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Player Spotlight: RHP Owen Pyatt (CBC, 2016)

Shon Plack
Missouri Scouting Director

Owen Pyatt (CBC, 2016)is a 6-foot-2 180-pound right-handed pitcher.  Pyatt has over over-the-top release,  with quick arm speed. He throws with regular effort, loose arm action.  He has a fluid tempo during delivery and touched 85 mph during the Top Gun Pitchers Showcase in February. 

Pyatt transferred to CBC last fall, and was a member of the Class 5 State Championship team.  He plays for the St.Louis Recruits during the summer and is currently planning visits.  Here is a look inside the recruiting process of Owen Pyatt.

PBR: Have you taken any visits, or have any visits scheduled in the near future? If so, what schools, and how recently?

Pyatt: As my senior year is approaching rapidly me and my dad sat down and chose the two schools that have showed the most interest in me which happened to be Liberty University and the University of North Carolina Charlotte. So we signed up to go visit Liberty University, in late July, and we also going to UNCC’s camp which is in Early August.  

PBR: Are you looking for anything in particular in a school? (Example: high academics, certain academic program, local, etc.)

Pyatt: My career path that I would like to pursue is being a Pastor of a non-denominational church, so in order to do that I will have to attend Seminary after my four year education at a university. And the only prerequisite to get into seminary is a Bachelor’s degree in anything. So I plan to study Business or Business management and then attend seminary.

PBR: Recap your junior season for us at CBC.  Describe the feeling when the last out was made in the State Championship game.

Pyatt: Junior year was a very hectic and stressful time for me. I transferred to CBC in the middle of my sophomore year so jumping into one of the top programs in the country was not an easy task. But I worked my butt off all off season and did whatever it took to make the team, and when tryouts came around I was prepared and confident in my abilities. The moment Coach Horne told me “congratulations” it seemed like it was in slow motion, and I wasn’t quite sure what to even say. Playing with guys like Matt Vierling and Stephen Haring was a really special experience and something that I will remember forever. It was no surprise to me that we won the state championship when you have a team with as much talent as we did we expected no less from the group that we had. When Pat Berry threw the ball to first base to win the State Championship 17-5, words could not express how excited I was. From waking up at 5 am every day in the offseason to winning a state championship in the late spring, it was truly a once in a lifetime feeling. But hopefully not once in a lifetime!

PBR: What are you goals for your senior season?

Pyatt: Senior year I want to mature and become as much of a man as possible before I go off to school, wherever that may be. And also I am going to really work to get straight A’s, something that I have never been able to do. And as for on the baseball field, I just want to play each game like it’s my last and try as best as I can to not take one pitch for granted.

PBR: What travel team do you play for? Are you playing fall ball with a team?

Pyatt: I play for the St. Louis Recruits, and I am not sure if I am playing fall ball yet. It will depend on whether or not I know what I am doing with college ball. I would love to play in fall ball just to get more innings and further perfect my craft.

PBR: Do you play any other sports?

Pyatt: I played quarterback for my first two years in high school, but then when I transferred to CBC, I decided to just focus on baseball.

PBR: What are your ACT and GPA?

Pyatt: I’ve taken the ACT twice and got a 22, and last year my GPA was a 3.0 but cumulative GPA is a 2.7.

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