2015 Infielder Connor Kaiser Talks Recruiting

By Sean McCann
Prep Baseball Report Kansas

If someone needed the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for major college baseball coaches in the middle of the country they could spend an hour or so on Google looking them up one by one - or, they could just ask to borrow Connor Kaiser's phone and copy them from his contacts.

Kaiser, the 6-foot-3, 180-pound starting shortstop for Kansas high school baseball power Blue Valley West, has become quite popular since September 1st when college baseball coaches could begin sending e-mail to class of 2015 prospects.

We had a chance to talk with Kaiser about the recruiting whirlwind earlier this week.

PBR: Which schools have shown the most interest in you so far?

Kaiser: Most of the bigger schools around here have contacted me through e-mail and letters – schools like KU, Missouri, Nebraska, K-State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Wichita State, Arkansas and a little further away Vanderbilt. I've called and talked on the phone with the coaches from most of these schools as well. Of the schools that are further away, Stanford is probably the highest profile one to show interest. The others send me invitations to attend camps and things like that.

PBR: Have you taken any visits? do you have any visits scheduled in the near future?

Kaiser: I've been fortunate to take visits to Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Wichita State, KU and Arkansas. They've all offered me scholarships. I've also scheduled visits to K-State and Vanderbilt in the next couple weeks. I'm also trying to set up visits to Oklahoma and possibly Stanford. I want to head back down to Oklahoma State for a second visit sometime soon, too.

PBR: Are you looking for anything in particular in a school and baseball program?

Kaiser: I'd like to play close to home, whether it be a school nearby or one that wouldn't be too much of a hassle for my family to travel to watch me play. Like most baseball players I would prefer to play in a spot with good weather. I want to play for good coaches that know how to win and who can help me develop as a player. I also want to be able to get along with the coaches and be able to talk with them. Academically I'm thinking about something along the lines of sports marketing or business.

PBR: Being a prospect as an infielder and pitcher - what are colleges telling you about doing one or both?

Kaiser: Most schools are recruiting me as an infielder first with the option to pitch if needed. Right now, I definitely view myself as a position player first and foremost

PBR: Tell us about your fall season so far.

Kaiser: This fall I've been playing for the Royals Elite Scout Team on Wednesdays - facing good pitching and hitting with wood bats has been a challenge for sure. I've also spent a lot of time working with Mike Macfarlane (former MLB player) and the other coaches at Mac N Seitz on my hitting, trying to get more consistent there. In addition, I've been getting in shape for basketball which is just around the corner.

PBR: Is college basketball an option for you?

Kaiser: Some of the schools I've talked with have brought that up - the possibility of playing baseball and basketball - but its probably not realistic. I like playing high school basketball and the thought of playing college basketball is nice but it just seems right now like there is a lot more interest from college baseball coaches so that's what I'm probably going to do.