slot with whippy arm action. The Cincinnati recruit sat 88-89 mph on a fastball with late armside run, paired well with a sharp slider with 10/4 shape at 80-82 mph (2700+ rpms). Oliver showed two distinct breaking balls, the slider as mentioned above, and a bigger, 11/5 curveball at 76-78 mph. 

Ty Anderson, RHP, Westfield HS, Uncommitted

I really liked the wiry, 6-foot, 155 pounder’s bullpen this weekend. Anderson is a very solid athlete that uses his athleticism as he moves down the slope to maintain balance and fill the zone with his three-pitch mix. Nothing he throws is straight, starting with a running, 86-87 mph fastball that he commanded to both sides. His 77-78 mph slider breaks late and works well off the fastball, while the changeup comes out the same as the fastball and sits at 81-82 mph. 



Nash Wagner, RHP/1B, Zionsville HS, University of Alabama

Wagner may have had the largest physical presence of anyone on the roster, standing at a muscular, 6-foot-5, 210 pounds. Nash showcased big arm strength, running his fastball up to 91.5 mph with a fast arm and tons of intent. Wagner also showcased his immense rotational capabilities by posting an event-best 107.5 mph exit velocity during batting practice.


Simon Wilkinson, RHP, Zionsville HS, University of Illinois

Simon didn't necessarily light up the radar gun as he sat 85-87 mph on his fastball, compared to him running his fastball up to 89 mph at last year's PBR Future Games. With that being said, Wilkinson threw one of the easiest bullpen's of the day and showed pristine command for his three-pitch arsenal. The fastball was commanded to both sides of the plate and was paired well with a tight, 77-78 mph slider. The Illinois recruit showed an improved changeup that sat 79-80 mph. Still plenty of velo in the tank for this athletic, 6-foot-1 righty.