Preseason Prospect ID: Catcher Analysis

Ronald Sims
Mississippi Scouting Director


On January 28th the Prep Baseball Report hosted the Preseason Prospect ID at Smith-Wills Stadium in Jackson, MS. Today, our scouting staff gives its analysis of the catchers in attendance.

+ Ethan Hilton, C, Marshall Academy, 2018
6-foot-3, 220-pound frame with sturdy build. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, relaxed stance with high hands. Works into a lowered crouched position as he loads with a short stride, getting out on front side. Quickish-strong hands, with line-drive power and an exit velocity of 85 mph. Behind plate, shows big high target in setup with receptive hands and clean exchange works through the ball with rhythm, producing a 68 mph velocity from the crouch and pop times of 2.3-2.8. Ran a 8.44 60-yar dash.

+ Tanner Parker, C, West Lauderdale, 2021
Medium 5-foot-10, 180-pound frame.  Right-handed hitter starts from an open, tall stance working closed with subtle leg kick as he triggers his hands down before striding forward. Simple, rotational path with loose high finish posting an exit velocity of 74 mph. Behind the plate uses directional footwork, soft hands, and a quick, clean exchange to post pop times of 2.16-2.20 with a velocity from the crouch of 72 mph. Ran an 8.0 60-yard dash.

+ Hayes Puckett, C, Madison-Ridgeland Academy, 2021
Average 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame. Right-handed hitter has a tall, stack set-up, smooth shift of weight loading and good use of lower half. Short, direct path creating line drive contact with quick hands that produced an exit velocity of 80 mph. Ran a 7.42 60-yard dash but moved with easy strides. Behind pate presented big target with soft hands receiving, fundamental footwork with regular effort into a short, high-3/4 release that produced pop times ranging 2.05-2.12 and a positional velocity of 74 mph from crouched position. 

+ Parker Ryan, C, Jackson Academy, 2021
Lean strength throughout his athletic, 5-foot-9, 175-pound frame. Displayed quality level of athleticism posting a 6.9 60-yard dash time. Defensively showed flexible hips and quick feet, gaining ground working through the ball on throws to second with a quick release and strong throws with pop times between 1.85-1.97 (77 mph from crouch). At the plate, the left-handed hitter sets up with a solid base with his weight evenly distributed. Weight shift back with a knee knock load that triggers minor hand movement back, his barrel works uphill through the zone with strength and quickness that is aided by aggressive hips. Balanced throughout, barrel shows some lag in the zone which may allow him to drive the ball to both gaps producing an exit velocity of 85 mph.

+ Caleb Sterling, C/RHP, Warren Central, 2019
Lean 5-foot-11, 180-pound frame with athletic. Left-handed hitter starts from a neutral stance before he loads back. Short lift of his front leg, into a short stride forward as he creates some separation of hands. Balanced swing, loose hands, barrel is uphill through the zone with good extension through contact. Line-drive contact that produced an exit velocity of 82 mph. Ran a 7.37 60-yard dash. Behind the plate displayed good lower half mobility with soft hands and easy, directional footwork. Soft hands receiving quick clean exchange with quality arm strength that produced pop times ranging 1.81-1.92 and a velocity from the crouch of 77 mph.

+ Gentry Tigrett, C, Brandon, 2020
Medium 5-foot-10, 185-pound frame with present strength in lower half. Right-handed hitter starts from a neutral stance before he loads back. Short toe tap before striding forward as his hands separate. Loose hands, with rotational path and good extension through contact, produced an exit velocity of 83 mph. Behind the plate, gets low in setup while presenting large target. Directional footwork with a clean exchange, throws with a short arm stroke from a high slot, and pop times of 2.10-2.15 with a velocity from the crouch of 67 mph. Ran a 7.97 60-yard dash.

+ Jagger Whitaker, C, Enterprise, 2021
Average 5-foot-8, 150-pound frame with room for continued growth. Right-handed hitter has a balanced setup with stacked setup. Uses a simple shift of weight loading, short stride, and balanced throughout. Short, rotational path and extension through contact produced an exit velocity of 71 mph. Behind the plate he gives big target in high setup with long, clean exchanges, throwing 63 mph from the crouch with pop times of 2.45-2.48. Ran an 8.20 60-yard dash.


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