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Inside the 2020 Rankings: Uncommitted Left-Handed Pitchers

PBR Staff
MOKAN PBR Scouting Staff

After a long summer and fall of tournaments and showcases, here is an inside look at Kansas' 2020 Rankings.  Today, we take a look at available left-handed pitchers in the 2020 class from around the Sunflower State. Players are listed in alphabetical order.


Jackson Eaton LHP / 1B / Olathe North, KS / 2020

Eaton is a 6-foot-2 215-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Eaton has a controlled delivery, high three quarters release, repeatable, delivers the ball on downward plane, throws with regular effort, heavy fastball at 70-71 mph, sinking action, change up at 67-69 mph, slight sinking action.

Will Eddington LHP / OF / Columbus, KS / 2020

Eddington is a 5-foot-10 180-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class. Eddington has a simple and repeatable delivery, over the top release, hides ball well, commands fastball to both sides of the plate, fastball has cutting action, 74-76 mph, heavy, breaking ball has 1-to-7 action, shows command, throws with fastball arm speed.

Blake Millman LHP / OF / DeSoto, KS / 2020

Blake Millman is a 5-foot-11, 170-pound left-handed pitching prospect in Kansas’ 2020 recruiting class. Millman’s delivery is fluid with some effort, directional towards home plate, high leg kick, accelerates down the mound, three-quarter release, clean arm action. Fastball is 78-81 mph, occasional arm side run, thrown to both sides of the plate. Changeup is 70-72 mph, will occasionally drop his arm slot, thrown with good arm speed, arm side run, some fade, chance to be a plus pitch. Curveball is 63-67 mph, mostly gradual action, 2-to-8 shape.

Luke Millman 1B / LHP / DeSoto, KS / 2020

Luke Millman has a strong build at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. He is a left-handed hitting first basemen and left-handed pitcher from DeSoto HS. He ran 7.51 60, 4.44 home-to-first and posted an exit velocity of 88 mph, one of the highest at the event. During batting practice, Millman shows a balanced set up, quick hands, aggressive swing, hard contact, high finish with hands. Defensively, Millman has quick feet, good range, positional velo of 73 mph and accurate throws. On the mound, Millman has some rhythm to his delivery with some effort, high ¾ arm slot, easy arm action, fastball has arm side run, thrown for strikes at 76-79 mph, curveball has 1-to-7 shape, late bite, 61-65 mph, and changeup is 55-59 mph.

Zach Millman LHP / OF / De Soto , KS / 2020

Zach Millman is a 6-foot, 195-pound, left-handed pitching prospect in Kansas’ 2020 recruiting class. Millman’s delivery accelerates down the mound with effort, arms and legs coming at the hitter, glove tap into hand release, uses a high glove side for added deception. Fastball sits 80-82 mph, tops at 83 mph, thrown to both sides of the plate, will throw his 2 seam with late run, curveball is 65-67 mph, 1-to-7 shape, mostly gradual action, changeup is 68-71 mph, thrown for a high percentage of strikes, some depth, near fastball arm speed.

Nicholas Nauser LHP / Blue Valley West, KS / 2020

Nauser is a 6-foot-1 160-pound left-handed pitcher in Kansas' 2020 class. On the mound, Nauser throws with some deception in tempo and closed off set up, strides in line from the first base side of the rubber, over the top arm slot, some tilt at times, finishes in athletic position, fastball at 76-78 mph, curveball at 64-67 mph, 12-to-6 shape, sharp break to the bottom of the zone, has feel, 64-67 mph, change up has late sink, 70-71 mph, fastball arm speed, throws for a strike.

Aaron Urrutia LHP / OF / Garden City, KS / 2020

Urrutia is a 5-foot-6 170-pound left-handed hitting outfielder and left-handed pitcher in Kansas’ 2020 class.  He ran a 7.91 60 and a 5.08 home to first.  He has a 77 mph exit velocity. At the plate, balanced stance, slightly closed, quiet hands in load, short stride, loose and quick hands through the zone, hands work inside the ball, gap to gap approach, singled through left side in game action.  In the outfield, 74 mph positional velocity, over the top release, crow hop, fluid actions, quick transfer, mostly accurate throws, works behind the ball. On the mound, Urrutia has a compact delivery, durable frame, repeatable release, over the top release, lands open in stride, throws with some effort, throws strikes, works both sides of plate with fastball, 71-75 mph, breaking ball has 12-to-6 shape, 62-63 mph, change up at 67 mph, occasional arm side release.