Prep Baseball Report

Top Performers of 2019: Infield Velocity

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

We continue breaking down the Top Performers of 2019 with the top velocity from the infield position. Highlighted by Washington State commit Gunner Gouldsmith (Reno), 91 mph, and Oregon commit Garrett Cutting (Arbor View), 87 mph, the majority of this infield group is rich in uncommitted talent that displayed high quality actions along with the arm strength to with it at Prep Baseball Report events this year. With Scout Day Season approaching, these prospects will have an opportunity to update their numbers to show off the progression they have made not just in arm strength, but in all aspects of their game. 

Gunner Gouldsmith SS / Reno, NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 91

Washington State commit.  5-foot-8, 160 pound frame.  Gouldsmith displays present strength in a compact body with muscular thighs and proportional upper body. He has limited room for growth but maintains the tools to be a stay at home SS.   A slick fielder, Gouldsmith had the opportunity to show an array of defensive skills making plays all over the field.  He has the ability to throw from all angles and enough arm strength to make plays in the 5/6 hole. His hands are quick and accurate on exchanges.  Gouldsmith displayed solid footwork on slow rollers and double play feeds from both sides of the bag.  A switch hitter, he hit only left-handed. He displayed excellent plate discipline and made consistent hard contact, hitting the ball to all fields with multiple hard line drives to CF. He appears to be an above average runner, posting 4.31 on a turn and stealing 4 bases.

Garrett Cutting SS / Arbor View, NV / 2021

Infield Velocity - 87

The recent Oregon commit, Cutting has a medium frame with room for weight and strength gains. He posted a crisp a laser timed 60-yard dash of 6.86 seconds, third fastest of the day. He has quick feet with a medium stride and is a potential threat on the base paths. He recorded an exit velocity of 91 MPHCutting had one of the better rounds on the day as he spayed the ball all over the field, Flashing a compact swing with a gap-to-gap approach. Made loud contact, keeping barrel through the zone, flashing signs of future power. He took the first pitch in his first at-bat and put it over the score board in left field. Cutting has good arm strength with a positional velocity of 87 MPH across the diamond. He has good actions with a tendency to rely heavily on his arm strength over footwork. He made solid reads off the bat, exemplified by a making a play on the run, up the middle. He has all the making of an everyday shortstop, top of the order type bat at the next level. Oregon got themselves a good one.

Cayd Watkins SS / 2B / Durango, NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 84

5-foot-9 160-pound frame, compact, athletic build, room to add strength. Watkins is an under the radar infielder with above average instincts in the field and sneaky pop at the plate. Defensively, his best tool, above average footwork, smooth actions, good positioning. Loose, athletic arm action, high ¾ arm slot; event high 84 mph IF velo. 7.42 60-yard dash, under way runner, quick lateral actions. At the plate, athletic, balanced stance, rhythm in his legs. Compact load with high elbow, short stride, swing is consistent and repeatable. Gap to gap approach, stayed mostly in the middle of the field, flashes of power to the pull side; 86 mph exit velo. Watkins will be an interested follow if he is able to put his full game together during his senior year.


Christopher Dietrich 3B / C / Palo Verde, NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 82

6-foot-0 175-pound two-way athlete, lean, athletic build. Defensively, fluid actions, quick exchange. Low ¾ arm slot, loose, quick arm action; 82 mph IF velocity. Under way runner, 7.31 laser timed 60. At the plate, starts in a tall, slightly open stance, exaggerated bat toggle. Medium/high leg kick, slight hesitation at the peak, rotational swing, opens up, on plane bat path, natural lift. Gap to gap approach, drive the ball with authority mostly to pull side; 86 mph exit velo. On the mound, he starts in the middle of the rubber, hands positioned at the belt. Repeated, coil delivery, drop and drive type. Long, loose arm action, ¾ arm slot. On-line stride, soft landing. He used a two pitch mix, FB and CB. Fastball, sat 79-82 mph, mostly up in the zone, some arm side run. Curveball, 63-64 mph, 11/5 shape, come out of higher slot. Project as an infielder, middle of the order bat that should increase in power he continues to develop strength and size.

