First Thoughts: Preseason Downstate MIF

Dan Cevette
President, New York

Over a week ago (February 21, 2018) more than 60 players worked out in front of our New York boots-on-the-ground scouting staff. Overall, the talent was exciting to say the very least. Several new names to the system impressed while some veterans to PBR continue to improve and raise their stock. Today we take a look at a few infield prospects that impressed last February, 21. Let's get started. ** Rankings will be updated next week..


Aaron Perez SS / 2B / All Hallows , NY / 2019

Rankings N/A

 Stands 5-foot-10, 175-pounds with a strong quick lower half. At the plate, wide approach with a slightly open stance from the left-side, back elbow high loose and relaxed. On the pitch he uses a small stride back to even, hands are direct to the ball, full fluid slightly uphill barrel path showing off fast-twitch, 85 mph exit velocity but signs of even more bat-speed to come. Defensively, one of the top 2019 MIF's with the glove. Active and smooth lower half, polished mechanics with a fast clean transfer, above average arm-strength at 87 mph from multi-slots. Maryland commitment that continues to impress the more we see him.

Tyler Edelman SS / 3B / Suffern, NY / 2019

Stands from a smaller frame 5-foot-7, 160-pounds with a durable lower half. At the plate, wide stance, loose hands, small heal lift and stride on the pitch, slight load back for timing. His path to the ball is compact, fluid and repeatable, barrel has an uphill plane, 86 mph exit velocity but signs of more in the tank. Defensively, active lower half, wide to the ball, slightly choppy as he fields the ball, transfer is clean, throws from a mid-3/4 slot with strong arm-strength at 83 mph. Signs of a corner defender in his future, overall very good looking prospect in the 2019 class.

Justin Perrotta SS / 2B / Fordham Prep, NY / 2019

At the plate he uses a slightly open stance, back load on the pitch with a stride back to even, hands drop down below his shoulder height, direct to the ball, close to his body on a short path mostly level barrel plane through a full finish, 84 mph exit velocity, consistent contact. Defensively,  active lower half wide open stance, fields the ball out in front using his lower half through his throws, from a high 3/4 slot arm strength of 82 mph which is above average for his graduating class. Nice looking at prospect to keep a close eye on in the 2019 class.

EJ Exposito SS / 2B / St. John the Baptist, NY / 2019

At the plate he uses a slightly open narrow stance, pre-pitch barrel upright with loose hands away from his body. Smooth weight transfer on the pitch, back to even with a toe tap and stride, attacks the ball out in front aggressive. Barrel path is compact and on an incline, full and fluid throughout swing. Exit velocity 84 mph on the day with more in the tank as he continues to develop more strength. Defensively, continues to impress with smooth footwork, fast hands out in front with quick release from all angles. Arm-strength is above average combined with quick release make him an extremely sound defender in the 2019 class.

Aidan Gallagher SS / RHP / Nanuet , NY / 2019

Lean and athletic, at the plate crouched wide stance, barrel upright, loose hands. On the pitch he uses a slight stride with a back load, barrel path is mostly level through contact, full finish with a 84 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, fundamentally sound, wide active base, fields low with his glove away from his body, quick fluid funnel, quick release with 81 mph arm-strength across the field on the day. As he continues to develop and mature, expect big things from the rangy MIF.


Alex Ungar SS / RHP / Connetquot, NY / 2020

Standing 6-foot-2, 170-pounds from a lean projectable build. On the mound there's clear signs for more to come. At the plate, fluid repeatable swing path, slightly uphill through contact, easy power projection with an 86 mph exit velocity. Defensively, rangy, stays behind the ball and gets his body through throws, fields with glove away from body, fast transfer, 83 mph arm strength. Solid all around player.


Marcus Smith SS / OF / All Hallows , NY / 2021

The 2021 middle infield prospect really impressed at our February 21st event at the House of Sports event.  he ran a 7 flat 60 yard dash showing off fast-twitch and athleticism. at the place we used a semi crouched stance that's wide, hands relaxed above his back shoulder, barrel is parallel to the ground. On the pitch weight shifts to his backside, smooth load short and compact, direct to the ball with a slight uphill consistent path, 87 mph exit velocity and it's low effort. Defensively, very active lower half, glides to the ball, extremely loose quick hands out in front, fast funnel, transfer to his hand is quick to a high 3/4 release, the arm strength is just average right now but expect that to really climb as he gets more physically mature, just a really good looking middle infield prospect with all the right tools already in place.

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