2026 Mississippi Player Rankings

PBR Mississippi Staff

As we look ahead to the 2023 season, the PBR Mississippi staff is excited to release the first edition of the 2026 MS Rankings. As these prospects prep for their upcoming freshman Spring, we've started the list with twenty-five talented prospects to keep an eye on throughout the next year. Headlined by the up and coming power arm of Kevin Roberts Jr, with many other standout guys right behind him including Ole Miss commits Christian Doty and Cole Prosek. The class is heavy with young two-way talent and upside arms. 

As this is the first release for the young class, this list will continue to evolve and expand throughout the next four years. As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works.  As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe.  In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Mississippi and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen.

Look forward to more content covering the 2026 rankings and another update heading into the Spring season as well as the PBR national rankings scheduled to come out on Friday!


2026 Mississippi rankings: top-5


RHP Kevin Roberts Jr., Jackson Prep (MS), 2026
Roberts carries a lean, broad shouldered, athletic 6-3 frame with tons of room for more mass. The right handed pitcher from Jackson Prep has already touched the 90 mile per hour mark while still on the front end of 14 years old. While the arm has drawn the most attention, Roberts is continuing to develop into a well rounded position player with more speed coming and lots of leverage in his swing. 

SS Christian Doty, Lausanne (MS), 2026
The INF/OF from Lausanne Collegiate (Memphis) has fluid movement patterns with a strong, accurate throwing arm and the ability to play multiple positions on the diamond. Doty uses a short, well balanced swing at the plate with very quick hands with an all fields approach. 

 INF Cole Prosek, Magnolia Heights (MS), 2026
Prosek knows how to find the barrel. The left handed hitting middle infielder from Magnolia Heights and former junior future games member, uses quick hands and a pull side approach to drive baseballs deep into the right center gap with consistency. 
LHP Logan Buckley, Columbia Academy (MS), 2026
Buckley has a very durable looking frame and looks to really understand his job on the mound. The left handed pitcher from Columbia Academy works his fastball into the mid 80s with outstanding feel for his curveball that has solid 12/6 shape. 
OF/LHP Jack Poole, Madison Ridgeland Academy (MS), 2026
Poole could continue to move up this list fast. The outfielder from Madison Ridgeland Academy has a very athletic frame and plenty of leverage in his swing. Poole put on a show this summer during his batting practice round at the Junior Future Games, sending baseballs deep into right field with much more power coming. Look for the lefty to contribute on the mound as well with a fastball that he works into the low 80s. 

1 Kevin Roberts Jr MS Jackson Prep 2026 RHP
2 Christian Doty MS Lausanne 2026 SS Ole Miss
3 Cole Prosek MS Magnolia Heights 2026 INF Ole Miss
4 Logan Buckley MS Columbia Academy 2026 LHP
5 Jack Poole MS Madison Ridgeland Academy 2026 OF/LHP  


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