Wladyka Baseball: Pre-Season Showcase Notes

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

It was a pleasure getting to see some top players perform at two Wladyka Baseball Showcases last month. With over 80 players combined at both events, it was great to see some strides made by top ranked players in the state, as well as some risers in the underclassmen that made a name for themselves. Here are some notes from both events:

President's Day (Feb. 20th)


+ This event started off with a draft-type arm buzzing fastballs that topped at 94 MPH. 2018 RHP Marcus Eusebio (Passaic County Tech HS, NJ) was electric in his bullpen session; peppering fastballs that sat at 92-93 with a long, loose arm action. Eusebio has a broad shouldered build with a strong lower half. Curveball showed smaller, cutter-like movement at 74-75 and a changeup with some armside run and sink.


+ 2019 RHP Steve Campione (Monroe-Woodbury HS, NY) was 80-81 touching 82 and showing some fade with his changeup at 72 MPH and an 11/5 curveball for strikes at 65 MPH. Easy, athletic delivery from a high-3/4 slot.

+ 2019 LHP Mark Alday (St. Mary's Rutherford HS, NJ) has a tall, lanky frame with a lot to like. Funky, lower-3/4 slot side-winder type, Alday's fastball topped at 82 MPH and sat mostly 77-78. Spun a breaking ball with tight spin and sweeper-like movement at 70 MPH for strikes. 

+ 2019 RHP Evan Okamoto (Piscataway HS, NJ) was 77-78 with a long arm action and gradual 10/4 breaking ball.

+ 2019 RHP Nick Marconi (Northern Highlands HS, NJ) is certainly an interesting prospect to watch for this spring and summer as he continues to grow into his frame. Tall and lanky at 6-foot-3 175-pounds, Marconi was 78-79 touching 81 with a big breaking ball at 62-63 and a changeup with some cut to it at 72-73. Marconi has a short, quick arm action from a higher-3/4 slot. Starts with a stiff balance point and lands stiff and strong on front lead leg.

+ Uncommitted 2019 RHP Nick Argenziano (Demarest HS, NJ) was 80-82 touching 83 with more in teh tank. 66-68 Curveball with 11/5 shape and a changeup at 72-74. Strong, broad shouldered frame. Multi-sport athlete, competitor type.

+ 2019 RHP Wes Pieroazio (Old Tappan HS, NJ) was 80-82 touching 84 showing some athleticism and whippy tendencies with his arm action. Showed a changeup at 73 MPH with two-plane movement as well.

Position Players

+ 2019 C Griffin Gonzales (Don Bosco Prep HS, NJ) has a lean, athletic frame at 6-foot 180-pounds and will certainly be a name to watch for with Don Bosco this spring. Gonzalez looks the part behind the plate with soft hands and is comfortable catching plus velocity. Showed impressive footwork and a quick release.

+ 2019 C Joe Valentine (St. Mary's Rutherford HS, NJ) is another catcher with strong receiving ability. Short, quick arm action and explodes out of the crouch. Will be a nice player as he continues to add strength.

+ 2019 INF Jason Sanfilippo (Wayne Hills HS, NJ) showed a strong, compact swing from the right side with line drive pop. Starts in a neutral stance with hands above back shoulder and in a slight crouch. Uses a small foot stride to start swing as hands move back slightly to finish load process. Balanced throughout swing as hands and hips stay short and compact through the zone. Uphill finish.

+ 2020 SS Evan Cornwell (Pompton Lakes HS, NJ) has a high ceiling with his skills right now. A switch hitter with identical swings from both sides, Cornwell shows smooth, athletic actions at the plate. Will be interesting to see how he develops as he continues to add strength.


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