Preseason All-State Underclass: Top Performers

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

The 2023 NJ Preseason All-State Underclass was yet another success, as we were able to see some of the top underclass players from all over the state. Take an extensive look at some of the top performances that stood out to our scouting staff.

CLICK HERE for a list of all the stats from the event. 

Top Infielders

+ Got a chance to see 2026 SS/RHP Indiana recruit Jason Amalbert (DePaul Catholic) at the plate and defensively after catching an electrifying bullpen earlier in the preseason. Starts upright and slightly open in his stance. Hands close to the body, move directly back in his load. Vicious lower half actions, hips fly through the zone helping generate easy gap-to-gap pop. Top exit velo of 96.4 MPH. Had one of the top infield velos at 92 MPH.


+ 2025 3B William Bethea (Rutgers Prep) showed one of the more explosive swings in his BP round. Really loads into that back hip before an aggressive weight transfer. Brings the barrel upright pre-pitch. Utilizes a toe-tap stride, stays on time. Creates some lift, with a top distance of 331 feet on batted balls. Max exit velo of 93.3 MPH. 78 MPH positional velo in the infield.


+ 2026 1B/OF Jordan Burwell (Seton Hall Prep), a West Virginia commit, showed off his athleticism and clear off-season improvements. A 2022 PBR Junior Future Games alumni, Burwell possesses a strong/athletic build at 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. Wider setup at the plate with bend in the knees. Smooth, gradual weight transfer. Hands stay locked in position pre-pitch. Efficient lower half, feel for the barrel. Top exit velo of 96.8 MPH. Ran the 60-yard dash in 7.18 seconds.


+ 2025 SS Chase Camac (Mainland Regional HS). Has a lean and athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Attacks the ball with controlled aggression at the plate, early hip torque. Hands start up high and move down and back in the load. Average leg kick as his timing mechanism. Consistently strong contact to the pullside. Top exit velo of 91.3 MPH with a top velo of 86 MPH on throws across the diamond.


+ 2025 1B/LHP Anthony Costello Jr. (Don Bosco Prep) is another 2-way player who we got to see on the offensive side of the ball for the first time this preseason. Costello Jr. is strong and broad-shouldered at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. Athletic and slightly crouched stance. Hands help create pre-pitch rhythm. Firm contact through the middle of the field throughout his round. Top exit velo of 92.2 MPH.


+ Strong and athletic frame out of 2025 MIF Tyler Dell (Clearview Regional HS), who stands at 6-foot, 180-pounds. At the dish, starts wide and balanced, stays into a firm base. Compact approach, is not trying to do too much. Showed the ability to spray line drives to all fields. Top exit velo of 90.9 MPH. Strong set on the defensive side as well, with throws up to 86 MPH. Ran the 60-yard dash in 7.14 seconds.

+ Impressive day from 2025 MIF Joey Erace (St. Augustine Prep). Erace is a high-energy, quick-twitch athlete who projects to be a top-of-the-order type. Showed quick hands, bat flies through the zone. Fluid load, creates hip/shoulder separation. Easy line-drive pop. Top exit velo of 90.1 MPH. Clean glovework in the infield with a strong arm, throws up to 88 MPH. 6.79 second 60 yard dash.


+ Sticking with the theme of 2025’s, we look at 2025 SS Luke Guire (Bordentown). 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, premium build. Switch hitter. Athletic, crouched stance. Smooth weight transfer, creates extension in the backside. Flat path through the zone. Top exit velo of 91.9 MPH. Smooth infield actions, with multislot ability. Top positional velo of 87 MPH to go with a 7.02 second 60-yard dash.


+ Another 2022 PBR Junior Futures Games alum is 2026 3B Guy Lynam (Gloucester Catholic). 6-foot, 155-pounds, lean and projectable build. Will continue to make strides as the body matures. One of the top 2026 prospects in the state, who flat out hits. Smooth and fluid actions with quick hands. Strong thru impact, aggressive finish. Top exit velo of 93.5 MPH. Infield velo topped at 87 MPH with his 60-yard dash clocking in at 7.10 seconds.


+ 2025 1B/OF Luciano Macri (Cherry Hill West) is strong and physical at 6-foot, 189-pounds. Weight shifted over his backside in his setup. Longer stride gets him into a more athletic position. Hands stay cocked back, keep the barrel up. Explodes off his backside. Routinely finds the barrel. Top exit velo of 92.1 MPH.


