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Future Games Recap: Louisiana Right-Handed Pitchers

PBR Louisiana Staff
PBR Louisiana

Team Louisiana's 2019 PBR Future Games experience was a great one, as the 2019 group finished the weekend 2-1 with wins over Texas and Arkansas/Kansas. Players up and down the roster made noise and impressions on the hundreds of college coaches in attendance at the event. Over the next few days, Louisiana Scouting Director Trey Sofio and Louisiana Assistant Scouting Director Walt Jones will recap Team Louisiana’s weekend with notes and observations from the prospects in attendance, broken down by position group.

Last week, our scouting staff looked at prospects from the 2019 Future Games, broken down by position group.

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Today our scouting staff breaks down the right-handed pitchers that represented the state of Louisiana in Atlanta at the annual mega-event.

Below are reports on Louisiana’s right-handed pitchers from the 2019 Future Games:

Grayson Gates RHP / 3B / Benton, LA / 2021

Athletic 6-foot-1, 170-pound frame, wiry, lean build, room to add size and strength. Athletic delivery, slow and deliberate, fluid rhythm throughout, creates deception with slight crossfire direction. Loose, longer arm action with hight-¾ release, quick arm speed, deception, and easy effort. Pitched 83-85 mph with his fastball, flashed occasion late life to the arm side run, strike thrower with ability to pitch to both sides. Flashed solid feel for breaking ball with sweeping action at 80-71 mph, some depth to it, fastball arm speed. Also showed a cutter with short, late action at 78 mph.

Collin Husser OF / RHP / Ponchatula, LA / 2021

Long, rangy 6-foot-5, 190-pound frame, wiry, lean build, athleticism and strength throughout.  Smooth, athletic delivery with fluid rhythm, level shoulders, and in-line direction. Clean, loose arm action into a high-¾ release with arm speed, extension, and little effort. Showed easy arm strength, late life and advanced command of the fastball, pitched 85-88 mph, quality tilt with steep downhill action. Flashed solid feel for the breaking ball at 70-73 mph, 10/4 shape with tight spin and quality depth, flashed out-pitch potential at times.

Chandler Welch RHP / 2B / Holy Cross, LA / 2021

Athletic 5-foot-11 155 pound frame, wiry build with room to add strength. Super athletic delivery, repeats well with fluid rhythm and tempo, normal effort. Long arm action, slight stab on backswing, high-¾ slot, consistent release point, quick arm speed, deception to his delivery. Showed advanced feel to pitch, changing timing of leg lift with occasional pauses at the top of delivery. Pitched 83-85 mph with his fastball, commands it in/out and up/down. Showed feel to spin the baseball, curveball is a developing pitch that's continuing to come along at 71-72 mph, solid rotation with depth and 11/5 shape. Also flashed quality feel for a changeup with fastball arm speed, late fade action and above average deception at 73-74 mph. Effective pitch, throws it with confidence, used it for chase late, as well as, for a strike.

Cameron Weiss RHP / 3B / Slidell, LA / 2021

Big 6-foot-2, 200-pound frame, barrel chest, physical kid with strength throughout frame. Large statured right-handed pitcher with big mound presence, slight cross-fire delivery creating a tough angle for right-handed hitters. Showed solid command of a heavy, downhill fastball at 83-87 mph. Secondary pitches are a work in progress. Showed the ability to spin a breaking ball at 69-72 mph, has solid spin but not a true swing and miss pitch at this point. Changeup is also developing, flashed a couple at 67-68 mph with slight late fade in warmups. Competes, didn't have his best stuff, or command on day one, fastball occasionally flattened out resulting in a pair of singles and one walk. Still pitched around it to punch out the side in a scoreless inning. Second outing was clearly more relaxed with better fastball velo and command. Physical, strong frame projects a chance to start at the next level, as secondary stuff continues to develop.

Jimmie Johnson RHP / 3B / Central, LA / 2022

Wiry 5-foot-11, 155-pound frame, athletic build, room to add strength. Athletic, clean delivery, fluid rhythm, level shoulders, in-line direction, lands square and athletic. Long arm action into a high-3/4 slot, solid arm speed with little effort. Strike thrower, competitive kid, attacks the zone with a quality two-pitch mix. Pitched 80-84 mph with his fastball, advanced command, moved in-and-out at will, showed good finish with life.  Breaking ball has the makings of an out-pitch, 11/5 shape with tight rotation, depth, and sharp, late break at 68-73 mph.

Grant Landry RHP / OF / Live Oak, LA / 2021

Lean 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame, athletic build with room to add strength. Athletic delivery, in-line direction with fluid rhythm and level shoulders Short, compact arm action into high-¾ release, solid arm speed. More intent than effort, solid life and finish on fastball, pitched 80-83 mph, flashed occasional life to the arm-side run. Strike thrower, attacked hitters in the zone, pitched to contact, competitive on the mound. Curveball is a developing pitch, showed ability to spin the baseball with 11/5 shape, fastball arm speed, solid depth to it, and spins well at 67-68 mph.

Brody Smith RHP / Zachary , LA / 2021

Strong 6-foot, 220-pound frame, mature, developed build. Physical, and imposing presence, attacks hitters with a simple, drop-and-drive delivery. Works exclusively out of the stretch, athletic rhythm with in-line direction. Long, clean arm action into a high-¾ slot with quality arm speed and moderate effort. Creates downhill plane with the fastball, showed average command, pitched up/down and in/out with ride through the zone at 82-85 mph. Showed solid feel to spin the baseball with slider, flashed out-pitch at times. Showed tight spin with 10/4 shape, and sharp, late break at 73-75 mph. Used slider down and away to right-handed hitters and also ran it in under a lefty’s hands. Profiles as a back-end bullpen piece, working mostly out of the stretch featuring a two-pitch mix. 

Hunter Ponson 3B / RHP / Parkview Baptist, LA / 2021

Long, rangy 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame, lean build with room to add strength. Athletic, in-line delivery with fluid rhythm. Shorter, compact arm action into high-¾ slot, solid arm speed with moderate effort. Worked downhill, creating quality tilt, attacked hitters in the bottom of the zone. Pitched 82-85 mph with fastball that showed solid, late finish. Breaking ball is inconsistent, but showed flashes of being a solid pitch with 11/5 shape and solid depth at 72-74 mph. Flashed solid feel for a changeup in warm-ups, maintained arm speed with slight late fade at 73-74 mph.

Gavin Guidry SS / RHP / Barbe, LA / 2022

Athletic 6-foot-2, 167-pound frame, lean, wiry build with plenty of room to add strength. Athletic, simple delievry, fluid rhythm, in-line direction, lands square and athletically. Clean, medium arm action into a high-¾ arm slot, quick arm speed with normal effort. Showed feel to pitch, attacked hitters in the zone, clearly competitive. Showed solid command in a short look, pitched 84-87 mph with late life on the fastball. Quality two-pitch mix presently, showed feel for tight spinning slider with quality depth at 71-77 mph, has feel for manipulating it. 

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