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Damascus (HS) • MD
6-0 • 160LBS • L/L
Travel Team: KOA 18u-Showcase


2022 National

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2022 State

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Maryland Top Prospect Games II

Body: 6’0”, 160 pounds. High-waisted, lean, athletic frame with sneaky strength in the movements. 
Hit: LHH. Straight up/down, narrow stance with the hands starting at the shoulder with slight rhythm at a flat position. Demonstrated hip coil on the leg lift, allowing him to hold direction throughout the forward move, landed at a wider, balanced position anchoring into the backside during a quick turn. The hands worked into the zone through a flat, effient path with barrel whip. Stayed mostly through the middle of the field on the approach while hitting into a stiff front side. 
Power: 92 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles power with extra base hit skills to the pull-side with regularity. 
Arm: LH. INF - 77 mph. Glove tap and quick, deep takeaway to a V-slot with a fast arm on the front side. 
Defense: Slight movement in the feet pre-catch with ability to work laterally to an advantageous fielding position. Medium-low posture and soft glove hand that funneled inward; accurate arm strength and high intent into a lead leg-block while throwing across the diamond. 
Run: 7.49 60-yard time.

Delivery: Starts from the far right side of the rubber with a controlled side rocker into a paused stack at a high position above the waist with hip coil; hides the ball well with a gradual, momentum filled move down the rubber. Landed straight line with good body control/balanced on the deceleration side. Filled it up to both sides with repeatability. 
Arm Action: LH. High ¾, athletic slot with quickness through release. 
FB: T77 mph, 75-77 mph. Average spin rate of 2125 rpm per TrackMan. Slight arm side run and strikes to the arm side of the plate.
CB: 63-66 mph. Average spin rate of 2015 rpm per TrackMan. Better command in the zone than last time we saw him, finding feel for spin more often.
CH: 69-71 mph. Tunneled well with near FB arm speed out of the hand.


Maryland Preseason All-State Session II

Body: 6’0’’, 160 pounds. Lean, projectable frame to build on. 
Hit: LHH. Upright, even stance with the hands showing a flat, slight methodical start at the shoulder. Utilized a coiled, short leg lift stride to initiate the bat head through a flat path into the hitting zone. Mostly pull side approach while hitting into a stiff front side, en route to a 47% line drive rate via Trackman Baseball. Feel for the barrel was evident when looking at a 71% on plane efficiency. Showcased standout advanced metrics with a 24.4 mph average hand speed at the plate via Blast Motion. Handled pitches in any quadrant with confident and demonstrated short, efficient, tight turns through the baseball. Gap to gap abilities in game action. 
Power: 93 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles power at the moment with sneaky pop (330+ foot peak batted ball distance). 
Arm: LH. INF - 76 mph. Full arm circle from a takeaway that works down by the hip to start. 
Defense: Wide start and approached with minimal downhill footwork; mostly upright posture with a soft glove hand playing off the middle of his body. Average feel around the bag at first base. 
Run: 7.93 60-yard time.

Delivery: Started from a stretch only position with the feet at a narrow position and the hands coming set at the belly button. Slow-rising leg lift to a high spot with hip coil around the backside. Mostly upright posture on the way through, falling off slightly to the third base side with regularity. 
Arm Action: LH. Quick arm out of a high ¾ slot.
FB: T76 mph, 74-76 mph. Average spin rate of 1956 rpm. Arm-side run present (up to 11 inches of horizontal movement) with good extension on the front side (6.57 feet on average). 
CH: 66-69 mph. Developing pitch with a 25% zone rate during his pen. 
SL: 62-64 mph. Average spin rate of 1936 rpm. Held consistent shape across the plate with gradual bite to it.


Maryland Top Prospect Games West

Body: 6’0’’, 160 pounds. Athletic frame with some projection.
Hit: LHH. Hits from a tall, slightly open stance with feet closer together from the left side. Small, quick leg kick load with some hand separation. Slightly uphill compact swing with quick hands and quick bat speed through the zone. Gets some lower half involvement in the swing and finishes with one hand. Showed a solid gap-to-gap line drive approach during BP.
Power: 86 mph exit velocity per TrackMan during BP. Gap-to-gap pop with more present to the pull-side. 
Arm: LH. INF - 77 mph. Throws with whippy arm action from a low to mid three-quarter slot. 
Defense: Fields the ball out in front from a strong, athletic base. Funnels to the belt and gains ground on throws with fundamental footwork. Showed quick, clean exchanges on double play feeds to second base. Moves well showering range at first base.  
Run: 7.74 60-yard time. 

