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Andy Judkins
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

The PBR MN Scout Blog- 2019 Lumberjack Open; provides insider information, videos and scouting notes collected by the PBR MN Scouting Staff through this year's tournament. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, and anything else that is notable. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, videos, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. Simply put, the PBR Minnesota Scout Blog is loaded with information ...

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+ 2020 LHP/OF Brett Bateman (Great Lakes- Harrison).  Throws from a high 3/4 slot with some arm side run sitting 84-86 mph with his fastball. Off-speed has good differential producing swing and misses. Bateman is a Minnesota commit.

Brett Bateman, LHP/OF, 2020


+ 2020 C Max Moris (Great Lakes- Harrison).  Tall lanky body with strength to come. Wide base and balanced at the plate. Has pull pop and strength in barrel. Receives well with good carry on throws.

Max Moris, C, 2020

+ 2020 INF Ike Mezzenga (Great Lakes- Harrison) is a left-handed bat with pop.  Gap to gap approach and had consistent line drive contact.  Good first step defensively with clean hands.

Isaac Mezzenga, IF, 2020  


+ 2020 RHP Austin Greven (Mash - Martin) was sitting 81-83 mph. Filled up the strike zone with his fastball and kept hitters off-balance with the slider.  Projectable frame with clean arm action. 

+ 2020 RHP Joey Hurth (Mash- Martin) started their second game on Friday.  Big body from a 3/4 slot, arm works. Fastball is 83-86 mph; curve ball has 11/5 break and throws for strikes producing swing and miss.  

Joey Hurth, RHP, 2020

+ 2020 IF Matthew Wilkinson (Northstar Navy) had a double and a home run to left.  Mid/pull approach with solid contact and pop in barrel.  Defensively shows good actions and sure glove.  Has carry and accuracy on throws.

Matthew Wilkinson, IF, 2020


+2020 SS Noah Christenson (SWAT- Purple) had a nice day at the plate.  He had a pair of doubles, one down the left field line and other to the right center gap.  Mid/pull approach with consistent solid contact.

Noah Christenson, SS, 2020


+ 2021 LHP Josh Kingery (SWAT- Purple) went the distance in his outing.  Fastball sat 83-86 mph.  Compact frame with a clean and quick arm and athletic actions.  Mixed in a curve ball with 1/7 break and average shape and spin.

+ 2021 OF Cole LaPlante (SWAT- Purple) had a solid day at the plate.  He drilled a home run to left-center.  Athletic body with strong frame that shows strength in barrel. Strong hands and ball jumps off bat.

+  2021 LHP Justin Loer (Northstar Navy) threw in their second game today.  Tall lanky frame. Fastball has late arm-side run and shows good tilt at times. FB sat 81-84 mph and comes out easy, CB sits 71-72 mph with 1/7 break, CH at 77-78 mph. 2019 PBR Future Games participant.

Justin Loer, LHP, 2021


6u Division



+ 2022 LHP Kristofer Hokenson (Northstar Navy).  Fastball sat 78-80 mph; T81 mph. Consistently lands a 1/7 curveball for strikes. Easy delivery with loose clean arm action. Room for growth with age.  Added a home run to right field in their second game.

Kristofer Hokenson, LHP/OF, 2022


+ 2022 RHP/C Kyle Hvidsten (Starters- Black) came in relief touching 85 mph twice and sat mainly 82-83 mph with slight run and sink.  Throws from a 3/4 arm slot with easy arm action. 

Kyle Hvidsten, RHP/C, 2022


+ 2022 SS Maddox Mihalakis (Starters- Black) was all over the field defensively.  Showed range each direction as well as a running catch in foul territory down the left field line.  Contact hitter in the box with line drive contact.  

Maddox Mihalakis, SS, 2022


+ 2022 OF Kyle Law (MN Icemen- Spencer) shows a long athletic frame in the box.  Drove a single up the middle and flashed bat speed with solid contact.  Solid defender with good first step.

Kyle Law, OF, 2022


+ 2022 SS Derrick Smith (MN Icemen- Spencer) looks the part with physical athletic frame.  Good actions defensively with an arm that carries to the bag.  Big young frame in the box with rhythm in load.  Didn't get much to hit but showed bat speed when he had the chance.

Derrick Smith, SS, 2022


+2022 C/3B Weber Neels (Northstar Navy) has a strong athletic frame was solid today on both sides of the ball.  Shows bat speed with strength in the box.  Behind the plate shows ability to receive.  Arm plays well with good carry.  



Varsity Division 

+ 2021 Mash - Johnson 3B Tyler Wombacher with a solid first game today.  Loud contact in his first couple at bats. Gap to gap approach with some pop in barrel.  

Tyler Wombacher, 1B/3B, 2021


+ 2021 SS Zack Zaetta from Mash - Johnson had a very solid overall day.  Consistent hard contact with line drive and fly ball contact.  Shows athleticism in the box. Runs well and clean hands defensively 

Zack Zaetta, SS, 2021


+ 2020 Pine Tar CF Davis Grismer.  Long lanky athlete.  Gap to gap approach at the plate and had a clutch RBI single in the game.  Flashes a good glove and arm from the outfield

+ 2020 RHP Peter Tveite of Northstar Neon.  Athletic body type that throws from a 3/4 arm slot.  Fastball sat 83-85 mph with arm side run.  Curveball had 10/4 break and sat 62-65 mph.  Was around the zone his entire outing

Peter Tveite, RHP/3B, 2020



+ 2022 Icemen - Spencer LHP Aaron Smith was 80-82 mph T83 mph with his fastball.  Curveball was 67-68 with 2/8 break for strikes with pitches.  Easy 3/4 arm action with movement and sink to FB.

