U15/U16 Four State Regional at Missouri Southern Recap

Andrew Olla
PBR Tournament Scout

MidAmerica Tournaments' U15 and U16 4 State Regional Tournament Powered by Prep Baseball Report featured a total of 42 teams with two great championship games. In the 15U championship bracket the Sandlot 15U (Russell) beat the STL Prospects 15 Black 6 to 1. Cade Lott had the go ahead RBI single in the 4th which was a tight pitched game till the end. Cole Hill gets the complete game win allowing 6 hits and 1 ER.

The 16U championship Bracket was more of a one sided affair with the Midwest Nationals 16 Blue beating the Arkansas Knights 15 to 2. The Midwest Nationals get a true team win with multiple players getting hits, but the Nationals were lead by Blake Mozley adding 3 hits and Carson Shaver blowing it open with a grand slam. Here are the All tournament teams and some of the top performers from the weekend.

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Ben Pollock (Arkansas Knights)
Riley Stanford (Arkansas Knights)
Chris Hawk (Missouri Stixx)
Jake Ardrey (Missouri Stixx)
Braden Berry (St. Joe Blast)
Roy Holcomb (St. Joe Blast)
Landry Wilkerson (NWA Prospects)
Grant Geron (Inside Edge Red)
Brock Stewart (inside Edge Red)
Austin Fisher (ABA - Stremming)
Blake Mozley (Midwest National Blue)
Carson Shaver (Midwest National Blue)
Hunter Crabtree (Midwest National Blue)
Trayson Vogt (Midwest National Blue)
Luke Davenport (Perfect Timing Blue)
Nolan Salle (Inside Edge White)
Jordan Jackson (Capitol City Kings)

Cade Lott (Sandlot - Russell)
Conner Womack (Sandlot - Russell)
Jaxon Crull (Sandlot Russell)
Cole Krieger (STL Prospects Black)
Dwayne Daggs (STL Prospects Black)
Josh Alexander (STL Prospects Black)
Nick Nauser (ABA - Paule)
Brady Stevenson (ABA - Paule)
Gage Williams (Sandlot - Mottern)
Braden Hendrix (Sandlot - Mottern)
Mason Barcheers (Fort Smith Baseball)
Hayden Blythe (Fort Smith Baseball)
Brooks Coffee (Fort Smith Baseball)
Hunter Wood (NWA Prospects)
Jacob Weatherley (RBI Rivals)
Holden Parker (RBI Rivals)


Nolan Salle (Inside Edge 2019 Grad) Nolan is a R/R Catcher that is a good receiver behind the plate with above average mechanics. Has an average arm but makes up for it with quick footwork. Blocks the ball well and also understand how to call a game. Has great speed for a catcher which help the line drive approach at the plate. Sprays the ball to all fields with a quiet load and quick hands.

Jordan Jackson (Capitol City Kings 2019 Grad) Jordan is a 2 way player with good stuff on the mound. Didn't get to see him pitch this weekend but from prior events I know he is a 82-84 with the FB. Avg arm action with good movement on his off speed pitches. At the plate he is a big strong kid that has an open crouched stance with a high leg kick at load. Can get a little long with the swing but makes up for it with his strength. Generally a pull power hitter that likes to be aggressive at the plate. Shows avg footwork and range in the infield but has a good arm to help him play up the middle.

Blake Mozley (Midwest Nationals 2019 Grad) with a R/L combo Blake is a true hitter. Shows excellent discipline and bat control at the plate with the ability to spray the ball all over the diamond. Even with his small frame and build he show gap to gap power but mostly a line drive hitter. He has a quiet hands with a small leg kick. Not a lot of moving parts but shows quickness with the bat. In the field he has smooth actions with soft hands and range to play up the middle. Avg arm strength which will probably keep him at 2nd base but the bat can play.

Landry Wilkerson (NWA Prospects 2019 Grad) Landry is a 2 way guy with skills at both. On the mound this RHP goes 3/4 arm slot with 78-82 with the FB with a little bit of arm side run. Also features an avg breaking ball at 70-73 and a good changeup at 72-73 with good sink. Where Landry excels is at the plate. This left handed bat shows a sound mechanical swing. Open Stance with a big leg kick that still stays under control to lead to explosive hands and good extension thru the baseball. Shows good skills in the outfield with good speed and jumps to run everything down. Plays the game with an aggressiveness that is fun to watch.

Braden Berry (St. Joe Blast 2020 Grad) Braden is a big strong kid that comes in at 6’2” and 220 lbs. don't let his size fool you because he also showcases a little speed on the bases and in the outfield. Does a good job in the outfield with solid defensive skills and arm but profiles as a 1B for the future. The bat shows true potential with an upright stance and high hands that leads to an explosive lower half at contact. He can get a little long in the swing but shows true gap to gap power which will only get better as the swing matures.

Brady Stevenson (Advanced Baseball Academy 2020 Grad)  this catcher has the skills to stay at a tough position. Defensively he receives the ball very well with strong forearms and an ability to work the glove. Has quick footwork behind the plate with an avg arm which leads to having one of the better POP times from this weekend at 2.12. At the plate this lefty swing is simple with mechanics with a quiet load but quick hands. A true line drive hitter with avg speed on the bases. Lacks power in the swing but can still drive a ball in a gap from time to time.

Cole Krieger (STL Prospects 2020 Grad) Cole is a RHP with a tall lanky frame that features 75-79 with the FB that comes out of the hand pretty straight. Repeatable mechanics with a high 3/4 arm slot that he throws all his pitches from which adds deception to his true 12-6 curve at 65-66. At the plate he boasts a left handed swing with a slight open stance and stays tall thru the swing. True lefty swing with a slight upper cut. Tends to be more of a pull hitter but shows good bat control and discipline at the plate.

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