Prep Baseball Report

Top 10 Uncommitted RHP in the 2024 Class

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Adam Buczkowski, RHP, Carmel HS

A Future Games standout for Team Indiana last July, Buczkowski has continued to trend in the right direction as he has gained considerable strength from last summer/fall and now stands at 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds. The high-waisted righty has an intriguing ability to pitch from multiple arm slots, running his fastball up to 90 mph with ASR from both a H ¾ and sidearm slot. Buczkowski possesses a high-level slider, spinning at 2500+ RPM at 79-81 mph and his changeup has developed into an above-average offering. The projectable right-hander still has velocity left in the tank and will be a solid addition to any program’s 2024 recruiting class. 

Michael Fliss, RHP, North Central HS

Fliss continues to gain helium and lands in the top 30 in this update. A projectable, 6-foot-5, 210 pounder, Fliss continues to add velocity - touching 89 mph on his fastball in multiple looks this spring. The uncommitted right-hander shows aptitude to spin both a 69-72 mph curveball, as well as a late breaking cutter at 79-81 mph. Far from a finished product, expect Fliss to garner plenty of attention from college coaches on the travel circuit this summer. 

Alex Graber, RHP, Homestead HS

An athletic, 6-foot-2, 185 pound righty - Graber’s best trait is his ability to spin two distinct breaking balls that are both quality offerings. His 72-74 mph curveball shows more vertical depth, while his 75-77 mph slider is more of a sweeper-type that he’ll use to get swing-and-miss late in counts. Graber sits 86-88 T 89 mph on a fastball with cut that plays up due to his ability to pitch backwards. The quick-armed righty is a competitor on the bump, working quick and looking to attack hitters in the zone. 

Aiden Schwartz, RHP, Harrison HS

A physical, 6-foot-3, 210 pound uncommitted right-hander. Schwartz has a simple, repeatable delivery and attacks hitters from an over-the-top arm slot that provides downhill action on a fastball that was up to 87 mph last summer. His best out-pitch is his 12/6 curveball, thrown at 68-70 mph and spinning at 2400+ RPM (via Trackman). Schwartz flashes feel for a diving changeup at 77-80 mph. 

Ty Anderson, RHP, Westfield HS

Wiry, 6-foot, 155 pound RHP. Anderson is a very solid athlete that uses his athleticism as he moves down the slope to maintain balance and fill the zone with his three-pitch mix. Nothing he throws is straight, starting with a running, 84-87 mph fastball that he commands to both sides. His 77-78 mph slider breaks late and works well off the fastball, while the changeup comes out the same as the fastball and sits at 81-82 mph. Anderson has been putting together quality outing after quality outing so far this spring season for Westfield HS.

Conner Vander Luitgaren, RHP, Center Grove HS

A quick-armed, 6-foot, 185 pound righty. The Center Grove product has a clean & compact arm swing and pitches from a high ¾ slot. Vander Luitgaren showed a major uptick in velocity at this year's Preseason All-State, with a fastball up to 90 mph, but he pitched more at 84-88 mph in a look this spring. He has a slurvey, 73-76 mph breaking ball that he has a ton of feel for, showing the ability to land it for strikes & occasionally for swing-and-miss, with above-average bite with some late movement at times. 

Jack Grunkemeyer, RHP, Batesville HS

A sturdy, 6-foot-2, 205 pound right-hander that has begun to mature into some strength that has translated to improved fastball velocity. Grunkemeyer offers a deceptive, low 3/4 arm slot paired with a slightly crossfire delivery that equates to a very tough matchup on right-handed hitters. His fastball sits in the 85-89 mph range and he touched 90 mph at the Indiana Bulls Scout Day. The Batesville product has a slurvey breaking ball that works at 69-73 mph and his 77-80 mph changeup sinks due to the lower slot. 



Sage Stout, RHP, Forest Park HS

An uncommitted '24 right-hander with major upside - Stout possesses a projectable, 6-foot-3, 170 pound frame with some wiry strength and plenty of room to continue to add size. Stout's arm action is clean and his arm works with some serious quickness as he sits 85-88 mph on a fastball with significant ride through the zone. Stout's slider is a plus-pitch at 78-80 mph with advanced spin metrics (2,869 RPM Avg | 3,065 RMP Max). There is still some pitch-ability question marks with Stout, but the arm talent is real and his athletic and projectable frame suggests that their is still development to be had. 

Josh Burton, RHP, Salem HS

A projectable, 6-foot-3, 175 pound right-hander, Burton moves down the slope with control on a drop-and-drive type delivery and possesses longer, uninterrupted arm action from a H 3/4 arm slot. A strike-thrower, Burton will sit 83-85 mph with easy effort on his fastball, along with showing feel for a tight, 76-77 mph slider and a developing changeup at 75-76 mph. With added size and strength, expect Burton to tick into the upper-80s sooner rather than later.

Logan Bingham, RHP, Jeffersonville HS

An imposing presence on the bump, Bingham stands at 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds and we have watched him steadily improve his fastball velocity over the course of the past four seasons, along with making significant strides in his overall body composition. A strike-thrower that shows the ability to pitch backwards in-game, Bingham sat 84-87 mph on his fastball in a showcase setting this winter, but has been more 82-85 mph in-game. Bingham has plenty of feel for his 70-73 mph, 10/4 shaped slider and will also flash a straight changeup at 81-83 mph. Bingham's large frame suggests that he should continue to see improvements in his velocity as he continues to mature into more strength and athleticism.