Aaron Smith, LHP/1B, 2022


+ 2022 1B Hayden Olson from Millers - Schleper.  Smooth glove and movements around the base. Easy hands at the plate and used the whole field throughout the game. 

+ 2022 Millers - Schleper 2B Evan Sanders shows an athletic frame with room to grow.  Solid hands defensively.  Swing works with gap to gap approach and creates a good swing plane to drive the ball.

+ 2022 Mash - Cullers Cole Erickson shows an aggressive swing.  Crouched open stance and good extension through the ball. He drove a bases clearing 2B over the right fielders head

+ 2022 Matt Friedges SS for Mash - Cullers.  Good frame and room to grow into his body.  Athletic movements at short with sure hands and can run

+ 2023 Jack Taxdahl Mash - Cullers catcher. Works ball well to the zone, quiet receiver, good footwork to  second on throws.  Does a nice job keeping the ball in front blocking.

+2023 LHP Peyton Milene for Rochester Pines.  Athletic with a clean arm action. Mixed speeds and located with the Fastball at 77-79 mph.  Attacked hitters in and adds a nice pick off move to first 

Peyton Milene, OF/LHP, 2023



VARSITY DIVISION - Champs Mash Martin

18u Champions

+ 2020 Millers - Kirkwold CF Jason Axelberg (Augustana commit) showed some tools Sunday.  Athletic body who can run and throw.  Short quick swing and shows ability to hit for power.

Jason Axelberg, OF 2020


+ 2020 SS/RHP Mitchel Casperson came in relief for Millers - Kirkwold.  Smaller body guy with a clean loose arm action sat 85-87 mph with his Fastball.

Mitchel Casperson, SS/RHP 2020


+ 2021 Nathan Rosenberg Miller - Kirkwold who is a sizable catcher put some good swing on the ball.  Rhythm in load. Gap to gap approach with line drive contact

Nathan Rosenberg, C 2021


+ 2021 C for Swat - Purple Matt Friesen.  Athletic but smaller catcher who shows good arm strength behind the plate.  Moves well laterally and shows ability to block.  Contact type hitter with pop to come with added strength.  

Matt Friesen, C 2021


+ 2020 RHP Griffin Leiner started their first game of the day for Mash - Martin.  The big frame righty sat 84-87 with run and sink from a 3/4 arm slot.  Has been up to 89 mph this summer.

Griffin Leiner, RHP 2020


+ 2020 Aidan Byrne who played short both games for Mash - Martin on Sunday.  Solid actions at short and shows range defensively.  Cleans hands with a quick release.  Contact hitter and bat that will continue to develop.

Aidan Byrne, SS, 2020


+ 2020 1B Zach Walton had himself a nice Championship game for Mash - Martin.  Mid/pull approach and showed pop with a home run to left and added a single later in the game.  

Zach Walton, 1B 2020



16U DIVISION - Champs Millers Woodrow

16u Champions

+ 2022 3B Alex Crusan for Millers - Woodrow.  Aggressive load, hands work, gap to gap approach. Had a big 2-out 2 RBI double to left center.  Also was 78-80 mph T83 mph on the mound

+ 2022 Luke Luskey from Millers - Woodrow.  Bigger body but athletic.  Easy hands, good timing and has an aggressive load and swing

Luke Luskey, SS, 2022


+ 2022 Mash - Cullers RHP Kyle Hrncir.  Big projectable frame with room to grow.  Gets down hill and goes after hitters.  More in his arm Fastball sat 80-81 mph T83 mph and curveball was 58-60 mph with 11/5 break

Kyle Hrncir, SS/RHP 2022


+ 2022 Troy Lynch from Mash - Cullers.  Big body that  moves well for size.   Gap to gap approach with power.  Tallied a double to left-center to go along with a single.  Consistent solid contact

+ 2022 Jake Gonse for MN Augers has some size.  Smooth hands and takes a big swing. Flashed pull power with a double off the right field wall

+ 2022 MN Augers Reese Tripp who starts with a tall open stance.  Present strength.  Smooth hands through the zone with a mid/pull approach.  

+ 2022 Drew Ball put one over the left fieldwall for Great Lakes Black.  Good size for a young body.  Pull approach with strength.  Overall raw but showed some tools with the bat. 

+ 2022 Great Lakes Black RHP Ian Culver was 78-80 mph T81 mph.  Was consistently in the zone.  Throws strikes and mixed speeds well.  Does a good job locating and had some swing and miss

Ian Culver, RHP/3B 2022


+ 2021 SS Jarrett Bennett for Great Lakes Black.  Athletic look and average runner.  Runs the bases well.  Hands work well.  Good rhythm at the plate and show ability to use the whole field.   Line drive contact.