+ The top ranked 2026 in the state of NJ, RHP/SS Ethan Lee (Don Bosco Prep). Although we did not get to see one of the top 2026 arms in the nation throw on this day, Lee still dominated the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. At the plate, starts in an athletic stance with an aggressive back hip drive. Works to stay inside the ball. A strong lower half creates easy gap-to-gap pop. Top exit velo of 91.3 MPH. Defensively, showed clean glove skills with an active lower half. Led all players with a top velo of 93 MPH on throws in the infield.


+ 2025 SS Jayden Onofre (St. Joseph’s Regional). Onofre is physical and athletic at 6-foot, 180-pounds. Hands start up tall in his stance before moving down and back. Aggressive lower half actions. Strong wrists, tons of line drives to the pullside. Top exit velo of 91.3 MPH. Solid defensive set, with throws topping at 84 MPH.


+ Strong and compact at 5-foot-9, 160-pounds, 2026 SS/RHP JC Pacheco (DePaul Catholic) showed out during the event. Starts even at the plate with bend to the knees and weight slightly over his backside. No unnecessary movements at the dish, minimal hand load with a small stride. Stays ready, easy line-drive pop. Top exit velo of 91.3 MPH, positional velo of 86 MPH.

+ 2025 MIF Rocco Pierorazio (Old Tappan HS). Athletic with wiry strength at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Crouched stance at the dish, back elbow stays parallel to the ground. Simple leg kick, on time. Hands get extended through the zone, some uphill angle in the swing path. Top exit velo of 91.6 MPH to go with a 6.87 second 60-yard dash.


+ 2025 SS/RHP Michael Schiermeyer (Franklin HS) is a lean athlete, standing at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds. Relaxed approach at the plate, allows the hands to work. Stays engaged to his lower half throughout the swing. Barrel accelerates through contact. Top exit velo of 95.4 MPH, up to 81 MPH on throws in the infield.


+ On the short list of eye-opening performances was 2026 CIF Brady Shust (St. Joseph’s Regional). You will not miss him when he enters the building, with an imposing and broad-shouldered build at 6-foot-5, 235-pounds. Moves exceptionally well for his size, recording a 7.19 second 60-yard dash. At the plate, Shust starts in an athletic and slightly crouched stance. Hands work down and back in the load with an average leg kick. Advanced feel for his barrel, stays strong thru impact. Top exit velo of 97.8 MPH. In the infield, his throws topped at 85 MPH.


+ 2025 CIF JP Zayle (St. Joseph’s Metuchen). Strong and physical at 6-foot, 220-pounds. At the plate, uses an aggressive and outward leg kick pre-pitch. Hip torque helps create his gap-to-gap power. Extension through the back leg. Zayle recorded a top exit velo of 93.8 MPH while topping at 81 MPH on infield throws.

Top Outfielders


+ The first outfielder who proved to be a top performer was 2025 OF Christopher Ahrens (Shawnee HS). Generates some considerable gap-to-gap pop from a lean and athletic frame (5-foot-7, 155-pounds). Hangs over that backside before an efficient weight transfer. Stays inside the baseball, firm contact to all fields. Top exit velo of 91.5 MPH, ran the 60-yard dash in 6.99 seconds.


+ 2025 OF/LHP Jake Buonanno (Mahwah HS). Lanky and athletic at 6-foot, 175-pounds. Even and balanced setup with some bend to the knees. Hands start back behind his body, stay locked in position. Hands work directly to the ball, line-drive approach. Top exit velo recorded at 93.4 MPH. Up to 80 MPH on throws from the outfield.


+ 2025 OF Dylan Fitzsimmons (Morris Knolls HS) is strong and athletic at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds. Open and relaxed stance at the dish, really comfortable. Pre-pitch rhythm in the hands, brings the barrel upright. Outward stride, stays on time. Overall, an impressive BP round while displaying some pullside power potential. Top exit velo of 94.3 MPH. Strong throws in the outfield, up to 88 MPH. A prospect to watch for a breakout high school season.


+ Another strong frame out of 2026 OF Joshua Hale (Jefferson Twp HS), who stands at 5-foot-11, 183-pounds. Crouched stance at the plate with a simple and compact approach. Minimal stride, keeps the hands ready in position. Hips clear through the zone, creates extension in the back leg. Uphill angle in the swing. Top exit velo recorded at 93.4 MPH.


