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2022 Scout Day: CT Whalers - Quick Hits

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England Scout Day: CT Whalers. This was a great opportunity for 2024-2025 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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2022 Scout Day: CT Whalers - Quick Hits

Position Players

  • Frank Boutot Jr., 2024- A monster left-handed hitter, shows above average power to pull side, swing is super smooth, with natural lift. The exit velocity, 92 mph, real clean around the bag.
  • Declan Ellingword, 2027- A left-handed hitter, drives it all over the yard, level path, baseball jumps. Defensively, from the outfield tracks the baseball with ease, clean whippy arm at 76 mph.
  • Luciano Frezza, 2024- A right-handed hitting catcher, drove the baseball well to both gaps, and had a pop time of 1.94-1.97. Put together a solid workout. 
  • Mark Zigmont, 2025- A right-handed hitter, short compact swing, gap to gap approach. Solid arm from outfield at 82 mph and ran a quick 6.87 sixty-yard dash. 
  • Price Savini, 2025- A right-handed hitter, another solid performance, ran a 6.84 sixty-yard dash, clean actions, arm was 80 across the diamond. Showed hard contact in batting practice. 
  • Joseph Gratta, 2024- A left-handed hitter, twitchy, super athletic. The swing is powerful, hard line drive contact to both gaps. Plenty of carry with arm, clocked at 81 mph. 
  • Kyle L’Etoile, 2025- A right-handed hitter, exit velocity of 89 mph, strong, short stroke to the baseball, driving it to all fields.
  • Jackson Kelly, 2024- A right-handed hitter, super balanced, fluid swing through the zone, exit of 85 mph, drives the baseball to all fields.
  • Chase Semenza, 2027- A right-handed hitter, plus pop for a 2027, exit at 83 mph. Swing is flat through the zone, line drive approach.
  • Landon Alicea, 2026- A right-handed hitter, shows to have whip and life to barrel and hands. Chance to really swing it at some point.

The Arms

  • Declan Ellingwood, 2027- A right-handed pitcher, simple delivery, repeats it, minimal effort, longer loose, arm action, working from a lower slot, tons of arm side sink. Breaking ball has some sweep to it, late biting. The fastball reached 79 mph and the breaking ball was at 66 mph. 
  • Frank Boutot, 2024- A left-handed pitcher, bigger, larger frame, arm is really good, fastball up to 83 mph, with a ton more in there. Bigger breaking ball, with velocity at 66 mph. Working from the set position, getting on top and working downhill, big time follow.
  • Cody Heselton, 2024- A left-handed pitcher, super quick arm, hides the baseball extremely well, baseball jumps on the hitter. The fastball was up to 83 mph, with legit action to it. Mixed in a harder slider at 73 mph. Pounded the zone with all 3 pitches.
  • Paul Cristalli, 2026- A right-handed pitcher, bigger frame, working from set position, long and loose arm action. Attacks at a very high level, fastball is heavy, up to 81 mph. Breaking ball has a bigger break, clocked at 69 mph. Good looking arm for a 2026.
  • Matthew Shea, 2025- A right-handed pitcher, tempo and timing to delivery, lands slightly across body. The arm action is super loose, clean on the backside, with length out front on release. Fastball was up to 82 mph, with a ton more in there. Serious chance to be a front line arm. 
  • Mark Zigmont, 2024- A right-handed pitcher, strong quick arm, fastball at 80 mph, spin rates on all pitches are above average. Compact, repeatable delivery. 
  • Price Savini, 2025- A right-handed pitcher, arm works from a ¾ slot, slower deliberate delivery. The fastball was up to 81 mph, showed a good change up, proper shape and fade to it.

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