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2021 CT Pitcher Analysis - Quick Hits

Trevor Brown and PBR New England Staff
PBR New England Co-Director of Scouting

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England 2021 CT Pitcher Analysis. This was a great opportunity for 2022-2025 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2021 CT Pitcher Analysis - Quick Hits

  • Alex Tawa, 2023, LHP- Clean arm from the left-side, fastball reached 87 mph, located to both sides of the plate, has some cross fire to it. The breaking ball is a plus pitch, spin is advanced, clocked at 74 mph.
  • Connor Willett, 2022, RHP, short quick arm, ball jumps out of his hand, arm side sink. Fastball up to 83 mph, with more to come, pounded both secondary pitches for strikes.
  • Dillon Luke, 2022, RHP, this righty out of Xavier has made huge strides over the last year, a strike thrower, fastball up to 83 mph, throws a heavy ball. Pounds the zone, breaking ball is more 12/6, is an athlete, look for another jump at some point.
  • Garrett Synder, 2024, RHP, big strong athletic frame, arm action is super clean, fastball at 80-81 mph, look for a climb. The breaking ball shows proper spin and shape to it. 
  • Jayden Longdin, 2023, RHP, strong powerful arm, fastball up to 82 mph, throws strikes, arm really works, look for a jump.
  • Joey Tonnotti, 2024, RHP, one of the better arms in the region, fastball was up to 88 mph, throws a power breaker at 77 mph, with action to the changeup. Pounded the zone with all three, is super aggressive, should be off the board fairly quick. 
  • Kyle Carozza, 2022, RHP, long and loose on the backside, working from a higher slot. The fastball reached 85 mph, harder breaker at 73 mph. Lots of arms and legs coming at you, tough to hit.
  • Logan Huzi, 2022, RHP, big long lengthy frame. Works downhill, arm is quick and live, with more in there, topping at 84 mph. Throws a slurvey breaker at 71 mph.
  • Mason Glickman, 2022, RHP, max effort type arm, is super aggressive and attacks, fastball was up to 87 mph. Pounded the breaking as well, more slurve break to it.
  • Ryan Balzano, 2022, LHP, long and loose from the left-side, fastball up to 84 mph, continues to make progress, trending in the correct direction. The curveball has a bigger break, shape is 11/5, chance to be an out pitch.
  • TJ Winn, 2023, RHP, arm is super loose and clean, works from a natural slot, fastball up to 86 mph, tons of arm side action. Both secondary pitches are advanced, slider has velocity at 74 mph, is relentless with the changeup.
  • Vincent Velez,  2022, RHP, a long and loose RHP, arm works form a  ¾ slot, good extension out front. Sink and run to arm side, up to 86 mph.  Has hand speed with the breaker, needs to tighten spin, easy fix.
  • Zachary Zajac, 2022, RHP, arm works from a lower slot, tons of arm side action, lives it the bottom part of the zone. The fastball was at 84 mph and the breaking ball was up to 75 mph. Strong frame, might be one of the biggest sleepers in the 2022 class, get out and see him.
  • Zachery Broderick, 2022, LHP, strong durable left-hander, arm is powerful and works, fastball is in the mid 80’s. Throws the offspeed for strikes. Super aggressive, likes to compete. 
  • Brendan Busby, 2022, RHP, big body RHP, arm action is super short and clean on the backside, up to 80 mph, with more to come. Love the feel for the secondary stuff.