+ We were able to catch a glimpse at the top ranked 2026 OF in NJ, Michael Hanna (Don Bosco Prep), a Virginia recruit. Truly explosive BP round, generates uncanny pop for a prospect who is lean at 6-foot, 160-pounds. Slightly open stance, hanging load. Some of the best hip torque you will see. Whippy barrel, stays in the zone a long time. All the metrics are astounding as well. Top exit velo of 98.4 MPH, with outfield throws topping at 84 MPH and a blistering 6.60 second 60-yard dash. Must watch prospect as he begins his high school career.


+ Taking a look at another 2026 in OF Jackson Magley (St. Joseph’s Regional). Magley is lean/athletic at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. Sets up open and crouched in his stance. Hands work directly back while the barrel stays upright. Engages the lower half early and waits over that back hip. Stays inside the baseball. Exit velos topped at 93 MPH, ran the 60-yard dash in 6.80 seconds.


+ 2026 RHP/OF Christopher Marano (DePaul Catholic) is another electric arm who did not throw on this day but impressed in other facets of the game. Lean athlete with wiry strength and quick-twitch actions. Upright and relaxed stance, feet open. Bigger, hanging stride gets him into a wider position. Hands make a big movement down and back. Explosive hips through the zone with some loft in the swing. Top exit velo of 93.6 MPH. Up to 91 MPH on outfield throws.


+ 2025 OF Dennis Mulhearn (Don Bosco Prep). Strong and compact build at 5-foot-9, 172-pounds. Crouched stance, stays engaged into his lower half at the plate. Minimal load, stays ready. Line drive approach, created firm contact to all fields throughout his round. Top exit velo of 92.7 MPH while recording throws up to 84 MPH in the outfield.

Top Catchers

+The first backstop we take a look at is 2026 C/OF Anthony Cataldo (Eastern Regional HS). Firmly built at 5-foot-9, 164-pounds. Upright and open stance, is relaxed and comfortable. Hands close to the body, move directly back in the load. Gradual stride, on time. Solid contact through the middle of the field. Top exit velo of 93.3 MPH.


+ 2025 C Griffin Clarke (Haddonfield Memorial HS). Strong athlete at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Open setup, hanging stride brings him back to an even and wider position. Pre-pitch rhythm in the hands, slight movement backwards. Showed some adjustability, can hit to all fields. Top exit velo of 91.4 MPH. Recorded pop times ranging from 2.09-2.12 seconds.


+ A clear standout from the day was 2026 C/3B Braeden Lipoff (Kingsway HS). Separated himself from the pack with the consistency in his BP round, always on the barrel resulting in an average exit velocity of 93.3 MPH on batted balls. Tall setup at the dish, relaxed approach allows the hands to get to work. Strong lower half, loads up over the back hip. Easy gap-to-gap with more in the tank. Top exit velo of 96 MPH. Behind the plate, his top velo on throws was 76 MPH while recording pop times in the 1.98-2.02 second range.


+ Yet another 2022 PBR Junior Future Games participant we got to see again was 2026 C DJ Lloyd (St. Augustine Prep), the currently top ranked 2026 backstop in the state. Open and athletic stance at the plate, maintains bend in the knees. Hands start up tall, gradually move down and back in his load to create separation. Aggressive lower half, clears the hips through the zone. Top exit velo of 90.9 MPH. Above average arm strength behind the dish, top velo of 80 MPH on throws.


+ 2025 C William Jannucci (Old Bridge HS) is sturdily built at 5-foot-9, 195-pounds. Even and balanced setup at the plate. Keeps his weight over his backside through his swing. Compact load, stays into his firm base. Consistently solid contact to the pullside. Top exit velo of 93.9 MPH.


+ 2025 C/1B Andrew Parisi (Rutgers Prep) is looking to make another splash this spring season after blasting 11 jacks as a freshman in 2022. Parisi is also 2022 PBR Futures Game alumni. Strong and broad-shouldered frame at 6-foot-3, 205-pounds. Raw power potential with a swing built for it. Loads through that back hip and stays strong through the zone with loft. Top exit velo of 95.4 MPH, max distance of 346 feet on batted balls.


Top Pitchers

+ 2025 RHP/SS Logan Bourdoin (Delbarton). Lean and projectable at 6-foot-1, 170-pounds. Gradual delivery on the mound, immediate sink into his lower half. Keeps the hands up tall until his handbreak. Aggressive second half of his delivery, gets over a strong brace leg. Showed a four-pitch mix. FB sat in the 80-82.5 MPH range. CB at 61-64 MPH to go with a CH at 64-67 MPH and CT at 74-75 MPH.


