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Dirty Dozen: Future Games 2025 Arms

Shooter Hunt
Vice President, Scouting

A full collection of talented uncommitted underclassmen have utilized the PBR Future Games as a jumping off point in previous years, and this year’s event appears to be no different. This cast of breakout stars and names to know across three classes proved that there is no better place to be, and that all roads lead to Lakepoint. Below, PBR”s Vice President of Scouting, Shooter Hunt, takes a look at 12 pitchers in the 2025 class that made an impact in his look, and are likely set to make even bigger jumps in coming years.

+ 2025 Rankings Update


Briggs McKenzie LHP / OF / Corinth Holders, NC / 2025

It was not until the final bloc of the week that those in attendance got a chance to see McKenzie who was well worth the wait. Now ninth ranked player in the class, he wow’d on-lookers with his pure arm talent, natural feel for spin, and starter’s profile. An easy operation allowed the 6-foot-2, 170-pound southpaw to find a consistent high ¾ slot that delivered fastballs at 87-90 with some late arm side life on a somewhat steeper plane. The arm alone, which worked through a controlled, continuous stroke with quickness out front, would be enough to carry him as a player of note, but it was the secondary that pushed him over the edge. Ripping off a tightly spun curveball at 75-77 with multi-tier break, McKenzie exhibited advanced feel for the pitch, collecting multiple whiffs and flashing killer intent late in counts. An athlete on the mound, there are strong signs of even greater future development, and his performance at the event catapulted his status as one of the biggest names to follow in the class.

Grayson Boles 1B / RHP / St Augustine, CA / 2025

Boles showed some dynamic upside as both a physical right-handed bat and arm, and was a strong part of a Team California roster that is sure to be coveted, top to bottom, by college coaches. Already 6-foot-4, 190-pounds, the big right-hander still shows some signs of developing more physically, but was already comfortably delivering fastballs at 87-89.8 at the event. He also showed some feel for a low 70s curveball with upside and a faded changeup in the upper 70s. Both pitches should tick up in future looks, and arm Boles with the weapons needed to continue as a starter. Beyond the present measurements, Boles’ ability to move down the mound with ease while showcasing a strong, quick arm bodes well for his future development. Even more so, his game management and willingness to compete is likely to have college coaches locked moving forward. In total, the future workhorse arm struck out six in two innings of work…and he also went 2-for-6 at the plate with four walks.

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Marshall Louque SS / RHP / Lutcher, LA / 2025

Louque confidently strode to the mound in the first game of the week for Team Louisiana, and promptly struck out the side against one of the better lineups at the event. Uber-projectable at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds with enough athleticism to be given strong consideration as a two-way player (his right-handed stick produced some of the easiest power at the event in batting practice), he flowed down the mound utilizing a short, quick arm to produce fastballs that pumped in at 88-89 that procured multiple swings-and-misses in the zone. Louque also ripped off one of the better breaking balls at the event, a 71-74 slurve with multi-tier break that is likely going to be a swing-and-miss offering in coming years, along with a faded changeup (77-78) that he threw with confidence and for strikes. It is easy to bet on the athleticism continuing to lift his stock on the mound, and given the polish that he already presents, the upside stands considerably tall.

Xavier Mitchell OF / Naaman Forest, TX / 2025

Mitchell was part of a bevy of left-handed arms that went off in the final slot of the weekend, and was unfazed going up against perhaps the best lineup at the event (Team Georgia). Long and lean at 6-foot-3, 160-pounds, the big southpaw dominated at 83-87 with much more in the tank. Striking out five in three innings of work, it was his mound presence and ability to locate a tight slider that stood out in this look. The slider, thrown at 74-75 with shorter break, was driven to the backfoot of right-handed hitters late in counts, and procured multiple whiffs with a strong likelihood of continuing to develop quickly. He flashed a changeup (79 mph) that also shows some upside as a quality third pitch. The quick whip of the arm should only produce much more velocity as the frame continues filling out, and given the present quiet confidence and poise on the mound, his ceiling is quite high.

Jordan Martin SS / RHP / Jefferson City , MO / 2025

Perhaps one of the biggest winners of the event, Martin set himself on track for becoming a must-know, national name, and committed to Arkansas not long after the event. At 6-foot-4, 185-pounds and listed as a shortstop (he also went 2-for-4 with two doubles and three walks with some stellar plays defensively), few if any had as high of a ceiling as Martin presented at the event. Working 86-89 with nearly 2500 rpm, the big right-hander hardly appeared maxed out, and is likely to see significant jumps in coming years. He dropped in a quality breaking ball with a larger 72-77 range, but given his athleticism and aptitude, it is likely that the pitch sees quick upticks in future looks. Overall, Martin was easily one of the top prospects at the event, and is a name to know in the class.