Delivery: Controlled side-step wind-up and high leg kick to a tall, compact balance position. Clean hand separation and smooth, easy stride down the mound with some lower half drive off the rubber and a level shoulder plane. Lands in-line with the plate in an upright position. 
Arm Action: LH. Throws with shorter arm action from a low to mid three-quarter slot and creates quick arm speed through release. 
FB: T76 mph, 74-76 mph. Showed some arm side run with an average spin rate of 2102 rpm per TrackMan.
CB: 62-63 mph. 2/8 sweep action with an average spin rate of 2051 rpm per TrackMan. 
CH: 67-70 mph.


Preseason All-State Session II

Positional Profile: LHP/1B
Body: 5’11”, 158 pounds. Athletic
Hit: LHH. Hits from a balanced, slightly crouched stance from the left side. Smooth back load with a small leg kick and short stride. Creates good hand separation with a more level swing path. Stays short to the ball with some lower half involvement. Shows solid balance with good extension through the zone and past contact. Quick hands and fast bat speed with a solid middle to pull side approach. Barreled up ball after ball during BP rounds. 
Power: 89 mph exit velocity from the tee. Pull side pop present with more projected. 
Arm: LH. INF - 73 mph. Throws with longer arm action from a mid three quarter arm slot. 
Defense: Surrounds the ball well, funneling it to the belt. Fields the ball out in front with a solid, athletic base. Shows soft hands and the ability to square shoulders to the bag on double play feeds. 
Run: 4.51 home-to-first time.

DeliveryStarts with a controlled, side rocker step into a chest high leg kick. Arm works well with the body. Hand separation is on time and fluid. Generates solid drive off his back leg and gets down the hill well. Nice, fluid mechanics. Ends in athletic fielding position.
Arm Action: LH. Throws out of a high three-quarter arm slot.
FB: T74 mph, 72-74 mph.
CB: 58-59 mph. Mostly loopy, swooping 2/8 action.
CH: 66-67 mph. Thrown with arm-side fade at the plate.


Athletic frame standing 5-foot-11, 158-pounds. Low effort delivery on the mound that starts with a higher leg lift to balance, hips elevated, shoulders closed, and strides down the mound landing on line. Firm front side at landing and falls off to third base side. Average arm circle and throws from a low three-quarter arm slot. Fastball ws 72-75 with some crossfire to the glove side and flashed arm side run when thrown to arm side. Breaking ball had 2/8 shape with a slurve look to it and sat 57-60 mph. Changeup was 63-64 and worked across the body.


MD MoCo Fall Review 

Athletic body type and 5’11’’, 155 pound frame with room to grow and fill out. Hits from a balanced, square stance at the plate from the left side. Uses a small leg kick to load and creates some hand separation. Generates some lower half involvement and showed quick bat speed through the zone with a more level swing path. Gets good extension through contact and stays behind the ball well with a strong two-handed finish. Uses the whole field well with a nice gap-to-gap line drive approach. Showed some pop and recorded an 84 mph exit velocity. Works through the ball at first base fielding it out in front with an athletic base and set-up. Throws with shorter arm action from a mid three-quarters slot at 71 mph. Ran a 7.39 60-yard time. Controlled, small, side-step wind-up and high leg kick into a tall, compact balance point. Clean hand separation and strong down-to-out lower half drive off the rubber. Lands square to the plate with an upright finish. Creates quick arm speed through release throwing with shorter arm action from a low three-quarters slot with some effort. Fastball sat 71-73 mph and breaking ball was 56-58 mph with tight spin and hard 11/5 shape. Change-up ranged 61-64 mph.

MD Freshman Free Showcase 1.26.19

Athletic body type and 5’10’’, 148 pound frame with room to grow and fill out. Hits from a balanced, open stance with bat resting on back shoulder. Medium sized leg kick with a quarter turn into backside load. Short stride and creates nice hand separation. Showed quick bat speed and some lower half involvement. Stays behind the ball well and get uphill through contact in finish. Attacks the ball with a level swing path and recorded a 85 mph exit velocity. Fields the ball at first base with a solid, fundamental base. Funnels ball to chest and throws with long arm action from a high three-quarters slot at 71 mph on balls right at him. Gets rid of the ball quick on double play turns and showed the ability to make throws from various arm angles and throw with shorter arm action on such type plays. Controlled small side-step wind up from a stretch position. High leg kick into a quarter corkscrew turn in balance point. Clean hand separation and lands closed to the plate with an upright finish. Pitches against a stiff front side with little bend. Throws with short arm action from a mid three-quarter slot with slight effort. Fastball sat 69-70 mph and touched 71 mph. Change-up was 61-62 mph and breaking ball showed gradual big 1/7 shape at 53-55 mph.

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