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Top Prospect Games II: Pitcher Analysis

Kyle Campbell & Jamie Naill Jr.
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30 players from the Old Line State, DC, and Delaware participated in this year's Top Prospect Games II at The United States Naval Academy. Players were put through a pro-style workout and played a game in front of our PBR Maryland staff and various college coaches from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Below are evaluations on the eleven pitchers at the event. 



(Listed Alphabetically)

Hunter Chambers RHP / 3B / Dover (DE), MD / 2024

Body: 6’0”, 155 pounds. Strong, athletic, projectable frame.
Delivery: Stands tall on the bump operating with a short side rocker with pause before lifting up to an average stack position at waist height, then drop/drive outward to a wide land. Showed good chest rotation down through the pitch finishing onto a solid block leg with balance at release. Repeatable mechanics and late hand-break allowing him to hide the ball.
Arm Action: RH. Some late hand break created deception out of a high ¾ slot. 
FB: T81 mph, 78-81 mph. Average spin rate of 2072 rpm per TrackMan. The FB could work to all quadrants, effectively missing barrels when elevating as well.
CB: 68-70 mph. Average spin rate of 1801 rpm per TrackMan. Slow, gradual breaker at 11/5 shape.
CH: 73-74 mph. Natural cut and finishes well out in front.

Nicholas Cicale C / 3B / Broadneck HS, MD / 2025

Body: 5’11”, 138 pounds. Slender, projectable frame with developing athleticism.
Delivery: Traditional side rocker with pace into a high leg lift; gets balanced at the stack position before pausing and driving directionally out towards the plate. Everything worked on time with good bend at the finish and reach into the glove. Repeated well and lived mostly down in the zone.
Arm Action: RH. Low ¾, short arm slot with some whip.
FB: T72 mph, 68-72 mph. Average spin rate of 1516 rpm per TrackMan. Arm-side run and sink to the arm side.
CH: 58-64 mph. Tunnels well with the FB, but lacked true intent out in front.

Adam Gott RHP / 2B / Calvert , MD / 2022

Body: 5’10”, 174 pounds. Strong, sturdy, and athletic build. 
Delivery: Starts on the far left side of the rubber, short/quick side rocker into a fast paced/controlled leg lift at waist height before driving out in a straight line towards the mitt; good bend out in front with an on time hand break, and fell off slightly to the first base line at a 45 degree angle.
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ slot with some downhill tilt.
FB: T76 mph, 73-75 mph. Average spin rate of 1697 rpm per TrackMan. Slight arm side run and fall into the zone, occasional sink. 
CB: 57-58 mph. Average spin rate of 1514 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin, gradual/slow break at 11/5 shape.
SL: 62-64 mph. Average spin rate of 1441 rpm per TrackMan. Similar to breaking ball spin, backdoors at times.
CH: 69-70 mph. Releases out in front with good separation off of the FB. Secondary pitch at the moment.

Logan Hastings SS / 2B / Huntingtown, MD / 2024

Body: 5’8”, 135 pounds. Lean, high-waisted frame with room to hold strength. 
Delivery: Came out with very fast tempo, peppering the strike zone from an accurate delivery. Balanced throughout, working quickly from side rocker into leg lift before a controlled, quick arm slot on the front side/deceleration. Drop/drive approach and worked with a purpose into a stiff front side with good lead leg block. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ slot with quickness at release. 
FB: T78 mph, 76-78 mph. Average spin rate of 2151 rpm per TrackMan. Can spin it, with increased dive in on the RHH. Command was consistent to arm side. 
CB: 65-68 mph. Average spin rate of 2063 rpm per TrackMan. Tight, 11/5 look with some 10/4 slider action at times. 
CH: 67-70 mph. Tunneled well off the FB with similar arm speed/sell; slight arm side fade.

Tyler Holton 3B / RHP / Dematha, MD / 2024

Body: 6’0”, 200 pounds. Strong, durable frame with thickness throughout; starter’s build.
Delivery: Operated from the stretch only, starting from a slightly wider base into leg lift. High positioning at the stack and coiled over the backside before driving out with intent off the right leg. Got over the front side well with a downhill approach into the strike zone. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ slot that could get to a power slot at times.
FB: T80 mph, 77-80 mph. Average spin rate of 1787 rpm per TrackMan. Downhill play and heaviness into the zone with slight arm side run.
CB: 67-70 mph. Average spin rate of 1630 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin, could backdoor for strikes with short, gradual shape.
CH: 70-71 mph. Natural play off the FB and similar movement in on the hands of RHH and away from lefties.