Elie Kligman SS / RHP / Cimarron-Memorial, NV / 2021

Infield Velocity - 82

 Well proportioned, 5-foot-11, 160, Kligman is a sturdy bodied player with room for weight and strength gains.  His arm is true with solid carry and enough strength to make plays in the six holes as well as up the middle.  He has a feel for footwork and rhythm with various feeds and groundballs. Kligman is athletic enough to play just about any position on the field.  He is a switch hitter with a stronger top hand from the right side, but a little more loose quickness from the left side. He maintains a nice rhythm and connection in his leg kick and “cocking” of his hands from both sides of the plate with a solid swing plane.  Pure foot speed may lend better to second or third base down the line, but I wouldn’t rule out a move behind the dish for long term success.  

Shelby Richards SS / 2B / Rancho Rams, NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 82

6-foot-0, 140-pound frame, lean, long limbed build that has plenty of room to add strength. This high energy prospect had one of the best infield showings at the event. Athletic set up, ability to range to both sides, smooth actions, efficient exchange. Quick, loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot with excellent carry; 82 mph IF velo. At the plate, starts in an open, narrow stance. Big bat toggle hand rhythm, loads into a high, hanging leg kick, on time. Sprays the ball around the yard, flashed of carry on a few balls, projects pull side power; 82 mph exit velocity. 7.03 60, better under way runner, strider. Richards will be a guy to keep an eye out for as he continues to develop and add strength.

John-Howard Bobo 2B / OF / Basic, NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 81

Athletic, 6-foot-1 160. Bobo is lean with a tapered look and wiry strength. If he realizes the room for weight and strength gains, he can be a “beast”.  He has reliable infield actions and has spent noticeable time developing the confidence to make all the plays with the appropriate actions. He has enough arm strength to stay on the left side with proper rhythm and footwork.  There is an unpolished appeal to his infield game which provides optimism but I think his best days are in the outfield, where he can roam. Continued growth and length will likely require a move to the corners of the field. As a hitter, Bobo uses a leg kick trigger with a solid combination of strength and bat speed.  There is whip in his barrel which will be enhanced by staying on plane longer, but there is an explosiveness to his offense that lends to a middle of the order bat in the future.  

Julian Molto-Herrera 3B / RHP / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2021

Infield Velocity - 81 

5-foot-10, 175-pound frame, athletic, developed build, proportionate strength. Defensively, he steps into his set up, quick first step, active feet, ability to range to the forehand and backhand side, low, clean transfer. ¾ arm slot with carry, accuracy; 81 mph IF velo. At the plate, cool confidence, starting in an athletic, open stance, slow hand rhythm. Compact load, strides into the plate. Above average bat speed, excellent barrel awareness, level swing plane, natural lift, two-handed extension, high finish. Gap to gap approach, drives with authority; 95 mph exit velo. This is an under the radar prospect that will be one to keep an eye on with a talent rich Gorman squad.

Demitri Diamant SS / RHP / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2022

Infield Velocity - 80

Stocky, 5-foot-10 175, Diamant is a strong bodied infielder with a good arm. He has good infield actions and the ability to play all three infield spots.  He is polished above his years and makes the difficult throws with relative ease. Diamant can change arm angels when plays dictate with a feel for touch throws. Pure speed and agility may lend better to second or third based down the road but for now he can profile at shortstop.  He maintains a solid combination of strength and bat speed with a power approach.  He hits from his backside with a degree of loft to a swing plane that projects power. Diamant is an athlete that could likely play anywhere on the field and won’t be on the market long. On the mound, he is an upright short strider, throwing over a stiff front side.  He has a feel for three pitches with occasional run on a fastball ranging, 81-84.  His curveball has good spin and consistent depth at 70 mph.  Diamant has steady arms speed on his changeup at 76.  This is an athlete toeing the rubber, pure arm strength and pitch action will allow him to compete. Delivery adjustments could lend to a potential front-line arm, making him a two-way prospect.  

John Pashales 3B / 1B / Coronado , NV / 2020

Infield Velocity - 80

6-foot-0, 165-pound infielder, strong, athletic build with broad shoulders, has room to fill out. Quiet right-handed swing, athletic, slightly crouched stance, high hand placement. Concise hand rhythm into high load, short stride on-line, long bat through the zone. Drives the ball with natural lift to all field, projects power to the pull side, balanced throughout; 86 mph exit velo. Under way runner, 7.78 60. Defensively, profiles at corner infielder, quick first step, pushes hands, exchange through midsection, can handle both forehand and backhand. Short, quick release from high ¾ slot with carry, accuracy; 80 mph IF velo. 

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