Uncommitted Upperclass: Infielder Analysis

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

The Uncommitted Upperclass Showcase brought in a wealth of talent from both Southern and Northern Nevada, and a few neighboring states. Today we take a look at the infield group that has multiple high ceiling, under the radar prospects. Highlighted Cayd Watkins who threw an event high 84 mph across the diamond paired with smooth, clean actions in the field. Today we break down this impressive group in our Infield Analyis:

Jace Avina, OF/SS, Spanish Springs, 2021

6-foot-1, 170-pound frame, lean, athletic build, long limbs, wiry strong. Avina improved on his 60-time lowing it from 7.03 to 6.89 as well as improving his outfield velo from 86 to 87 mph. Outfield, quick first step, aggressive routes, quick exchange at midsection. Loose, quick arm action, high ¾ slot, accurate and carry; 87 mph OF velocity. Infield, starts in a wide, athletic set up, active feet, showed comfort fielding to both side, quick exchange, ability to throw from multiple arm angles, accurate with carry; 80 mph IF velo.

At the plate, starts in an athletic, narrow stance. Slight bat wrap load, simple, short stride. Efficient, level bat path, high one-handed finish, good extension. Gap to gap approach drives ball to the big part of the yard, flashes of pop to the pull side; 82 mph exit velocity. A young prospect to keep an eye out for as he continues to progress in his all-around game.

Lance Carr, 1B/RHP, Bonanza, 2020

6-foot-0, 235-pound frame, developed, barrel chested build. At the plate, starts in athletic, slightly open stance, weight on his front side, vertical barrel. Subtle hand rhythm, slow, early load into back side, on plane bat path, natural lift during extension. Excellent bat speed, above average power pull side power; 95 mph exit velo. Defensively, excellent instincts around the bag, fluid footwork, clean, low exchange. Short arm cycle, high ¾ arm slot; 70 mph IF velo. 8.01 laser timed 60-yard dash.

Thomas DaSilva, 1B/RHP, Liberty, 2022

6-foot-0, 155-pound frame, lean, long limbed build, room to add weight and strength. Defensively, good instincts around the bag, sound footwork, quick exchange at the midsection. Long, loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot; 73 mph IF velocity. 7.53 60 time. At the plate, starts in a spread out, athletic stance, high hand position. Deep load into his back leg, vertical barrel at load, followed by a short stride, consistent swing with high finish; 79 mph exit velo.

Christopher Dietrich, 3B/C, Palo Verde, 2020

6-foot-0 175-pound two-way athlete, lean, athletic build. Defensively, fluid actions, quick exchange. Low ¾ arm slot, loose, quick arm action; 82 mph IF velocity. Under way runner, 7.31 laser timed 60. At the plate, starts in a tall, slightly open stance, exaggerated bat toggle. Medium/high leg kick, slight hesitation at the peak, rotational swing, opens up, on plane bat path, natural lift. Gap to gap approach, drive the ball with authority mostly to pull side; 86 mph exit velo.  

            On the mound, he starts in the middle of the rubber, hands positioned at the belt. Repeated, coil delivery, drop and drive type. Long, loose arm action, ¾ arm slot. On-line stride, soft landing. He used a two pitch mix, FB and CB. Fastball, sat 79-82 mph, mostly up in the zone, some arm side run. Curveball, 63-64 mph, 11/5 shape, come out of higher slot. Project as an infielder, middle of the order bat that should increase in power he continues to develop strength and size.

Yankiel Gonzalez, SS, Bonanza, 2020

5-foot-10, 180-pound frame, developed, athletic frame, strong lower half. Defensively, hops into his set up, active feet, stay low throughout process, presents glove well. Ranges to both sides, comfort in his backhand, confident actions, quick exchange at midsection. Short, quick arm action, high ¾ arm slot; 75 mph IF velo. Underway runner, 7.44 60 time. Offensively, starts in an athletic, open stance, hands start head high. Hands load to arm pit, subtle load in legs to his back side, medium-high leg kick. Efficient, on plane swing, high effort, natural lift, balanced throughout. Excellent barrel awareness, gap to gap approach, sprays the whole field; 85 mph exit velo.

Billy Ham, 2B/3B, Bishop Gorman, 2021

5-foot-10, 170-pound frame, lean, athletic build, proportionate body projects to add strength. Left-handed hitting middle infielder. Defensively, has an athletic set up. Tends to field the ball deep, average range to both sides. Long ¾ arm cycle, ability to change arm angles; 78 mph IF velo. 7.83 60 runner. At the plate, had quiet mechanics, athletic, slightly opened stance. High elbow with toe-tap load, level bath path with natural lift, excellent extension, some effort in swing. Mostly to pull side, flashes of power down the line; 87 mph exit velo.

JonLuke Hobdy, 2B/RHP, Slam Academy, 2021

5-foot-9, 130-pound frame, lean, athletic build, confident actions in the field and at the plate. Defensively, advanced instincts, positions himself well, soft hands, quick, loose arm action, ¾ arm slot with accuracy and carry; 76 mph IF velo. 7.35 60 runner. At the plate, open narrow stance, high hand position. Compact hand load, small, soft landing leg kick, maintains good balance. Consistent line drive swing with extension, quick bat speed, sprays the ball to all fields, flashes of power potential to pull side; 84 mph exit velo. He will be an interesting follow as he adds strength and size.