Ty Jacoby LHP / 1B / Old Mill, MD / 2023

Body: 6’0”, 175 pounds. Primary pitcher with a low waist and strength throughout the build.
Delivery: Deep side rocker into a medium/traditional leg lift near waist height; got over the front side at footstrike with separation in the movements. Held direction well with ability to drive the body down through the pitch on time. 
Arm Action: LH. Short high ¾ slot with quickness out front.
FB: T80 mph, 75-78 mph. Average spin rate of 1897 rpm per TrackMan. Slight arm side run and play in on LHH.
CB: 66-69 mph. Average spin rate of 2057 rpm per TrackMan. Consistent 1/7 shape with some depth.
CH: 68-70 mph. Similar release point to the FB, slightly lower with natural small fade.

Austin Keefer 1B / RHP / North East, MD / 2022

Body: 6’1”, 181 pounds. Strong, sturdy, and athletic frame.
Delivery: Begins in stretch position working to short side rocker before a controlled, high leg lift above waist height. Gets balanced at the top with a straight up/down spine angle then works drop/drive with high intent into a sturdy lead leg block. Balanced approach down the mound and slight fall off towards first base side on occasion. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ slot with a power/down angle.
FB: T76 mph, 71-76 mph. Average spin rate of 1611 rpm per TrackMan. Heaviness into the zone and slight arm side run. 
CH: 62-65 mph. Average sell and occasional fade.

Cam Love LHP / 1B / Damascus, MD / 2022

Body: 6’0”, 160 pounds. Lean, projectable frame with athleticism present.
Delivery: Starts from the far right side of the rubber with a controlled side rocker into a paused stack at a high position above the waist with hip coil; hides the ball well with a gradual, momentum filled move down the rubber. Landed straight line with good body control/balanced on the deceleration side. Filled it up to both sides with repeatability. 
Arm Action: LH. High ¾, athletic slot with quickness through release. 
FB: T77 mph, 75-77 mph. Average spin rate of 2125 rpm per TrackMan. Slight arm side run and strikes to the arm side of the plate.
CB: 63-66 mph. Average spin rate of 2015 rpm per TrackMan. Better command in the zone than last time we saw him, finding feel for spin more often.
CH: 69-71 mph. Tunneled well with near FB arm speed out of the hand.

Harry Middlebrooks RHP / OF / Archbishop Curley , MD / 2023

Body: 6’0”, 175 pounds. Athletic, well proportioned frame with strength throughout. 
Delivery: Started with the shoulders stacked towards the plate, in stretch position, working to a controlled side-rocker position before a medium leg lift at the stack. Keeps the spine angle vertical until footstrike, driving the chest in a downward rotation through the pitch over the lead leg block. Created a slight downward angle and natural arm talent out of the slot. Clean mechanics and ability to repeat. 
Arm Action: RH. High ¾ power slot with some downhill tilt. 
FB: T82 mph, 77-82 mph. Average spin rate of 1933 rpm per TrackMan. Kills spin with slight sink/ arm side run. Strikes to arm side. 
CB: 61-64 mph. Average spin rate of 2226 rpm per TrackMan. Good 11/5 shape and gets over it well at release. 
SL: 67-68 mph. Average spin rate of 2162 rpm per TrackMan. Horizontal play with short, late bite across the zone.
CH: 72-74 mph. Adequate offering that he throws hard with intent, natural/short fade away from lefty hitters on occasion.

Evan Smith LHP / 1B / Huntingtown, MD / 2023

Body: 5’11”, 210 pounds. Sturdy, compact frame with strength throughout a stocky profile.
Delivery: Started from the stretch only with a leg lift to medium height at the top of the stack; Slight hip coil and keeps the front side close/directional out towards the target. Hid the ball well with the arm working fluid, loose on the backside before finding the slot on time with an early hand break. Got over a balanced front side into a lead leg block. 
Arm Action: LH. ¾ slot inducing run in on LHH.
FB: T83 mph, 79-82 mph. Average spin rate of 1870 rpm per TrackMan. Threw FB strikes to both sides with natural arm side run back over the plate. 
CB: 63-66 mph. Average spin rate of 2166 rpm per TrackMan. Natural 1/7 tilt and occasional depth when ahead in the count for strikeouts. Can show slider tilt too.
CH: 72-73 mph. Good sell with some depth out of the hand. Threw in advantage counts.

Cooper Welch RHP / 2B / Archbishop Spalding, MD / 2025

Body: 5’7”, 130 pounds. Lean, athletic frame with room to hold strength.
Delivery: Short side rocker into a crouched leg lift at the top of the stack; drives out early towards the target and into a soft front side at foot strike, mostly upper half intent at release, can stay slightly more connected on the backside. Repeatable effort on the bump for strikes.
Arm Action: RH. High ¾, accurate slot with consistency. 
FB: T69 mph, 66-68 mph. Average spin rate of 1635 rpm per TrackMan. Limited carry with slight arm side run in on RHH.
CB: 52-55 mph. Average spin rate of 2150 rpm per TrackMan. Developing feel for spin; loopy with big 11/5 break into the zone.



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