Prep Baseball Report

10.18 Underclass Games: Outfield Analysis

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

On Saturday, October 18 Prep Baseball Report-Missouri held the Fall Underclass games at the University of Missouri in Columbia.  In the days to come, we break down the players position-by-position.  Today, we will break down the outfielders, yesterday we took a look at the pitchers. Later we will break down the infielders and catchers.

Eight outfielders from across the state participated, one from the 2018 class. Although, most of the outfielders participated in the evaluations in other positions, this is just an evaluation on the outfield portion.  During game actions, hitters started with a 1-1 count. Here is a look at the group of outfielders.

CLICK HERE, to see all the times and velocities.

Top Outfield Prospect

Mark Duley, OF, Joplin, 2017
Duley is a physical 6-foot-4 200-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, At the plate, uses athletic stance with leg kick, level bat path to extension, power to pull gap, quick bat speed, strong lower half, 4.75 home-to-first, event-best 85 mph exit velo. Defensively, 81 mph positional velo, high ¾ release, mostly accurate throws with life, clean exchange, good routes to ball, fluid footwork.  Also projects at 1B.

The Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Jim Burns, OF, Rockhurst, 2017
Burns is a slim 5-foot-10 150-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  Over-the-top release, long/loose arm action, clean exchange, uses crow hop,  plays thru the ball, 77 mph positional velo, mostly accurate throws. Offensively, athletic stance, slightly closed, long stride, 66 mph exit velo, 4.63 home-to-first

Jack Burns, OF, Rockhurst, 2017
Burns is a slim 5-foot-11 155-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  Long/loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot, 78 mph positional velo, somewhat accurate throws, work behind the ball and plays thru, Offensively, wide/balanced set up, smooth load, line-drive approach, fluid rhythm, 64 mph exit velo, 4.71 home-to-first.

Jackson Caley, OF, Pleasant Hill, 2018
Caley is an athletic 5-foot-9 143-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  High ¾ release, loose arm action, quick exchange, mostly accurate throws, 74 mph OF velo. At the plate, 79 mph exit velo, balanced stance, some hand load, level bat path, aggressive bat speed, gap-to-gap approach, potential for pull power, 4.72 home-to-first, can play middle infield and catcher.

Jake Evans, OF, Park Hill South, 2017
Evans is a lean, 6-foot-1 170-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  High ¾ arm slot, works behind ball, quick exchange and footwork, fluid footwork, accurate throws. Offensively, has power to pull side, quick bat speed, level path to extension, gap-to-gap approach, consistent quality contact during batting practice, 83 mph exit velo. Improved exit velo and positional velo since last event. 

Carter Mize, OF, Fort Zumwalt West, 2017
Mize is a slim 6-foot 140-pound left-handed hitting outfielder.  OF positional velo of 73 mph, high ¾ release, moves to ball with purpose, quick exchange, loose arm action. At the plate, 74 mph exit velo, athletic set up, smooth/simple load, line drive approach mostly pull side, quick bat speed, 4.94 home-to-first.  Also plays 1B.

Drew Singorelli, OF, Chaminade, 2017
Signorelli is a 5-foot-10 145-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  Over-the-top release, mostly accurate throws, loose arm action, 78 mph positional velo, quick exchange, fluid footwork. At the plate, athletic set-up, smooth load, no wasted movement, quick bat, level to extension, repeatable mechanics, has slight double toe touch, gap-to-gap approach, exit velo 76 mph, 4.26 home-to-first, tops for the event

Nate Thompson, OF, Park Hill, 2017
Thompson is a strong 5-foot-8 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder.  OF positional velocity of 83 mph, top for the event, over-the-top release, somewhat accurate throws, works behind ball, quick exchange. At the plate, 77 mph exit velo, athletic stance, slightly open, level path to extension, consistent line drives to middle of field during BP, pull power, finishes in stiff back leg, 4.78 home-to-first.  Also plays catcher.

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