Top Performers of 2019: Pop Times

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

With 2019 winding down, we take a look at the Top Performers in the state from Prep Baseball Report Nevada events. The state is in good hands with these prospects behind the plate, all showing a pop time at 2.00 or below with 2022 Bishop Gorman product Gavin Stevenson breaking into the Top Pop Times with a 1.97 pop time at the Southern Nevada Underclass Trials in June. Northern Nevada also has a heavy presence in the Top Pop Times with sub 2.00 performances by '20 Donovan Ratfield (Wooster), '21 Carson Smith (Damonte Ranch), and '20 Lane Oliphant (Reno). The catcher position is stacked throughout the state and we should be seeing a few of these names coming off the board in the near future.

Aric Anderson C / 3B / Palo Verde , NV / 2021

Pop Time - 1.84

Aric is a physical and durable looking catcher with thick lower half. Aric has a plus arm for age with good acceleration out of squat to second base as his pop times recorded at 1.84-1.98. He receives with a higher set up slightly to toes. Hands are strong and at times had trouble with low pitches but overall gave good presentation of pitches. At the Plate, Aric showed a balanced set up into a simple toe tap creating a classic left handed swing. Showing bat speed and alley/alley approach, Aric also showed some raw pull power in BP.

Donovan Ratfield C / OF / Earl Wooster , NV / 2020

Pop Time - 1.85

Donovan has a strong, athletic build to him, 6’0 170, and looks have a well-rounded skill set defensively as well as offensively. Donovan exhibited above average pop times, 1.85-1.89, with good arm action and technique. He presents a good target and receives pitches with easy effort. Donovan showed good blocking aptitude with loose hips and mobility. Offensively, Donovan looks to have an advanced approach with plus bat speed. Good rhythm during load and stride and hands in a cocked launch position, Donovan peppered balls in both alleys showing his strength at the plate.

Carson Smith 1B / C / Damonte Ranch , NV / 2021

Pop Time - 1.90

6-foot 195, Smith is strong, sturdy bodied player with tremendous utility. He has reliable actions in the outfield as well as the infield and fills up the strike zone on the mound. However, his future lies behind the plate. He maintains the durability as well as actions for the position. With steady time at the catching position, footwork and receiving skills will polish.  At the plate, he maintains balance throughout his swing with strength and bat speed, making consistent loud contact. He posted an event best 95 mph exit velocity. He moves well for a big guy with some first step quickness, an asset to the position. 

Gavin Mez C / 1B / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2021

Pop Time - 1.93

Sturdy, 6-foot, 190, Gavin Mez has a developed lower half with core strength and durability for the position.  With limited physical projection, Mez will likely realize weight and strength improvements in his upper body and frame may hold another 10-15 pounds efficiently. He received well with a solid exchange and relied on arm strength to post pop times ranging 1.93-2.03.   In the box, Mez maintains a balanced setup with rhythm to his swing in a mostly pull side approach.  He made consistent quality contact and it is easy to see some power down the road for this backstop. As a sophomore with a chance to stay in his present self, Mez looks to be a pretty polished product in the near future.

Ethan Yatson OF / C / Foothill, NV / 2021

Pop Time - 1.94

Yatson is a capable receiver with developing blocking instincts. He maintains a quick exchange rolling through his release much like a middle infielder turning a double play, posting 1.94-2.03 pop times. He throws from a lower slot, lending to strained carry and occasional sink. As a hitter, Yatson has whip in his barrel and looks to pull.  There is a manageable length to his swing as he loads to a lower hand position, striding open and spinning on his front heel.  He has feel for the barrel with a slightly uphill plane. His speed and arm strength accompanied by the length to his arm swing may lend better to an outfield position, but keep on eye on this athlete for with time and work he could become a solid backstop.

William Zadrowski C / OF / Cimarron-Memorial, NV / 2021

Pop Time - 1.96

No Player Report - GBG Vegas Scout Day



Gavin Stevenson RHP / C / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2022

Pop Time - 1.97

Developed, 6-foot 190, Stevenson is well-built with present strength and durability for the position.  With work and development, he looks to be a capable receiver. He maintains plenty of arm strength for the position and has a true throw from a high ¾ slot. He posted solid pop times with room to improve in his exchange to release. At the plate, he sets strong with high hands in a mostly pull side approach.  His naturally lofted swing has a high, power type finish with solid strength in his barrel. He made consistent loud contact. Stevenson’s present strength and tools cold lend to an everyday backstop and middle of the order type bat. 

Lane Oliphant C / 1B / Reno , NV / 2020

Pop Time - 1.98

Lane looks is a capable receiver with good energy and bounce behind the plate. He showed a good athletic set that showcased good mobility in his block and recovery. Hands were soft letting the ball come to him and framing the ball with ease. Handled velocity and breaking pitches down with little movement in his presentation. Lane has good quick arm and feet as well as ability to improvise on bad pitches making accurate throws to second.Offensively, Lane showed one of the top exit velocities at 93mph. Upright stance with a vertical barrel, he showcased good raw power to pull side.

Cesar Perez C / Spring Valley, NV / 2020

Pop Time - 1.98

Southwestern Oregon commit, sturdy, 5-foot-11 210, Perez has both the instincts and durability for the catching position. He relies heavily on a quick release, receiving mostly with two hands and occasionally rolling to release. Perez has a loose easy swing with good rhythm and consistent hard contact.  It’s a simple approach with a lofted swing and high finish.  With strength gains and changes in weight distribution, Perez will be attractive to many next level programs. 

Erik Dramm C / 1B / Coronado , NV / 2021

Pop Time - 2.00

Erik showed he is a grinder behind the plate displaying good energy and vocal leadership. Erik’s arm strength, 2.0-2.31, was slightly lacking but did show accuracy with throw downs to second base. He possesses good toughness in his blocking, working exceptionally hard keeping balls in front of him. Erik has a good set up, presents good target, and did nice job of framing all pitches. Offensively, Erik looks to have a solid line drive approach at the plate using the whole field with simple hitting mechanics. 

Honorable Mentions

Matthew Galdi, 2020, Green Valley - 2.01

Jaren Gillespie, 2020, Elko - 2.01

Brant Hunt, 2020, Silverado - 2.01

Joey Randazzo, 2022, Bishop Gorman - 2.01

Dallin Smith, 2022, Coronado - 2.01

Ethan Stephens, 2020, Coronado - 2.01


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