+ 2025 LHP Luca Bruno (Holy Spirit) possesses a strong and athletic build at 6-foot-1, 189-pounds. Works with tempo, clean and repeatable actions down the mound. Keeps the hands locked in place with a bigger leg kick. Even shoulder tilt, maintains his stride direction. FB was 83-84.2 MPH. Bigger CB at 68-70 MPH with a CH at 71-73 MPH.


+ Another intriguing 2025 arm was RHP Dominic Correale (Morristown HS). Lean athlete at 5-foot-11, 155-pounds. Slightly uphill shoulder tilt with an aggressive frontside. Higher arm slot. Long, loose arm action with some whip. Painted both sides of the plate with his FB, which was 80-83.5 MPH. Above average metrics on the SL, with spin rates up to 2,357 rpm at 68-70 MPH. Showed a CH at 67-69 MPH.


+ 2025 RHP/SS Lucas Edwards (Bishop Eustace Prep). Premium, durable build standing at 6-foot-2, 180-pounds. Effortless delivery, will continue to gain velo. More tempo when working out of the stretch. Loose arm, coming from a true ¾ slot. FB thrown for consistent strikes, sitting 83-84.3 MPH. SL showed some later lateral tilt at 75-77 MPH. Mixed in a CH at 78-79 MPH.


+ 2024 RHP David Hamlin (St. John Vianney). Hamlin possesses a strong and broad-shouldered frame at 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. On the bump, had higher frontside actions, engaging early. Stays into a firm lower half, coiling into the back hip. Shorter arm swing, keeps the elbow bent. Slightly above a ¾ arm slot. FB sat in 81-83 MPH. CB was 67-69 MPH along with a CH at 72-74 MPH.


+ The first 2026 arm we take a look at is RHP Dean Kaletcher (Morris Knolls). Has a real lanky and super projectable frame at 6-foot-3, 180-pounds. Works down the mound with consistent rhythm and tempo. Hands stay up high near his head, with a quick hand-break. Stride direction stays in line. Longer arm action with an elbow lock. FB located to the gloveside at 82-83.4 MPH, will only gain velo as the body matures. CB at 63-65 MPH to go with a CH at 68-70 MPH.


+ Another high follow arm in the 2026 class will be LHP Sean Loggie (Christian Brothers Academy). Stands at 6-foot-4, 175-pounds, tall and projectable. Up-tempo delivery. Shoulders stay in line down the mound. Efficiently engages the lower half with a hip hinge, rides the slope. Long and loose arm action, comes at you from a tough ¾ slot. FB was in the 80-82.7 MPH range. CB showed tighter spin at 68-70 MPH. Showed a CH at 74-76 MPH.


+ Keeping the trend of freshmen, we have 2026 RHP/SS Albert Maldonado Jr. (Alexander Hamilton Prep). Lean and lanky build at 6-foot-2, 164-pounds. Repeatable delivery on the bump with clean actions. Long and clean arm action. Strikethrower. FB was 80-82.8 MPH. CB consistently in the zone with 11/5 shape at 66-68 MPH. CH was 72-74 MPH.


+ One of the more electric arms of the day was 2025 RHP Eamon McDermott (Bishop Eustace Prep). Strong and sturdy build at 6-foot, 180-pounds. Aggressive down the mound, pitches with true intent. Sinks through that back hip, firm lower half. FB with late life through the zone at 85-87.3 MPH. SL showed sharp 2-plane action at 75-77 MPH. CH in the 76-80 MPH range. Poised for a breakout campaign this spring.


+ 2026 RHP Cole Mulharan (Millville HS). Lean and lanky at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. A 2022 PBR Junior Future Games participant for team NJ. Showed advanced pitchability as a freshman. Consistent rhythm and tempo, starts slightly preset into his back leg. Both halves work in sync. Clean arm action with a shorter arm swing. FB sat in the 80-82.4 MPH range. SL showed some late horizontal tilt at 70-71 MPH. Showed a CH at 77-78 MPH and occasional depth.


+ 2025 RHP Kyle Phillips (Roxbury HS). Strong and broad-shouldered build at 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. Clean, repeatable actions on the bump. Frontside works quick, accelerated by a delayed handbreak. FB located to both sides of the dish at 81-82.9 MPH. SL sat at 70-71 MPH. Imitates FB arm action and intent on the CH, which was 74-76 MPH.