Landon Harmon RHP / OF / East Union Attendance Center, MS / 2025

Harmon’s strong summer was capped at the PBR Future Games where he ran his fastball up above 90 mph (90.2 per Trackman) before committing to Mississippi State soon after. Long and projectable at 6-foot-4, 170-pounds, the athletic right-hander looked the part of a future weekend starter down the road. Compact throughout a simple, repeatable delivery, he effortlessly moved athletically down the mound getting significant extension out front. Younger for the event, he still commanded the game on the mound, driving the fastball to the bottom of the zone at 87-90 with upwards of 2409 RPM and some sizzle through the zone. Dropping in a quality slider (73-75) for strikes, the pitch shows upside and should continue to make steady progress in future looks. Overall, Harmon’s quick arm and athleticism make it easy to bet on his continued advancements, and will be a name to follow out of the Magnolia State in coming years.

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Jack Bauer LHP / 1B / Lincoln-Way East, IL / 2025

Silky smooth throughout a clean delivery, it was easy to dream on the upside from Bauer with what he presented at the Future Games. Square-shouldered at 6-foot-3, 175-pounds, the big left-hander was up to 90.4 mph with a strong likelihood of adding even more in the near future. Garnering some whiffs on the fastball with upwards of 2440 rpm, he also flashed feel for a slower, 71-74 changeup which he killed spin on (1559 rpm avg.) for strikes. The breaking ball showed a more gradual, curveball shape at a slower mid 60s clip, but given the arm strength and athleticism, there is a chance that it morphs into a firmer slider, or perhaps cutter, down the road. Overall, Bauer emerged as an arm that will be followed very closely by college coaches moving forward, and for good reason.

Grady Westphal RHP / SS / Blue Valley, KS / 2025

Westphal, a standout earlier in the summer at the prestigious NPI tournament at Lakepoint, capped his summer by showcasing plenty to like in front of a full collection of college coaches. The 6-foot-3, 170-pound athletic right-hander worked 85-87+ with much more in the tank, utilizing a shorter arm stroke with eye-opening quickness out front to generate the velocity. The fastball garnered some whiffs in the zone, and showed astonishing spin rates with upwards of 2495 rpm. Separating him against other arms at the event was a sharper breaking ball (73-77) ripped off with upwards of 2766 rpm. The pitch exhibited strong signs of blossoming into a plus offering in the future, and given his athleticism as a two-way player, it seems likely that he will ultimately see it come to fruition. Overall, it was a big summer from Westphal who has certainly made his way onto most recruiters’ radars.

William Haas LHP / OF / Rockford , MN / 2025

Haas should hold plenty of allure for college recruiting coordinators thanks to a whippy left arm that produced fastballs that ran up to 87 mph with plenty more to come. Wiry at 6-foot, 165-pounds with room to add considerable strength, the southpaw showcased some dynamic ability to move down the mound with the hand separating later out of the glove, playing some catch up, and jumping at the plate. Though his breaking ball varied with some inconsistencies in his two quick outings, the aptitude was clearly present, and he spun with intent including the ability to differentiate between a slider (71-74) and curveball (71-73). Even more impressive than Haas’ considerable upside is his presence on the diamond where he possesses a fun personality with a rare ability to snap into laser-focus and competitive mode with each pitch.

Drew Kindlon RHP / OF / Albany Academy, NY / 2025

Now a Virginia recruit, Kindlon closed out his summer with a stellar showing at the Future Games. Unafraid, the sturdy and athletic, 6-foot-2, 190-pound right-hander pounded the zone, challenging hitters at 85-88 with upwards of 2324 rpm. He worked fast, utilizing a compact, repeatable delivery to find a consistent slot, and the ability to pound the zone early in counts allowed his secondary to play up. Kindlon showed some feel for a dropped-in curveball at 69-72, and his mid-to-upper 70s slider should continue to steadily morph into a weapon that he can go to in all counts. He also flashed a changeup at 78 mph that might allow him to continue as a starter. Regardless of role, Kindlon will compete for outs, and that is what should continue to help the stuff jump.

Jackson Peavy LHP / OF / Peach County, GA / 2025

Peavy was already on the national radar having turned in quality outing after quality outing all summer, and continued to show big upside in his stint at the Future Games. Wiry-thin with a quick arm, the projectable, 6-foot-3, 167-pound southpaw worked 83-86 while getting swings-and-misses in the zone against a stout, physical lineup from Indiana. Adding to his upside was a tightly-spun (2500+ rpm) breaking ball with multi-tier break that should tunnel his fastball in coming years. Quiet in demeanor with an unflappable mound presence, the Georgia native is likely to continue as one of the closest follows for most programs throughout the southeast.

Jack Lafflam RHP / 1B / Brophy College Prep, AZ / 2025

Lafflam’s long-limbed and wiry 6-foot-5, 165-pound frame stood out as plenty projectable at the Future Games, and his game polish was advanced for the class. Effortlessly repeating a well-connected delivery, the big right-hander was up to 88.2 mph with upwards of 2302 rpm, and a quick arm that promised even more velocity to come. He dropped in a quality slider for strikes that should continue to see an uptick in future looks, and his all around demeanor was that of a future starter. Getting the most out of his long frame, Lafflam got quality extension out front allowing the fastball to play up a bit. But beyond the raw tools, it was his moxie and mound presence that stood out, especially given the fact that he was more than a year younger than most of the participants at the event. College coaches looking to follow a potential weekend starter will want to get eyes on Lafflam early and often.


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