Pitching Analysis: Future Game Trials North

Ronald Sims
Mississippi Scouting Report

The Future Game Trials North event took place on Tuesday, June 20th, at Northwest Community College, in Senatobia, MS. The open event saw prospects from across the state of Mississippi perform in front of several college coaches, and the Prep Baseball Report Mississippi scouting staff.

Today, the Prep Baseball Report Mississippi scouting staff takes a deeper look at pitching performances from the June event.

+ Parker Allen, LHP, Copiah Academy, 2020
Projectable 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame with room to continue to fill. Left-handed pitcher works clean and easy arm stroke from a high-¾ slot with his fastball sitting at 75-79 mph. Flashed a short spinning breaking ball at 69-71 mph while change showed slight fade at 68-71 mph. Worked down the mound with fluidity, rhythm and long arm action from back to front. Displayed feel to command the bottom of the zone.

+ Austin Anderson, RHP, South Panola, 2022
Athletic 5-foot-10, 140-pound frame with room for continued growth. Right-handed pitcher has a clean arm swing from a high slot. Easy tempo in a repeatable delivery with a high leg kick to his balance point and length in stride down the mound. Throws a fastball with slight arm side run at 73-76 mph. His curveball flashes spin and 11/5 shape at 66-68 mph. Throws his changeup with arm side fade at 67-69 mph.

+ Sebastian Bonome, RHP, Northwest Rankin, 2020
Long-limb 6-foot-2, 180-pound frame with room for added strength. On the mound the right-hander works with a long arm stroke from a high ¾ release.  His fastball ranged from 75-78 mph flashing slight arm side fade, he threw his curveball in the zone with early 11/5 shape at 59-62 mph, and threw his changeup with fastball arm speed at 66-69 mph.  He has a smooth delivery on

+ Prinnis Carter, LHP, Rosa Fort, 2020
Medium 5-foot-7, 190-pound frame. Left-handed pitcher throwing from high-¾ release with fluidity and up-tempo rhythm as he works to balance position. Short arm swing back after hand brake with regular effort in delivery, finishing tall with recoil. Fastball sat 67-70 mph and was thrown with slight arm side run while curveball ball was thrown at 60-62 mph with early 11/5 shape. Change was thrown with near fastball arm speed at 66-68 mph.

+ Weston Fuller, RHP, Lewisburg, 2020
Sturdy 6-foot-1, 210-pound frame. Right-handed pitcher with long clean arm stroke into a high-¾ slot.  His fastball jumped out of his hand with regular effort at 81-83 mph while showing a breaking ball at 68-71 mph. Flashed a sweeping slider at 68-70, and showed feel for a changeup with slight sink at 68-69 mph.  Works with fluidness, balance, and looseness in his delivery. He has a high balance point, works with direction to the plate, lands square, has a quick arm into an athletic finish.

+ Maximus Maldonado, RHP Fordham Prep, 2020
Physically developed 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame. Right-handed pitcher works from a high-¾ release with fluid rhythm and regular effort in delivery. Works down mound with in-line direction and slightly high front side while finishing athletically. Worked his fastball between 79-80 mph and showed good downward plan out of the hand. The off-speed is still developing but should continue to improve as a he solidifies an arm slot. Breaking ball was thrown at 60-61 mph and showed early, near12/6 shape. Change up was thrown at 70-71 mph while flashing a slider at 65-66 mph.

+ Mac Sims, RHP, DeSoto Central, 2020
Athletic 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame with room for added strength. Right-handed pitcher throwing from multiple release points with fluid rhythm and easy effort in delivery. Works down mound with in-line direction, finishing athletically. With a medium arm stroke and quick hand speed, his fastball was 80-82 mph. Spun several sliders from a lower slot that showed late breaking action at 67-71 mph. Breaking ball was thrown at 58-61 mph and showed early 11/5 shape while change up was 70-71 mph.


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