Jonathan Leal, SS/C, Frontier (CA), 2021

5-foot-11, 155-pound frame, lean, athletic build that has room to develop strength and weight. He proved that he could get it done both as an infielder as well as behind the plate. Behind the plate, quick footwork, a chest high exchange, on-line stride, short, quick arm cycle, high ¾ arm slot, flashes of carry; 71 mph C velo, event best pop time of 1.97. At shortstop, had feel for both the forehand and backhand plays, average range, made the routine plays, short, quick arm action with carry, accuracy; 77 mph IF velo. 7.90 60 time. At the plate, starts in a tall, narrow, open stance. High hand position with slow rhythm, long stride, landing with some weight on his front foot, quick hip action. Efficient, slight upper cut swing, living mostly to the pull side with an open finish; 82 mph exit velo. 

Jason Leon, 3B/RHP, La Quinta (CA), 2020

5-foot-9, 185-pound frame, proportionately developed, athletic build, broad shoulder, excellent forearm, hand strength. Leon carries a quiet confidence at the plate as well as in the infield. Defensively, quick first step, easy range to both his forehand and backhand. Uses multiple arm angles maintain his smooth actions, accuracy and carry; 82 mph IF velo. 7.27 60 runner. At the plate, starts in an athletic stance, head high hands, quick, small hand rhythm. Loads into a slight arm bar, medium leg kick, slightly rushed rhythm. Level, on plane swing, ability to spray line drives to all field, drives ball with authority to pull side, tends to dive into the away pitches, high, one handed finish; 85 mph exit velo.

Dylan Loret, OF/2B, Homeschool, 2021

5-foot-6, 125-pound utility position player, lean, youthful build. 7.73 60-yard dash. Defensively, aggressive through the ball, flashes of lateral quickness, raw athleticism. High exchange, accurate throws from infield/outfield; 64 mph OF velo, 60 mph IF velo. At the plate, tall stance, simple hand rhythm. Small leg kick and a slight hand drop, efficient hand path, slight uppercut swing, ability to hit the ball to all fields; 72 mph exit velo.

Julian Molto-Herrera, 3B/RHP, Bishop Gorman, 2021

5-foot-10, 175-pound frame, athletic, developed build, proportionate strength. Defensively, he steps into his set up, quick first step, active feet, ability to range to the forehand and backhand side, low, clean transfer. ¾ arm slot with carry, accuracy; 81 mph IF velo. At the plate, cool confidence, starting in an athletic, open stance, slow hand rhythm. Compact load, strides into the plate. Above average bat speed, excellent barrel awareness, level swing plane, natural lift, two-handed extension, high finish. Gap to gap approach, drives with authority; 95 mph exit velo. This is an under the radar prospect that will be one to keep an eye on with a talent rich Gorman squad.

Seth Parr, OF/2B, Arbor View, 2021

5-foot-11, 170-pound frame, physical athlete, stocky, athletic build, strong lower half. Defensively, he moved well in both the infield and the outfield, but the comfort was apparent in the infield. Small hop into set up, feel for forehand and backhand. Ability to change is arm slot, fluid actions, accurate; 74 mph IF velocity. At the plate, starts in a tall, athletic stance, rhythmic hand load, starts head high. Sinks into his load, small hanging leg kick, remains balanced. Drives the ball to all fields, consistent line drive contact, flashes of power to the pull side; 88 mph exit velo. 7.41 60-yard dash. A consistent middle of the order bat that projects to remain at 2B with his arm strength and actions up the middle 

Conner Parsons, 3B/1B, Green Valley, 2021

5-foot-11, 225-pound, stocky, barrel chested build, strong hands and forearms. A power hitting corner infielder that profiles at the third base position. Tall, open stance, head high hands. Easy rhythm into a subtle load, medium leg kick. Efficient, on plane swing with extension, natural lift, backspins the ball with authority to the big parts of the yard; 87 mph exit velo. Defensively, wide base set up, ability to make forehand and backhand plays, midsection exchange. Short, quick arm cycle from ¾ arm slot with carry; 72 mph IF velo. 8.13 laser timed 60.

John Pashales, 3B/1B, Coronado, 2020

6-foot-0, 165-pound infielder, strong, athletic build with broad shoulders, has room to fill out. Quiet right-handed swing, athletic, slightly crouched stance, high hand placement. Concise hand rhythm into high load, short stride on-line, long bat through the zone. Drives the ball with natural lift to all field, projects power to the pull side, balanced throughout; 86 mph exit velo. Under way runner, 7.78 60. Defensively, profiles at corner infielder, quick first step, pushes hands, exchange through midsection, can handle both forehand and backhand. Short, quick release from high ¾ slot with carry, accuracy; 80 mph IF velo. 

Shelby Richards, SS/2B, Rancho, 2020

6-foot-0, 140-pound frame, lean, long limbed build that has plenty of room to add strength. This high energy prospect had one of the best infield showings at the event. Athletic set up, ability to range to both sides, smooth actions, efficient exchange. Quick, loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot with excellent carry; 82 mph IF velo. At the plate, starts in an open, narrow stance. Big bat toggle hand rhythm, loads into a high, hanging leg kick, on time. Sprays the ball around the yard, flashed of carry on a few balls, projects pull side power; 82 mph exit velocity. 7.03 60, better under way runner, strider. Richards will be a guy to keep an eye out for as he continues to develop and add strength.

Cayd Watkins, IF, Durango, 2020

5-foot-9 160-pound frame, compact, athletic build, room to add strength. Watkins is an under the radar infielder with above average instincts in the field and sneaky pop at the plate. Defensively, his best tool, above average footwork, smooth actions, good positioning. Loose, athletic arm action, high ¾ arm slot; event high 84 mph IF velo. 7.42 60-yard dash, under way runner, quick lateral actions. At the plate, athletic, balanced stance, rhythm in his legs. Compact load with high elbow, short stride, swing is consistent and repeatable. Gap to gap approach, stayed mostly in the middle of the field, flashes of power to the pull side; 86 mph exit velo. Watkins will be an interested follow if he is able to put his full game together during his senior year.

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