+ Chance to see one of the top RHP in the state and Maryland recruit, 2025 RHP Evan Taylor (Ocean City HS). Lean and lanky athlete, still has to room to fill out as well at 6-foot, 165-pounds. Clean and aggressive actions down the mound. Coils into his back hip. Stride direction stays in line. Closes off the frontside, creating separation. Electric FB in the zone with late ride at 88-92.4 MPH. CB with depth at 76-77 MPH. Worked in a CH at 78-79 MPH.



+ One of the top overall performances on the mound came from 2025 RHP Joseph Vaccarella (Gloucester Catholic). Possesses a real strong and imposing frame, 6-foot-3, 210-pounds. Poise on the mound, starter profile. Works to get into his back hip, while creating hip/shoulder separation. Long, loose, and clean arm action. FB showed life through the zone at 85-86.7 MPH. Showed both a SL and CT, the SL with more depth at 73-75 MPH and CT with late horizontal action at 81-84 MPH. Mixed in a SPL as well at 76-77 MPH.


+ An electric bullpen from 2026 RHP Cole Williams (Bishop Eustace Prep), who will be a high follow this spring.  A lean and wiry athlete at 5-foot-10, 164-pounds. Keeps his hands working in sync with his lower half. Athletic mover down the mound, rides the slope efficiently. FB showed significant arm side run at 85-87.2 MPH. SL with sweep, thrown for strikes at 71-73 MPH. CH at 73-75 MPH.


Two-Way Standouts

+ 2025 RHP/OF Casey Baratta (Wayne Hills HS). Possesses a strong and athletic build at 6-foot-1, 189-pounds. Offensively, Baratta showed a smooth weight transfer with bigger hand load, working directly backwards. Toe-tap stride, stays on time. Consistently strong contact through the middle of the field. Top exit velo of 89.2 MPH. On the mound, hands start up high, work downwards during his hip hinge. Consistent tempo, higher frontside. FB sat 84-86.2 MPH. CB with bigger up/down action at 70-73 MPH. CH at 75-77 MPH.


+ A steady performer over the past year is 2025 RHP/OF John Donahue (Montgomery HS). Sturdily built at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Clean and repeatable actions on the mound. Preset into his backside, works efficiently off that back hip. Creates trail leg extension with a strong brace leg. Loose arm, high ¾ slot. FB sat in 84-85.5 MPH. CB with serious depth at 70-72 MPH, spin rates up to 2,378 rpm. CH at 78-80 MPH. At the dish, generated easy gap-to-gap pop from a compact approach. Simple load creating separation, stays strong through impact. Top exit velo of 93.1 MPH.


+ 2026 3B/RHP JJ Drennan (Seton Hall Prep). Advanced physicality for the freshman, standing at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds. Offensively, sets up in an upright and open stance, real comfortable at the plate. Smooth weight transfer through his lower half, hips clear through the zone. Top exit velo of 88.3 MPH. Impressive on the mound as well, with fluid actions and advanced feel for three pitches. FB located in the zone at 83-84.5 MPH. Displayed a wipeout breaker with late downer action at 71-74 MPH and spin rates up to 2450 rpm. CH at 79-80 MPH.


+ Yet another 2022 PBR Junior Future Games alumni we got to see was 2026 SS/RHP Vincent Milillo (Eastern Regional HS). Lean and athletic build, standing at 5-foot-7, 152-pounds. Compact, line-drive approach at the plate. Wider stance, stays into a firm base. Pre-pitch rhythm in the hands. Sprayed line drives to all fields with a top exit velo of 85.8 MPH. On the mound, Milillo worked quick with tempo. Clean movements with a long and loose arm action. FB sat in the 79-82.8 MPH range. Showed a CB at 66-68 MPH and a CH at 71-73 MPH.


+ The last 2-way performance we take a look at comes from 2025 C/RHP JR Rosado (Bridgewater-Raritan HS). Has a strong/compact build at 5-foot-8, 165-pounds. Offensively, is able to generate some gap-to-gap pop with a simple approach. Minimal load, strong through the zone with consistently loud contact. Top exit velo of 90.8 MPH. Took some of the best defensive reps behind the dish as well, with pop times in the 1.93-2.03 second range and a top velo of 83 MPH on throws to bases. Hopped on the bump as well and ran his FB up to 88.5 MPH.